Mac Miller’s Team Announces Secret Project & Wants Fans To Help

Mac Miller's Team Announces Secret Project & Wants Fans To Help

Mac Miller/Instagram

Mac Miller’s estate is continuing his legacy by putting together a mystery project to honor the late rapper. In a post on Twitter yesterday (July 21), Mac’s label Warner Records made an announcement outlining their plans for the upcoming release.

“Mac Miller’s team is working on an untitled project to celebrate Malcolm and his music,” the statement reads.

They’re also asking fans to contribute to the project, requesting voice messages of how Mac has touched their lives.

“A toll-free phone number has been set up to collect your stories, thoughts and wishes as part of this project,” it continues. “Your offerings are deeply appreciated.”

At this point, there’s no information on whether the project is related to new music, a documentary or something else entirely.

Mac’s estate has been careful with his releases since he passed away in September 2018. His posthumous LP Circles was released in January as a companion album to Swimming, which arrived just before his death in August 2018. Mac was in the middle of recording Circles at the time of his death, so Mac’s family asked collaborator Jon Brion to complete the album based on the time he spent with him.

“We are eternally grateful to Jon and to those who gave their best to the difficult and emotional task of putting out this body of work,” they said.

Circles debuted at No. 3 on the Billboard 200 chart with roughly 164,000 album equivalent units sold in its first week. A deluxe version was released two months later featuring two new songs “Right” and “Floating.”


Since Mac’s passing, only one post has been shared on Mac’s social media accounts, and it was for the announcement of Circles on Instagram.

“One of the most difficult decisions in the process is how best to let people know about it – how to communicate meaningfully while keeping sacred what should be kept sacred,” the post read. “So this will be the only post on any of his channels.”

Mac died from an accidental drug overdose due to a “mixed drug toxicity” of fentanyl, cocaine and alcohol. Last year, three men were arrested and later indicted on charges of conspiracy and distribution of drugs resulting in his death.

Head over to Mac’s website to share thoughts and memories towards the upcoming project.

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