New & Hottest Songs – July 2020 – Pt.167

Wiz Khalifa Sings The Hook On R-Mean, Berner, & B-Real’s New Track “Kings”



Join the kingdom with R-Mean, Berner, B-Real, and Wiz Khalifa on their new song “Kings.”

When you think of the kings of cannabis, a few names come to mind. Wiz Khalifa has been a leader in stoner rap for the last decade. Berner has made major moves with Cookies. And B-Real is also well-known for smoking the best of the best.

R-Mean is currently plotting out his new project with Berner and, in preparation for the release, he has officially come through with the new track “Kings.”

Over the last four weeks, R-Mean and Berner have been teasing the arrival of The Warning, which will feature Dave EastStyles PChris Webby, and more. Now, we’re hearing “Kings” with Wiz Khalifa for the first time.

Listen to the new record below and let us know what you think. Stay tuned for R-Mean and Berner’s full-length coming soon.

Quotable Lyrics:

Three kings in the kingdom
R-Mean, Bernzel, here with Greenthumb
In the grow room looking for another queen
Mother Mary in my paper living out a Cali dream
Windows rolled up in the Smokebox
What you gon’ do when the doors locked
R-Mean start smoking up the Insane
Berner got a new strain
Bout to put it in the chain

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