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Newest R&B Sensation RINI Delivers Impressive Vocals On Fresh Single “Red Lights” Feat. Wale

Warner Records, Inc.

Warner Records, Inc.

Australian-born, LA-based R&B singer RINI asks his love interest to be his “Lady” on new track with Wale.

With silky vocals that have the ability to make anyone want to listen forever, R&B singer RINI delivers his newest single “Red Lights” which features poetic emcee Wale. The song is all about love and pursuing the woman of his dreams. A stark contrast to today’s most popular R&B songs which focus on more vulgar descriptions of emotionless sex rather than love. For RINI however, love is what fuels his music. The lyrics are guaranteed to melt the hearts of most women as RINI respectfully expresses his desire to make the relationship official. “I just can’t wait to get there I’m catching red lights every time I stop I lose my patience can I make you my lady now?” he sings.

With a long discography filled with relationship songs about love and heartache, Wale adds his own authentic spin to the track. Unlike RINI, Wale’s verse reveals him to be emotionally unavailable as he raps about his distrust of women. Wale fans know this to be true, so when he says, “I don’t trust women it’s the thug in me, Tell the best woman not to really fuck with me, Just lust for me, just mess with me, Just touch me and leave don’t talk to me,” not only are we able to admire his honesty, we also are able to be enamored with his lyrical wordplay.

“Red Lights” is a lusty slow jam that taps into the tender aspects of R&B. The breezy production also incorporates rhythms that create a smooth bounce quite effortlessly. And though this track is strong overall, one of its most impressive strengths is the beat switch-up in the middle of Wale‘s verse.

Listen to “Red Lights” below.

Quotable Lyrics:

I just can’t wait to get there
I’m catching red lights every time I stop I lose my patience
Can I make you my lady now?

I want you in my arms now
Keep daydreaming of us dancing on the moon
Forget about everything for now
Focus on me and you

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