With the release of her hotly anticipated new EP, CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFESummer Walker is riding high on a wave of praise and a successful return to the recorded project space. However, some out there unfortunately keep speaking on her personal life instead. For example, her and Yung Miami recently teased that she would be the next guest on the latter’s podcast Caresha Please. Maybe a fan in particular wanted to imagine what funny questions Miami would have for her, but if so, the joke clearly didn’t land. “‘How many n***as u gone let get u pregnant,’” the commenter wrote in quotation marks.

As many as I want,” Summer Walker replied. “Rich people can do what they want cause they can AFFORD IT. Stop countin my p***y.” In fact, even Yung Miami herself came into The Neighborhood Talk‘s coverage of the clapback to show her support for the singer. “ENERGY SUMMER!” she commented in the Instagram post. What’s more is that such a dig is moot considering all that Summer’s done lately, getting her flowers from Sukihana, Latto and many more for CLEAR 2: SOFT LIFE.

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Summer Walker’s Responds To Pregnancy Criticism

Still, that’s not to say that a lot of people aren’t interested in the 27-year-old’s personal life in less hurtful ways. For example, her recently public relationship with Lil Meech has brought forth a lot of wholesome content for fans to feed on. Most importantly, the two seem to have a very good time together, so much so that people want it reflected more in her stage presence after she danced enthusiastically with him. In classic Summer Walker fashion, she brushed those criticisms off quite easily. “I’m tired,” she expressed on Instagram. “If I came out on stage like this to this slow ass music they’d say it’s crack. Like please.”

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Meanwhile, even a sex tape involving her current boo can’t faze her. Moreover, Celina Powell posted a video of her and Lil Meech allegedly engaging on OnlyFans, which could’ve been a big speed bump for other couples. For them, it seemed like more of a “Yield” sign that they sped right through. No matter what you think of the Atlanta native, she’ll probably retort it in a funny and matter-of-fact way. For more news and the latest updates on Summer Walker, log back into HNHH.

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