New & Hottest Songs – July 2020 – Pt.115

2 Chainz Hops On Board For A Remix To Brent Fayaiz’ “Fu*k The World”

2020 Lost Kids

2020 Lost Kids

2 Chainz slides onto Brent Fayaiz’ slow-burning “Fuck The World (Summer In London),” turning in a playful verse on the new remix.

Who’d have thought a song that opened with the lyric “fuck the world, I’m a walking erection” would actually be a smooth and vibey ride? Such is the case for Brent Fayaiz’s new remix to “Fuck The World (Summer In London),” which finds him connecting with the ever-reliable 2 Chainz. Not entirely different from the original version, which dropped in September of last year, this new version extends the runtime quite a bit thanks to Tity’s contribution, clocking in at nearly five minutes.

“Breath of fresh air from the bando, the bucket,” raps Tity, sliding onto the atmospheric instrumental with practiced swagger. “You was so far right headed, I catch up, I mustard, that saucy / not Ross but bossy, put her legs in the air — nine months after that car seat.” Though he’s certainly capable of kicking things up a few notches, 2 Chainz recognizes that the track doesn’t need dexterity, but rather conviction. Check it out for yourself.


Crib in LA, I go next door to party
Real ones know weak links
Concerned ’bout mink links
Got a question for you, how you thick and you petite?

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