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Deante Hitchcock Bodies “Beatbox” Freestyle

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

Deante Hitchcock embraces the sinful delights of smut on his new “Beatbox (Junebug Challenge) Freestyle.”

Last year, Deante Hitchcock felt like one of the game’s best-kept secrets, especially in the wake of his debut album Better. Now, the Atlanta rapper has returned with the second installment of his recently-launched Atlanta Tuesdays series (last week’s installment found him bodying “Let The Beat Build”), this time taking on the viral and challenge-sparking “Junebug” for his latest freestyle.Off the bat, Hitchcock makes his intentions abundantly clear, and make no mistake — they are those of a scoundrel. “Fuck that wine and dinin’ shit, how much the head cost?” he asks, setting a tone with his opening bars. “Baby I’m tryna bust a nut so hard my legs cross / she said she wasn’t fuckin’, skrrrt, a n***a sped off.” In fact, the entire freestyle is extremely pornographic in nature, with Hitchcock embracing the delights of smut and no-strings-attached arrangements. As for morality, well. “When I’m in it I tell her that I love her, that don’t mean a thing,” he raps, crossing his fingers in the accompanying video. “Long stroke her, she make hella voices, she Regina King.”

Check out the X-rated freestyle from Deante Hitchcock right here, and check back next Tuesday for another weekly drop from the versatile lyricist.


All my hoes treat me like I’m royalty, I’m king ding-a-ling
Long as you acting accordingly, you can be my queen
When I’m in it I tell her that I love her, that don’t mean a thing,
Long stroke her, she make hella voices, she Regina King

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