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Queen Naija

Queen Naija

I’ve Been listennin’ to the latest soul cypher , great vocalist singin’ from the soul indeed .

Here’s a  new R&B Female Artist  goes by the Name of Queen Naija .

We Gonna Hear from her music soon I Believe .

Queen Naija Bulls (born October 17, 1995), known professionally as Queen Naija, is an American singer and songwriter.

In December 2017, she self-released the song “Medicine”. She was an unsigned social media star, but the song made a No. 45 debut on the Billboard Hot 100 for the week of April 10, 2018. In June 2018, she released her second single, “Karma”, this time as a signed artist to Capitol Records. On its release day, the song reached #1 overall on the iTunes charts.

She has described her ethnicity as a mix of “Black, Italian and Arab”. Her mother is African-American and Italian, and her father is Arab, originally from Yemen.

Her birth name, Queen Naija, was given to her by her mother. “Queen” was inspired by her grandmother, who had the same first name, and “Naija” represented her father’s name, Naiji. and she has two siblings named, Tina and Terrell.

More Info : Queen Naija

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