New & Hottest Songs – July 2020 – Pt.125

Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde, & Heem Snap On “It’s Over”

Entertainment One

Entertainment One

The Black Soprano Family sits down at the table as Benny The Butcher, Rick Hyde, and Heem spit hard bars on “It’s Over.”

The situation was scary enough when it was only The Butcher coming — having to now contend with the full force of the Black Soprano Family makes things damn near terrifying. Between Benny, Rick Hyde, and Heem, the bars are heavy in rotation, the production delightfully grimy. Over a smooth instrumental from Don Cannon, Heem sets it off with some street lyricism, setting the tone within his opening stanza. “Was taking Penitentiary chances, now they hit us with advances,” he raps. “Got them ni**s mad hating, can’t stand it / Down bad I ain’t panic, now I’m doing shit with Don Cannon, but I’m the same n***a used to tote cannons.”

“You could call me Raekwon cause I’m coming with the ghost,” spits Rick Hyde, paying homage to his predecessors in the second verse. “They was calling me a legend before a ni**a even spoke / they’ll be calling for the reverend if I hit you with this toast.” By now, we’ve come to understand what The Butcher is about, being allotted closing honors and knocking it out the park. “Disposable cash we unapproachable, sociopaths,” he raps, his flow dexterous. “A run-in with us supposed to go bad.”

Check it out for yourself now, especially if you admire the Black Soprano Family’s rising movement. If so, get ready for them to deliver their full-length album in the imminent future.


My train of thought still stuck on all the cocaine I bought
I don’t get into to all of that famous talk
Disposable cash we unapproachable, sociopaths
A run-in with us supposed to go bad
But I evolved now look at me imma boss gotta book me with all my dogs
Chose the streets cause she the one that took me with all my flaws

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