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Freddie Gibbs Reconnects With The Colleagues On “Gimme The Loot”



The Colleagues and Freddie Gibbs never miss.

There’s a lot to look forward to these days if you’re Freddie Gibbs. The Bandana rapper emerged triumphant in 2020 with the release of Alfredo earning him his first Grammy nomination. It’s a massive feat for an artist that has been largely overlooked in the past decade. And now that we’ve entered 2021, the man isn’t slowing down in the least.

This week, he reunited with The Colleagues for their latest collaboration, “Gimme The Loot.” The Colleagues cook up a dreamy yet frenetic beat for Freddie Gibbs to flex all sorts of flows over the course of a little under three minutes.

The Colleagues and Freddie Gibbs have built a solid rapport in the past. Last year, they connected on “Red Vans.”

Check out “Gimme The Loot” below.

Quotable Lyrics
I know these n***as be jackin’ my spot but they never gon’ move me
Babyface Killa, Black Tony but my life is a movie
Hop off that 550 coupe and I tear off the roof and I show ’em the trip
If she gon’ hop in the passenger, she know she suckin’ it off of the rip

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