Today, Problem released the remix to “Don’t Be Mad” ft. Snoop Dogg and Freddie Gibbs. Though many took it for a celebration of two of West Coast’s finest and Gangsta Gibbs joining forces for a massive remix, a few people overlooked Snoop’s verse which seemingly addressed the Celina Powell scandal.

“I’m tired of sayin’ sorry for the same shit
Damn near lost my queen, fucking ’round with that lame bitch
Ashamed of myself ’cause I shamed you
Good or bad, right or wrong, we always bang through.”

Though no names were mentioned, Snoop Dogg’s found himself entangled in the scandals over Celina Powell over the years. Given just how recently Snoop and Celina’s affair resurfaced into the public discourse, it would only make sense that the “lame bitch” is in reference to the self-proclaimed “Black Widow.”

In 2018, she attempted to “expose” Snoop Dogg for having an affair with her before he flipped the scandal on her as if it were part of some massive investigative reality show called Clout Chasers. That show has not launched nor has there been an update since then.

It was 6ix9ine who reignited the flame earlier this year after the two got into a back-and-forth on social media. Tekashi shared a video of an alleged encounter Celina had with Snoop Dogg. Clearly, this verse was meant to be a public apology for even having to deal with this mess.

Check out the track below. Who do you think had the best track on the song?