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StarBoi3 Teams Up With Southern Rapper Ludacris To Deliver Another Version Of His Viral hit “Dick”

Courtesy of Artist

Courtesy of Artist

StarBoi3 revisits his viral hit “Dick” this time with Souther rapper Ludacris.

Originally released on SoundCloud back in 2019 featuring rap’s newest pop princess, Doja Cat, StarBoi3 has delivered a new version of his viral hit “Dick,” this time around Southern lyrical beast, Ludacris blesses the track.

Since the songs official release in April, it has garnered over 60 million audio/video streams worldwide and continues to grow on TikTok with over 3.5 million creations. Earlier this summer, StarBoi3 released “Dick” (Remixes) feat. Doja Cat, which included 3 new remixes by L.Dre, DJ Jayhood, and Until Dawn.

StarBoi3 is an artist, songwriter, musician from New Jersey by way of Jamaica. His animated flow and drawn-out cadence are most similar to that of Soulja Boy‘s and Ludacris. The playful energy that StarBoi3 and Ludacris bring to the track makes this version stand out the most. With impressive

x-rated bars and his signature quick-paced flow, the “What’s Your Fantasy Rapper” delivers top-notch wordplay.

Quotable Lyrics:

This Ludacris, I ain’t new to this
Bitch, you fuckin’ with Atlanta Southside, that mouth fire
She glider, ridin’ on the dick, vicе grip, got a nigga in a leglock
She suck my skin off that dick, so good Luda’ had to put her in a hеadlock
And now the bed rock, but don’t be knockin’ at the door unless you and hoe wanna get closed line
‘Cause I’m a world wrestler, know I’m fresher
So special ’cause your girl chose my

Listen to “Dick” below

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