Rick Ross Announces New Album “Richer Than I’ve Ever Been”

Rick Ross has announced his new album “Richer Than I’ve Ever Been” on Instagram Stories.

Following the release of his new single “Pinned To The Cross” with Finn Matthews, many have been wondering what Rick Ross had in store for the world regarding more new music. It looks like the answer has come to us.

Using his Instagram Story as the launching pad, Rick Ross announced his brand new album, which will apparently be coming soon.

Promoting his new single, Ross let the cat out of the bag. “My new album Richer Than I’ve Ever Been… that’s on the way,” revealed the legendary rapper. “The title of my new album is Richer Than I’ve Ever Been.”

He went on to explain how he came up with the title, saying that he had a “short conversation with a very, very wise old person” who spit game to the Florida boy. Apparently, the title is not referring to financial wealth, despite the fact that Ross has that too. It’s all about spiritual wealth, which is something that Ross is speaking to on “Pinned To The Cross” and other upcoming songs.

Are you excited for Rick Ross’ new album? We’ll keep you posted once more information is available about it.

Rich Fury/Getty Images

In other news regarding the rapper, he recently met up with Kanye West to speak about everything that has been happening in Ye’s life as of late, which Ross said he would need clarification for if they ever want to move forward as friends. It looks like they’re still cool. Could Kanye be on the album?

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