Logic’s Twitch Future Includes Blessing Rappers With Free Beats

Logic’s Twitch Future Includes Blessing Rappers With Free Beats

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Logic has ambitious plans for his post-rap career on Twitch. In an interview with Billboard, the Def Jam artist said he intends to do beat giveaways on the streaming platform with no strings attached.

“There’s some people on Twitch that like to do giveaways,” he divulged. “I wanna make beats for up-and-coming rappers on the spot and give it to them for free and if they take it, don’t charge them and don’t even take publishing.”

In terms of engaging with fans who aren’t MCs, Logic is excited about what he’ll be able to accomplish on Twitch. Having a higher barrier to entry will allow him to build with his supporters in a way he couldn’t on other social media platforms.

“I wanna connect with my fans in a way that I haven’t been able to in a long time because social media itself is so toxic,” he explained. “So by allowing me to now jump on Twitch where you have to pay to be able to comment, it’s not about the money. It’s about the fact that you really genuinely care and will pay so that we can engage with each other. Taking out certain negative keywords so that it’s a safe space.”


According to Logic, having users sign up for subscriptions such as the $4.99 per month tier will harken back to the days of making a trip to the store to buy an artist’s CD. He wants his Twitch to become a go-to spot for his true fans as opposed to people with nothing more than a passing interest in his work.

“For me, that’s how I feel regarding Twitch,” he said. “If you really care, you’re not just gonna come there to hate. You’re gonna pay so that we can talk to each other.

On Friday (July 24), Logic released his sixth studio album No Pressure. Although rap retirements rarely stay true, he’s claimed it will be his final LP.

After announcing he’d be stepping away from the music industry, Logic revealed he signed a seven-figure deal with Twitch. Follow and subscribe to his channel on the video game streaming platform here.

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