Jay-Z Ran Circles Around His Peers On “Reminder”

2009 S. Carter Entertainment

2009 S. Carter Entertainment

Eleven years ago to this day, Jay-Z issued a much needed “Reminder” on his eleventh studio album “Blueprint 3.”

Jay-Z has become so associated with his business acumen that many have actively forgotten one essential truth — the fact that Hov can rap circles around his competitors, to the point where many still consider him the greatest to ever do it. And while it helps, the GOAT title did not simply arrive as a result of his entrepreneurial prowess. It’s no wonder that Jay himself decided to issue “A Reminder” to the doubters, teaming with J-Roc and Timbaland for a Blueprint 3 standout cut.

Dropping eleven years ago to this day, Jay’s eleventh studio album was a breath of fresh air for newer fans, though met with trepidation from longtime purists of the Blueprint series. Still, “Reminder” was an instant highlight for both parties, as Jay’s focused bars were put on full display — but not as much as his unbridled confidence. “Do what I’ve done without cryin’, in the environment in which I did it in without dyin’ my n***,” he raps. “Then rap like I rap without lyin’, then tie ’em both together like I am my n***a.” If there’s a message to be gleaned from this one, it’s that Jay-Z is well aware of his stacked resume and has no problem putting things in perspective. And sometimes, a good reminder is all it takes.

Eleven years later, how do you feel about The Blueprint 3? 


What the hell have y’all done
To even have an opinion on what I’ve been doin
What the hell have y’all won?
Only thing you can identify with is losing
10 #1 albums in a row, who better than me?
Only The Beatles, nobody ahead of me
I crushed Elvis and his Blue Suede Shoes
Made the Rolling Stones seem sweet as Kool-Aid too

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