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Russ Returns With Another Weekly Drop-Off As He Shares His Single “Still”



Russ is back with another weekly drop-off as he shares his latest single “Still”

At any time of the day, Russ can be inspired. Days ago, the rapper popped up on Instagram Live late in the evening and told his viewers that he had his head on his pillow and was just about to get some shut-eye when all of a sudden he became inspired to make music. So, naturally, he jumped up and got to work. We can only imagine it is these sorts of times that keep Russ grinding into the midnight hours, giving him a stacked amount of material to choose from for his weekly drop-offs. After sharing “Can’t Be Me” last week, Russ has returned with his latest single “Still,” and once again he’s spinning rhymes about why he’s not like other artists in the game.

The “independent artist” life is treating Russ well, and he raps about just that on “Still.” The single has a catchy hook with more of a bounce that the previous releases we’ve heard from Russ as of late, so stream “Still” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Still got my publishing plus my masters (I do)
Anything else is just f*ckin’ backwards (It is)
Bad b*tches fall in love with bum rappers
Girl, you got finessed, I can’t f*ck after
‘Cause what would that make me?
If I pay you attention, what would that pay me?
I need AEG to send me eighty B’s
I need to not get pulled over by APD, damn

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