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Ghostface Killah Enlists Hue Hef & Harl3y On “Feds”



Ghostface Killah tags Hue Hef & Harl3y for a sinister collab for RZA’s “Cut Throat City” soundtrack.

It is always a good day when new music from Ghostface drops. Although it’s been nearly a year since the release of his last project, he’s popped up throughout the year with new verses and tracks. This week, the rapper came through for RZA‘s “Fighting For Equality” off of the Cut Throat City soundtrack. The OST is only six tracks in total but thankfully, RZA reserved two of those spots for Ghost.

Along with “Fighting For Equality,” Ghostface helps close out the six-track project with “Feds” ft. Hue Hef and Harl3y. If you’ve ever been curious as to what Ghostface’s buttery smooth flow would sound like over drill production, “Feds” is likely the closest thing you’ll get to it. He’s spitting at a rapid speed with an arsenal of bars while Hue Hef’s slow-burning flow closes out the track. Harl3y’s vocals tie together both verses with his infectious hook.

Quotable Lyrics
N***as know that the murder game stupid
Anything with a trigger, I shoot it
Gun rounds, you can sample the sounds
Goin’ down, big drums, you can sample or loop it

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