Cardi B Gives Update On New Album

With the success of new single “WAP” continuing to rise, Cardi B confirms that her anticipated sophomore album is still in the works.

An acclaimed debut album can be a blessing and a curse, especially one lined with hit singles like Cardi B‘s Invasion Of Privacy. In fact, the universal praise that Cardi’s first impression ultimately yielded may explain the delay that has since befallen her sophomore. And though over two years have passed since we received a full-length from the rapper, the recent arrival of the Megan Thee Stallion-assisted “WAP” has sparked hopes her follow-up is on the way. Unfortunately for those impatient types, Cardi recently confirmed that the project wasn’t quite ready to release, telling as much to Angie Martinez in a recent interview.

Cardi B New Album

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Speaking on “WAP’s” runaway success, which all but confirms another number one for Cardi’s expanding repertoire, she explained that she’s not planning on dwelling on her new single. “I’m already plotting my next move,” she teases. “I have other projects coming out that doesn’t involve music, but when it comes to music I think I’m going to put out another single. “I don’t have my album ready yet. But even when I feel I have my album ready, I’m still debating when I should put out an album too. I want to do real fuckin’ interviews. I want to see people and sit down. I want to tour. I want to do parties, go to the club and shake my ass to my own music.”

Given her list of desires, it’s entirely possible that Cardi holds off dropping altogether until the pandemic is brought under control. Should that be the case, don’t be surprised to see Cardi sate fans with various non-musical endeavors, perhaps keeping the momentum rolling with a new single as teased above. In the meantime, however, Cardi will likely continue to work behind the scenes until that anticipated album is finally up to her standards. Check out the full interview below.

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