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M.I.A. Comes Through With Comeback Single “CTRL”

2020 MIA

2020 MIA

M.I.A. returns with her new single “CTRL,” available to check out exclusively at her OHMNI Music website.

Though there was once a time when her music was nearly ubiquitous — who doesn’t remember “Paper Planes” appearing in pop culture at every turn — M.I.A’s career has since been fraught with turmoil. Blackballed by the industry (in her own words) and rendered an outcast of sorts, the eclectic musician never let the many obstacles begin to throw her off the trail. In fact, M.I.A. has all but doubled down, and while her mainstream popularity has plummetted her creativity and artistic individuality have remained distinctly unique. Even the release of her new single “CTRL” feels like part of a wider vision.

Available for streaming on her official website here, M.I.A’s brand new track finds her taking to an electronic house-inspired banger, catching the pulsating beat with a robotic flow. Lyrically, M.I.A shows now hesitance to flex both her swagger and literary knowledge, following up a BM bar with a Tolstoy reference. “Rendez-vouz in Greece, they wanna get a piece,” she spits. “Modern Day Tolstoy, I give them War & Peace / Une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six / Why you got to fuck with me just to be a bitch?”

For those interested in checking out what she’s been cooking up, head over to M.I.A.’s OHMNI experience page right here. As of now, “CTRL” is the focal point of the website and can’t be missed. What do you think of this one?


Rendez-vouz in Greece
They wanna get a piece
Modern Day Tolstoy, I give them War & Peace
Une, deux, trois, quatre, cinq, six
Why you got to fuck with me
Just to be a bitch?

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