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A Tribe Called Quest – People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm – Album Review

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It has been 30 years since their debut album which is actually one of my favorites also actually gave the stamp that jazz, pop, soul and hip hop blend together.

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30 שנה עברו מאז אלבום הבכורה שלהם שהוא למעשה אחד האהובים עליי גם למעשה נתן את החותמת לכך שג’אז , פופ , סול והיפ הופ משתלבים ביחד.


אין ספק שזה מסע מדהים לשירים והסימפולים של ההרכב שמובילים אותך למקור ולבסיס של מוזיקה אמיתית  כמו Sly & The Family Stone , Roy Ayers , Minnie Ripperton ,The Beatles , Jimi Hendrix Experience , Earth Wind & Fire  ועוד .

It is definitely an amazing journey to the songs and symbols of the band that lead you to the source and base of real music like Sly & The Family Stone, Roy Ayers, Minnie Ripperton, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix Experience, Earth Wind & Fire and more.

Favorite Songs :

The song is the tribe’s own road trip to El Segundo and their experience .

The song is talking ’bout an awareness to diabetes & fat ,”Ham ‘n’ Eggs” contains a sample from “Nappy Dugout”, as performed by Funkadelic.

האלבום עצמו משלב Intros  של חברי ההרכב The Native Tongues  , מידע נוסף על ההרכב  כאן :

The album has intros by members of The Native Tongues , for more information , click below :

Stream the album & Special  radio show below :

מוזמנים להאזין בלינק הבא ולאלבום המלא  :

אלבום לקחת בידוד: קוואמי עם 30 שנה לאלבום הבכורה של א טרייב קולד קווסט.

Legacy & Influences By Artists 

On several occasions acclaimed producer and vocalist Pharrell Williams has spoken on the album’s influence.

People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm has been recognized for widening hip-hop’s vocabulary, as well as instrumentation and samples within hip-hop music. It has also been recognized for influencing a wide range of acclaimed hip-hop and R&B artists, including CommonD’AngeloDigable PlanetsErykah BaduFugeesJ DillaKendrick LamarMos DefOutkast and Kanye West. Pharrell Williams stated “I listened to “Bonita” everyday. I’d never heard anything like that in my life. That’s where I changed”. On another occasion, Williams explained that People’s Instinctive Travels “caused a turning point in my life, which made me see that music was art.”

John Bush of AllMusic called People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm “the quiet beginning of a revolution in non-commercial hip-hop.” Pitchfork’s Kris Ex stated that with the album the group “created and refined a template for ’90s hip-hop that was street-astute, worldly, and more inspirational than aspirational”. In a commemorative article for XXL, Michael Blair wrote “What A Tribe Called Quest ultimately became the pioneers of, and was on full display throughout the production on their debut album, was a certain proficiency in illustrating and honoring a diverse array of genres that preceded them. In what is mostly attributed to Q-Tip’s deep appreciation and understanding of those definitive genres, Tribe’s sound was perpetually laced with elements of Jazz, Soul, R&B, and Funk”. Blair concluded that “People’s Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm was immensely groundbreaking, and will eternally maintain its relevance within the culture and construction of hip-hop”.

Hip-hop journalist Harry Allen called the album a big turning point in hip-hop where you didn’t have to be “tough”. A Tribe Called Quest member Ali Shaheed Muhammad further elaborated that “LL Cool JBig Daddy KaneKRS-OneN.W.A, even Public Enemy, had a tough guy image. It was this bravado at the time that all the hip-hop artists had. People’s Instinctive Travels wasn’t any of that. We weren’t trying to be tough guys. It was about having fun, being lighthearted, being witty, being poetic. Just being good with one another. That’s what we presented. Just be. Just exist. Be comfortable in your own skin. People’s Instinctive Travels was about celebrating you, whoever you are”

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