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Big Sean’s “Dark Sky Paradise” turns five today, and it seems only fitting to revisit one of his wildest singles yet.

Big Sean‘s Dark Sky Paradise, an album that many declare to be the best of his career, turns five todayIn honor of the occasion, Sean took to Instagram to share a few words about how it affected his career trajectory for the better. “Years ago today, changed my life,” reflects the Detroit lyricist. “Thank you. Favorite song?” Though his invitation yielded many different responses in the comments, it did open the door for some pressure on our end — how to pick the perfect song to celebrate the occasion?

Though the album boasts many high-profile guest appearances, one of the best moments arises when Big Sean stands alone over a ridiculous instrumental from Mike WiLL Made-It. “Paradise (Extended)” is in many ways the most immediately appealing song on Dark Sky, a near-instant barrage of hard bars, charisma, and playful swagger packaged with Sean’s razor-sharp flow. Taking to a mischevious beat that sounds like ogres attempting to sneak up on somebody, Sean works himself into a stupor fueled by riches and sweet addictions. While other tracks may offer more in the substance department, there’s a certain simple pleasure to be found whenever an elite rapper effortlessly bodies a beat.

Congratulations on the longevity, Big Sean!

Quotable Lyrics

Walkin’ in like I got cameras on me
N***s can’t control me, ain’t no handles on me
Shit don’t get out of hand, it get handled, homie
Got a pretty young girl look like Janet on me
She a pretty penny and she know I’m doing numbers
Till we crash up the whole database
I bring it home like I’m base to base to base
Closet lookin’ like Planet of the Bathing Apes
What you think this life just landed on me?
My whole city look like it’s abandoned, homie

Big Sean
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TeaMarr Enlists D Smoke For Remix To “Kinda Love”

2020 Raedio LLC

2020 Raedio LLC

Kinda Love

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TeaMarr brings “Rhythm & Flow” winner D Smoke into the fold for a smooth remix of her single “Kinda Love.”

While some remixes can feel superfluous, others can inject a track with a shining new life — as is the case with TeaMarr and D Smoke‘s first collaboration “Kinda Love.” Thanks to the added presence of a back-and-forth dynamic, the track expands on the original’s key themes by bringing a male perspective into the mix. Not unlike when Jessie Reyez added 6LACK to “Imported,” D Smoke’s presence inherently makes him the focal point of TeaMarr’s wistful and passionate longings — and vice versa. Though her strong vocals and lyrical content remain unchanged, what began as an individual declaration has evolved into a back-and-forth exploration of that “Kinda Love” and all its welcome benefits.

A full-fledged beast with the pen, Inglewood’s D Smoke wastes little time in getting to business. Taking to the soulful and brass-heavy instrumental with a dexterous flow, Smoke outlines all the side-effects that come with locking down a man of integrity. “Look in the pantry and get the ingredients,” he raps, “bake you a loyal n***a never mischevious, take some foil better cover them well, hater bitches gon’ be giving you hell.” Check it out now, and sound off below — does this have the makings of becoming the “official” version?

Quotable Lyrics

Look in the pantry and get the ingredients
Bake you a loyal n***a never mischevious
Take some foil better cover them well
Hater bitches gon’ be giving you hell

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Royce Da 5’9″ Attempts To Reconcile With His Abusive Father On “Hero” Ft. White Gold

Heaven Studios, Inc./Entertainment One U.S.

Heaven Studios, Inc./Entertainment One U.S.


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Royce Da 5’9″ navigates his complicated relationship with his abusive father on the White Gold-assisted “Hero.”

The concept of heroism is complicated. They say to never meet your heroes, but so many of those close to end up taking on that role, until they get pushed off their pedestal. On “Hero,” Royce Da 5’9″ explores all of these themes in the context of his relationship with his father and how his violence did not entirely inform whether Royce still looked up to him. “Hero,” which features a beautiful outro sung by White Gold, is the last of the 22 tracks to appear on Royce’s recent drop, The Allegoryclosing the album with an upbeat sound despite its complex subject matter.

On the track, Royce sets out to explain how he refuses to view his father as pure evil. On lines like, “Even though sometimes a n*gga home would get abusive/But Papa showed us tough love, don’t misconstrue us,” he dictates this commitment to portraying his father properly, in his eyes. Royce dealt with the topic of the abuse he and his family faced at the hands of his dad on his 2018 album, Book Of Ryan, as well, which he addresses on “Hero.” In lyrics like, “I talked about his past, I thought I did it with respect” and later “In retrospect, I feel like you’re right, we should’ve talked first,” Royce is acknowledging the apology he ultimately made to his dad for unpacking all of their issues in his music. “Hero” is an assemblage of childhood trauma and familial problems, and Royce illustrates the difficulty of reconciling such a loaded relationship so precisely.

Quotable Lyrics

One thing that’s phenomenal was the day I decided
To hold myself accountable for my behavior
My bank account would grow
All of the things that Papa instilled inside me
Was like the common denominator

Kamaiyah & J. ESPINOSA “Get Ratchet” On Bouncy Club Banger



Get Ratchet

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Kamaiyah enlists Bay Area J. ESPINOSA to deliver an infectious beat for her to spit over on “Get Ratchet.”

Kamaiyah and J. ESPINOSA are a match made in heaven on “Get Ratchet.” On Friday, the Oakland rapper dropped her first body of work in over two years, since 2017’s Before I Wake. Her latest offering, Got It Made, showcases her signature lyrical prowess and bad b*tch demenor, while also indicating a major sign of growth. In our exclusive interview with the talented MC, she revealed that “Get Ratchet” is one of the two songs on the tape that hits the most for her, citing it as “the one everyone just loves.” After just one listen, it’s easy to see why.The certified club banger is fun and catchy as hell, the consistent background chorus of “Mhm”s alone solidifying its hummable status for years to come. Kamaiyah received some assistance from skilled DJ and fellow Bay Area native, J. ESPINOSA. The enticing dance beat will make it hard for you to sit still, while the lyrical content stays true to the title, as Kamaiyah encourages—no, insists—that we all throw away our inhibitions for the moment and just “get ratchet.” Upon the first listen, you’ll feel compelled to take her orders.

Quotable Lyrics

Throwin’ that sh*t like you catchin’ fits
Goin’ crazy in this b*tch like an exorcist
Turning up, taking sips ’til ya exitin’
Big diamonds on my wrist and my necklace
And if you’re still standin’ then get to dancin’
Start shakin’ asses, emptyin’ glasses
Show who’s the baddest, sweat off your lashes
F*ck up your weave, b*tch, f*ck it, get ratchet

Royce Da 5’9” Teams Up With Vince Staples & G Perico On “Young World”

Gracie Productions/Shady Records/Interscope Records

Gracie Productions/Shady Records/Interscope Records

Young World

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Royce Da 5’9″ x Vince Staples x G Perico preach on “Young World.”

Royce Da 5’9″ is slowly climbing up the G.O.A.T. status latter and he enlisted Ramona Park’s very own, Vince Staples and Los Angeles’ G Perico to trade bars on his The Allegory (2020) album cut, “Young World.” The Detroit-bred emcee was recently featured on Eminem‘s certified gold album, Music To Be Murdered By (2020), and has been on a promo tour discussing various subjects from his sobriety to his days with Slaughterhouse. Now, with the release of his eighth studio album, Royce Da 5’9″ is continuing to provide the culture with much-needed gems like “Young World.”

Surprisingly, the Shady Records affiliate was able convince both Vince Staples and G Perico to join him on an instrumental that isn’t traditionally west coast. The guitar chords, subtle drum sequencing, and high-pitched horn sample scream east coast sonically but all three emcees were able to find their individual flows on the instrumentation. The “hey, young world” Jay Z sample perfectly separates each lyricists’ bars as they speak on their environments, society, and triumphs.

Listen to Royce Da 5’9″‘s “Young World” featuring Vince Staples and G Perico in the streaming link provided below.

Quotable Lyrics

Fuck the Panthers, we are the f*ckin’ panthers
Throwin’ Benjamins though we could hardly trust the dancer
The truth should set me free, but somehow I’m stuck with answers
Wish I could give George Zimmerman Karlie Hustle cancer
I made millions off of PRhyme, bruh
No one would front though, like where the fans be lined up?
James Ball was speakin’ to street niggas with peace signs up
Straight boss, my pheromones secrete Elon Musk
I’ve grown to rebuke the Bible, had homies that suicidal
I loaned them until they wronged me when grown men too entitled
Took my first drink at Dr. Dre home ’cause I was homeless
But nowadays wildin’ Roman roamin’ should do as I do

Royce Da 5'9"
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Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

Jay-Z and Kanye West go head to head in the latest installment of “Who Had The Best Sophomore Album?”

Kanye West is undoubtedly one of the most critically acclaimed musicians of the 21st century. But it’s not only his musical career that’s been entertaining to follow. From famously interrupting and ruining Taylor Swift’s 2009 MTV Video Music Awards acceptance speech because he believed Beyonce had been snubbed, to claiming that his utterly strange support of Donald Trump was “God’s practical joke on all liberals,” the Chicagoan has cultivated a public persona of being brash, arrogant and bizarre. But let’s face it, the man’s a born entertainer and this audacity absolutely spills into his music. Since 2004, when he strode into the rap scene with his first project, College Dropout, it’s been mostly back-to-back hits. To avoid a sophomore slump, though, Kanye knew he had to build off the foundation he laid on his debut. Which is exactly what he did in 2005 with his exquisite follow up album, Late Registration.

Call him what you will — Hov, Jigga, or simply Jay-Z — we’re talking about one of the most influential voices in the world today. Jay-Z’s gimlet-eyed focus has turned him into the quintessential black capitalist, an entertainment business mogul with a career pathway strewn with Grammy awards, advertising sponsorships, record labels, and philanthropic endeavors. In 2019, he was named by Forbes magazine as the first hip-hop artist billionaire, thanks to investments in clothing, champagne, cognac, the ride-hailing service Uber and his Roc Nation entertainment company. But none of this would have been possible without his music. Born Shawn Carter, he grew up in Brooklyn’s tough Marcy Houses projects and broke onto the scene with his 1996 debut album, Reasonable Doubt. His profound talent as a lyrical marksman was immediately apparent as was his commitment to tell the stories of black men trapped, and too often killed, by the cruel system in which he was raised. But after national success with his debut, could he prove himself on the worldwide stage with his 1997 sophomore album, In My Lifetime, Vol. 1.?

Kanye West Jay-Z Album

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images


Jay-Z’s sophomore project In My Lifetime, Vol. 1 helped solidify his reputation as a true wordsmith. Showcasing his uncanny storytelling abilities he effortlessly raps about his rapid upward trajectory, the conflicting emotions of sudden stardom, and becoming the hottest new artist in Brooklyn. On the first track, “Intro/A Million and One Questions/ Rhyme No More,” he dives right into calling out the doubters and detractors:

“A lot of speculation
On the monies I’ve made, honies I’ve slayed
How is he for real? Is that N***a really paid?
Hustlers I’ve met, dealt with direct
Is it true he stayed in beef and slept with a TEC?
What’s the position you hold?
Can you really match a triple platinum artist buck by buck
But only a single goin’ gold.”

Never mind that Reasonable Doubt, Jay-Z’s debut album, only achieved modest success on the charts and sold less than 500,000 copies in the first year — it doesn’t stop him from bragging openly about his newfound riches: “Can you really match a triple platinum artist buck by buck/ but only a single goin’ gold.” He even audaciously compares himself to the then King of New York, Notorious B.I.G., who had only recently been murdered. Reminding everyone of his “triple platinum artist” status, Jay-Z wastes no time swooping in to claim the title for himself.

While his debut was all about exposing his mafioso style and bad boy mentality, by contrast In My Lifetime is an up-close-and-deeply personal story that showcases Jay’s talent for mining the emotional landscape. In “You Must Love Me” he opens with a verse to his addict mother, who was struggling with her own demons when her son began selling drugs: “All you did was motivate me: ‘Don’t let ’em hold you back!’/What’d I do?/Turned around, and I sold you crack.” It’s a harrowing account of a miserable childhood of violence, drugs, and a sadly marginalized life. Through it, he continues to rap, “You must love me,” which rings out like a sombre and beautiful echo. On another track, “Imaginary Player,” he appears eager to show his young followers that business acumen and rap can coexist:

“You got show dough, little to no dough
Sell a bunch of records and you still owe dough
I got 900 and 96 plus 4 mo’ dough”

Jay’s distrust of record companies was well documented even early on, leading him to form his own lucrative label with Dame Dash in Roc-A-Fella Records. In the clever bar above, he warns artists who are languishing in dead-end record labels, making money only from performances and not from album sales. In many ways, In My Lifetime served as one of the first manifestos on how to break free of the shackles of poverty and achieve success. And when it’s narrated by one of the greatest storytellers in rap history, you listen.

Regarded as one of the finest hip-hop albums of the century, Kanye’s sophomore work Late Registration also touches on thorny subjects such as poverty, drug trafficking, racism, the toxic college fraternity culture and the blood-diamond trade. By doing so, Kanye proved, especially in 2005, that he was one of the only mainstream rappers willing to tackle political issues. In “Diamonds,” he raps about the links between the jewellery trade and Sierra Leone’s civil war. In “Crack Music,” he exposes the oppression of black militancy by drug use, while in “Roses,” he takes on America’s healthcare crisis. Not a natural storyteller, Kanye’s lyrics show flashes of brilliance occasionally. But no one can ever accuse him of not using his platform to shine a spotlight on controversial topics — which is more than you can say about his peers.

Late Registration is peppered with skits and acapella monologues to relay various tales, including one about Kanye joining a black fraternity, where a proletarian ethos rules: no need for fancy cars or trophy girlfriends. However  Kanye is expelled from the fraternity after getting caught breaking the rules: making beats for money, taking showers, and buying new clothes. It’s Kayne’s attempt to debunk the myth that the American dream is attained only through materialism. “Gold Digger” is unquestionably the best-known song on the album. Featuring the sensational voice of Jamie Foxx, Kanye delves into a narrative about the dire life of an African American man being financially manipulated by his wife, a.k.a. the gold digger.

“I know there’s dudes ballin’, and yeah, that’s nice
And they gonna keep callin’ and tryin’, but you stay right, girl
And when you get on, he’ll leave yo’ ass for a while girl”

Then comes a superb plot-twist: after being faithful and sticking with his wife through all their trials and tribulations, the husband betrays her with a white woman. The gold digger needs a rich man, the rich man needs a trophy wife. It’s life in hip-hop ville, according to Kanye. “Addiction” is an underrated gem on the album, and in it, Kanye explores the existential dilemma of finding satisfaction through life’s vices:

“What’s your addiction? Is it money? Is it girls? Is it weed?
I’ve been afflicted by not one, not two, but all three”

He continues:

“Why everything that’s supposed to be bad make me feel so good?
Everything they told me not to is exactly what I would
Man, I tried to stop man, I tried the best I could
But you make me smile”

Kanye’s music is his conduit to relay stories about his life, his addictions and his obsessions. And Late Registration is full of relatable stories. He may well be a better producer than a rapper, never having delivered anything as lyrically intricate or smooth as our man Jay. But Ye, even back in the 2000s, was savvy enough — and you can’t deny his passion and determination — to know that storytelling brings people together.

Kanye West Jay-Z Albums

 Michael Buckner/Getty Images


Kanye’s production skills are second to none. Late Registration is proof of his talent. The early 2000s saw work from many memorable producers but Kanye was one of the first to use samples and orchestral melodies behind his drums to provide upbeat and soulful tempos. Aside from Dr. Dre and Scott Storch, he was one of the earliest to introduce the piano to the genre, which has since become one of the most used instruments in hip-hop. It’s often said that Kanye is one of the best producer-songwriters in music history and this album was probably where that legacy first took root.

In My Lifetime showcases textbook, New York-style beats from the late 90s. Puff Daddy’s production team, The Hitmen, handled this album and included beat masters such as DJ Premier, Ski, Buckwild and Prestige. With the expertise of this top-tier production ensemble, the album possessed a vastly more polished sound than its predecessor. It even featured a series of cleverly placed samples that included Biggie Smalls on “Face Off” and Benjamin Lattimore on the intro track. In retrospect, it’s clear that this was the pivotal moment when Jay-Z began honing his musical techniques and decided to transition from using standard drum beats to more sophisticated ones.

 Kevin Winter/Getty Images


In My Lifetime Vol. 1 and Late Registration are undoubtedly two of the most prominent hip-hop albums in the past thirty years. For Jay-Z, it was his first opportunity to start a global dialogue about his impoverished beginnings, paired nicely with some bragging about his jiggy and newfound lavish lifestyle. But at its core, it was an album that spoke to the streets and all of the young people living there who endure so much. Go ahead, dream, Jay-Z tells them, because you too can straddle both extremes.

For Kanye West, Late Registration was proof of his brilliance and his role on this earth: to transform the production-scape of rap albums forevermore. People also learned that he’s an artist willing to start necessary dialogues by going to places many rappers are too afraid to deal with. The world got their first taste of the full Kanye West package with Late Registration, hailed an “undeniable triumph” by Rolling Stone magazine and adored by millions. Let us know which album you think is best.

Jay-Z Vs Kanye: Who Had the Better Album?

Kanye West

Kanye West



She’s a true R&B Vocalist almost anonymous pretty much to say , Recently worked with SiR, The Free Nationals , Anderson Paak. 


Introducing Ms. Kadhja Bonet .

Image result for Kadhja Bonet

Bonet grew up in Richmond, California, as the middle child of seven siblings and studied classical music from an early age, playing the violin.Her father is an opera singer and her mother also a musician. She taught herself guitar and other instruments

Bonet’s debut, the single “Tears for Lamont” was produced by Itai Shapira and released in 2014. Later that year, while participating in the Red Bull Music Academy program in Tokyo, she collaborated on and released “Late Night Munchies.”

The mini album The Visitor EP was released in September 2015, then re-released under the name The Visitor in October 2016,receiving extensive radio air play.

Her second album, Childqueen, written while touring abroad, was released on June 8, 2018.

Bonet’s music has been described as psychedelic soul while, for other critics, it “amalgamates folk, jazz and soul,”or evokes “Billie Holiday, whisky, and 1940s Disney” in a “genre-defying” way.

Clash magazine wrote that her second album “places Kadhja Bonet in a league of her own.” The single “Delphine” from the album was described as “spellbinding”and the album itself as “proof of her idiosyncratic genius.

References : Kadhja Bonet



He has been credited with helping to shape what has been termed the “Neo Soul” movement that rose to prominence during the late 1990’s ,  Along with fellow musicians D’Angelo and Erykah Badu

Drawing his greatest inspiration from the concept of the R&B auteur (looking to artists like Prince, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, etc.) 

This Is The Story of R&B Singer , Maxwell.


A fair-skinned black man with a straw hat, a green shirt, and ruby sunglasses smiling towards the camera; eyes to the right

Gerald Maxwell Rivera  was born May 23, 1973, known mononymously as Maxwell, an American singer-songwriter, record producer, and multi-instrumentalist . 

Maxwell was born in Brooklyn, New York, the son of a Haitian mother and a Puerto Rican father. His mother grew up in a devout Baptist household in Haiti. Maxwell’s father died in a plane crash when Maxwell was three years old

After receiving a low-cost Casio keyboard from a friend, the Brooklyn, New York-native began composing music at age 17. Already a fan of what he described as “jheri curl soul”, which was the trademark of early 1980’s R&B acts such as Patrice Rushen, S.O.S. Band and Rose Royce, Maxwell began to teach himself to play a variety of instruments.

According to him, the R&B of the early 1980’s contained “the perfect combination of computerized instrumentation with a live feel”, and that the genre’s dynamics later became lost due to the influence of hip hop on R&B.

During facing ridicule from classmates for being shy and awkward, he progressed and continued to develop his musical abilities, and he also adopted the look of a more bohemian style outwardly in his clothing, growing long sideburns and letting his hair grow out wildly and combed in an extreme style, or sometimes putting his hair in long thin braids .

More Information & References : Maxwell




50 Intimate Night (2018)

Cancelled tours
  • MaxwellTwoNight (2012)

Awards and nominations

American Music Award
Year Nominee / work Award Result
2009 Maxwell Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist Nominated
BET Awards
Year Nominee / work Award Result
2001 Maxwell Best Male R&B Artist Nominated
2002 Maxwell Best Male R&B Artist Nominated
2010 Maxwell Best Male R&B Artist Nominated
Centric Award Nominated
Grammy Award
Year Nominee / work Award Result
1997 Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite Best R&B Album Nominated
1998 “Whenever Wherever Whatever” Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Nominated
1999 Matrimony: Maybe You Best Male R&B Vocal Performance Nominated
Embrya Best R&B Album Nominated
2000 Fortunate Best Male R&B Vocal Performance Nominated
2002 Lifetime Best Male R&B Vocal Performance Nominated
2010 Pretty Wings Song of the Year Nominated
Best Male R&B Vocal Performance Won
Best R&B Song Nominated
“Love You” Best Male Pop Vocal Performance Nominated
“Phoenix Rise” Best Pop Instrumental Performance Nominated
BLACKsummers’night Best R&B Album Won
2017 Lake by the Ocean Best R&B Song Won
MTV Video Music Award
Year Nominee / work Award Result
2002 This Woman’s Work Breakthrough Video Nominated
NAACP Image Awards
Year Nominee / work Award Result
1997 Maxwell Outstanding New Artist Nominated
2010 Maxwell Outstanding Male Artist Won
Pretty Wings Outstanding Music Video Nominated
Outstanding Song Nominated
Bad Habits Outstanding Song Nominated
BLACKsummers’night Outstanding Album Nominated
2011 Fistful of Tears Outstanding Music Video Nominated
Outstanding Song Nominated
2014 Fire We Make Outstanding Duo or Group Nominated
Outstanding Music Video Nominated
Outstanding Song Nominated
2017 Maxwell Outstanding Male Artist Won
Lake by the Ocean Outstanding Traditional Song Nominated
2018 “Gods” Outstanding Music Video Nominated
Soul Train Music Awards
Year Nominee / work Award Result
1997 Maxwell Best New Artist Won
Ascension (Don’t Ever Wonder) Best R&B/Soul Single – Male Won
Maxwell’s Urban Hang Suite Best R&B/Soul Album – Male Won
1998 MTV Unplugged Best R&B/Soul Album – Male Nominated
1999 Embrya Best R&B/Soul Album – Male Nominated
2000 Fortunate Best R&B/Soul Single – Male Won
2003 This Woman’s Work Best R&B/Soul Single – Male Nominated
2009 Maxwell Best R&B/Soul Male Artist Won
Pretty Wings Best Song of the Year Nominated
The Ashford & Simpson Songwriter’s Award Nominated
BLACKsummers’night Best Album of the Year Nominated
2013 Fire We Make The Ashford & Simpson Songwriter’s Award Nominated
Best Collaboration Nominated
2016 Maxwell Best R&B/Soul Male Artist Won

He’s a True R&B Singer , With a voice that reminds me and hopefully  for some of y’all The Voice Of Prince with a lil’ jazz , gospel and soul vibes .

Working with Producer\R&B Singer\Song-Writer  , Raphael Saadiq (Toni,Tony Tone!) a Part of  The New-Soul Group , The Soulquarians , Worked with artists such as Rapsody ,GZA (Wu-Tang Clan) ,  Method Man (Wu-Tang Clan) , Lauryn Hill , Jazz Artist Roy Hargrove R.I.P , The Roots  among many others .

The Soulquarians 

For More Information , Click Here :

The Soulquarians – Part 1

The Soulquarians – Part 2

The Soulquarians – Part 3

The Soulquarians – Part 4


Preformed for so many years with his own Band The Soultronics.


Here’s The Story Of The Black Messiah , Michael Eugene Archer aka D’Angelo . 

Born at  February 11, 1974 , He’s a  songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and record producer. D’Angelo is associated with the neo soul movement, along with artists like Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Maxwell, and collaborator Angie Stone.

Born in Richmond, Virginia, He’s The Son of a Pentecostal minister, D’Angelo taught himself piano as a child. At eighteen, he won the amateur talent competition at Harlem’s Apollo Theater three weeks in a row. After a brief affiliation with hip-hop group I.D.U., his first major success came in 1994 as the co-writer and co-producer of the song “U Will Know”.

In 1995 , He released his debut solo album, Brown Sugar , received positive reviews and sold over two million copies. His next album, Voodoo (2000), debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200. Its lead single Untitled (How Does It Feel), entered the R&B charts and won a Grammy for Best Male R&B Vocal; likewise, Voodoo won Best R&B Album. D’Angelo was hailed as the next Marvin Gaye by GQ in 2014.

Following the release of the music video for “Untitled (How Does It Feel)”, he became more than uncomfortable with his growing status as a sex symbol. This was followed by numerous personal struggles including alcoholism, and a fourteen-year long musical hiatus.

In December 2014,  D’Angelo released his third studio album, Black Messiah. The album was met with critical acclaim and fared well on music charts, peaking at number five on the US Billboard 200. He also contributed to the soundtrack for the 2018 video game Red Dead Redemption 2, performing the song “Unshaken” .

He was raised in an entirely Pentecostal family. Archer’s musical talents were discovered very early on. At 3, he was spotted by his 10-year-old brother Luther, playing the house piano. Following the formation of his native-Richmond, Virginia musical group, Michael Archer and Precise, and its success on the Amateur Night competition at Harlem, New York’s Apollo Theater in 1991, the 18-year-old singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist dropped out of school and moved to New York City, as an attempt to develop his music career.The group previously enjoyed some notice in Richmond, evenly dividing their repertoire between soul covers and originals, while D’Angelo accumulated compositions of his own and developed his songwriting skills. The group’s turnout on Amateur Night resulted in three consecutive wins and cash prize, after which, upon returning home to Richmond, D’Angelo was inspired to produce an album and began composing material,after a brief tenure as a member of the hip hop group I.D.U. (Intelligent, Deadly but Unique).

What REALLY Happened to D’Angelo?

Personal Life

In the 1990’s, he dated soul singer Angie Stone and helped produce her debut album Black Diamond in 1999. They have a son, named Michael D’Angelo Archer II, born in 1998.


Studio albums


Awards and nominations

Grammy Awards

Year Nominee / work Award Result
1996 Brown Sugar Best R&B Album Nominated
Brown Sugar Best R&B Song Nominated
Best Male R&B Vocal Performance Nominated
1997 Lady Nominated
1999 “Nothing Even Matters” (with Lauryn Hill) Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal Nominated
2001 Voodoo Best R&B Album Won
Untitled (How Does It Feel) Best Male R&B Vocal Performance Won
Best R&B Song Nominated
2003 “Be Here” (with Raphael Saadiq) Nominated
Best Urban/Alternative Performance Nominated
2004 “I’ll Stay” (with Roy Hargrove) Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals Nominated
2016 Black Messiah Best R&B Album Won
Really Love Record of the Year Nominated
Best R&B Song Won

More ‘Bout D’Angelo + References  : D’Angelo

20 Years Later, How Does It Feel?

Variations of Voodoo: A Tribute to D’Angelo (Prod. Amerigo Gazaway)

Here’s D’Angelo’s Greatest Hits :

D’Angelo – Chicken Grease (Live)

He is the younger brother of rapper D Smoke , Signed to Top Dawg Entertainment Featuring  Black Hippy members Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, Ab-Soul and Schoolboy Q, as well as Isaiah Rashad, SZA, Lance Skiiiwalker, SiR, Reason and Zacari. The label also houses a production division that includes Digi+Phonics, THC, King Blue and Derek Ali AKA “MixedByAli” . 

Made an NPR’s Tiny Desk Performance recently . 

In Addition , He Collaborate with other artists as well : 

Guest appearances

List of non-single guest appearances, with other performing artists, showing year released and album name
Title Year Other artist(s) Album
“Already” 2014 Anderson .Paak Venice
“The Ways” 2015 Jay Rock 90059
“Rope / Rosegold” 2016 Isaiah Rashad The Sun’s Tirade
“Underwater” 2017 EarthGang Robots
“Old Age” 2018 Masego Lady Lady
“Make It Out Alive” Nao Saturn
“Iman” 2019 RapsodyJID Eve

This is SiR

Sir Darryl Farris  was born at November 5, 1986 , grew up in a musical family with his mother, brothers, and cousin being gospel singers in Inglewood. He earned a degree in recording arts at the Los Angeles Film School and developed his songwriting, arranging, and production skills. His mother was a backup singer for Michael Jackson and Anita Baker, and his uncle Andrew Gouche was a bassist for Prince . 

In 2007, he joined to a songwriting group called WoodWorks with his brothers and his cousin Tiffany Gouché, who wrote songs for Jaheim and The Pussycat Dolls. He landed a job engineering for Tyrese Gibson in 2012 while quietly developing his craft as a songwriter. After meeting the songwriting duo Dre & Vidal, he went on to work with Anita Baker and, from 2011 through 2015, co-wrote material for the likes of GinuwineJill Scott, and Stevie Wonder. In 2014, he featured on Anderson .Paak‘s album Venice . 

On July 31, 2015, He released his first independent album titled Seven Sundays, which got the attention of Dave Free. He was later featured on Jay Rock‘s 90059 on the song “The Ways”, and Isaiah Rashad‘s The Sun’s Tirade on the song “Rope / Rosegold”. On October 6, 2016, SiR released the EP titled HER which includes a feature on “Cadillac Dreams” from Big K.R.I.T.. In January 2017, it was announced that SiR signed to Top Dawg Entertainment. On February 10, 2017, he released his first EP on the label titled HER TOO with Anderson .Paak as a guest appearance.On January 18, 2018, SiR released his major label debut album November.

On August 8, 2019, SiR announced that his second album via TDE, releasing the first single off the album, “Hair Down” featuring Kendrick Lamar.Chasing Summer was released on August 30, 2019, and includes guest features from Kendrick LamarLil WayneJill ScottSminoKadhja BonetSabrina Claudio, and Zacari.

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Studio albums

Title Album details Peak chart positions
Seven Sundays
  • Released: July 31, 2015
  • Label: Fresh Selects
  • Format: Digital download
  • Released: January 19, 2018
  • Label: Top Dawg
  • Format: Digital download
Chasing Summer
  • Released: August 30, 2019[8]
  • Label: Top Dawg, RCA
  • Format: Digital download, streaming

Extended plays

Title Album details
  • Released: October 6, 2016
  • Label: Top Dawg
  • Format: Digital download
  • Released: February 10, 2017
  • Label: Top Dawg
  • Format: Digital download


Title Album details
Wooden Voodoo
  • Released: September 25, 2012
  • Format: Digital download
Long Live Dilla
  • Released: February 17, 2014
  • Format: Digital download

J.I.D. reflects on securing his first gold plaque as a solo artist with “151 Rum.”

When J.I.D. dropped DiCaprio 2 in November 2018, it continued to solidify the Atlanta lyricist as one of the game’s best and brightest. At the forefront of the rollout was the project’s lead single “151 Rum,” a Christo-produced banger that doubled as a clinic for J.I.D’s impeccable flow. Now, the single has gone on to mark a major milestone for the Dreamville rapper, securing him his first gold certification as a solo artist; he’s no stranger to RIAA glory, having taken home a few gold plaques for Revenge Of The Dreamers 3, “Down Bad,” and “Costa Rica.”

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Yet a solo plaque hits different. J.I.D. took to Instagram to celebrate the milestone, penning an emotional reflection on the road traveled thus far. “It’s always Lil indicators to let you know u either fucking up or going in the right direction, we working on this album right now so this came in at a fragile time but inspiring nonetheless,” he writes. “Me and @tischristo been working on our sound for years and for this to be the official first SOLO song to go gold is crazy. Thank you to my fans, management, label and everyone who has ever shared or listen to this record. Im super appreciative and for now we fina keep working on this new music to fuck y’all up with.”

On a more serious note, we hope this fragile time isn’t taking too much of a toll on his spirit. It goes without saying that J.I.D. has been killing the game of late, and we look forward to seeing him continue to share his creativity. As long as he doesn’t forget to take his time and enjoy the little things life has to offer – he’s most certainly earned it. Congrats!

Royce Da 5’9” Teams Up With Vince Staples & G Perico On “Young World”

Gracie Productions/Shady Records/Interscope Records

Gracie Productions/Shady Records/Interscope Records

Royce Da 5’9″ x Vince Staples x G Perico preach on “Young World.”

Royce Da 5’9″ is slowly climbing up the G.O.A.T. status latter and he enlisted Ramona Park’s very own, Vince Staples and Los Angeles’ G Perico to trade bars on his The Allegory (2020) album cut, “Young World.” The Detroit-bred emcee was recently featured on Eminem‘s certified gold album, Music To Be Murdered By (2020), and has been on a promo tour discussing various subjects from his sobriety to his days with Slaughterhouse. Now, with the release of his eighth studio album, Royce Da 5’9″ is continuing to provide the culture with much-needed gems like “Young World.”

Surprisingly, the Shady Records affiliate was able convince both Vince Staples and G Perico to join him on an instrumental that isn’t traditionally west coast. The guitar chords, subtle drum sequencing, and high-pitched horn sample scream east coast sonically but all three emcees were able to find their individual flows on the instrumentation. The “hey, young world” Jay Z sample perfectly separates each lyricists’ bars as they speak on their environments, society, and triumphs.

Listen to Royce Da 5’9″‘s “Young World” featuring Vince Staples and G Perico in the streaming link provided below.

Quotable Lyrics

Fuck the Panthers, we are the f*ckin’ panthers
Throwin’ Benjamins though we could hardly trust the dancer
The truth should set me free, but somehow I’m stuck with answers
Wish I could give George Zimmerman Karlie Hustle cancer
I made millions off of PRhyme, bruh
No one would front though, like where the fans be lined up?
James Ball was speakin’ to street niggas with peace signs up
Straight boss, my pheromones secrete Elon Musk
I’ve grown to rebuke the Bible, had homies that suicidal
I loaned them until they wronged me when grown men too entitled
Took my first drink at Dr. Dre home ’cause I was homeless
But nowadays wildin’ Roman roamin’ should do as I do


UnoTheActivist & Ty Dolla $ign Toast To The Lavish Life Of Rap On “Can’t Go”

Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

UnoTheActivist links with Ty Dolla $ign for a boastful new single titled “Can’t Go.”

After promising that last month’s Lost Files 1 mixtape would be his last project before strictly releasing on major platforms only, burgeoning rapper UnoTheActivist may be making true on that promise by the sound of his flashy new single alongside Ty Dolla $ign titled “Can’t Go.”

The production and lyrics for “Can’t Go” are easily a ploy to hit a wider market for Uno, who raps about the joys of being a popular emcee with a surplus of girls, success and more bankrolls than he and Ty can count between the two of them. It’s a tale as old as time in the history of hip-hop, but they do manage to make it sound catchy this time around nonetheless.

Listen to “Can’t Go” by UnoTheActivist featuring Ty Dolla $ign below and on all steaming platforms:

Quotable Lyrics:

Wake up in the morning, count a bankroll
Ayy, ten chains on like Django
She say, “You so out of pocket”
Walk around, a hundred K in your pocket
Ayy, hundred-fifty for the show now
Can’t drive a 2016, that sh*t old now
Everywhere I go, I’m with my gang-gang
Lately, I’ma flex, been on the PJ


Interview: DMC Speaks On New adidas Collab & Underlying Tragedy Of Jam Master Jay's Murder

Johnny Nunez/WireImage

Run-DMC’s contributions to Hip Hop are immeasurable. Growing up in Hollis, Queens, Joseph “Rev Run” Simmons, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels and the late Jason “Jam Master Jay” Mizell never could’ve predicted the global impact they’d have on the culture.

Thirty-six years after throwing their black bowler hats in the ring with their 1984 self-titled debut, the members of the pioneering Hip Hop group are bona fide music icons —  JMJ included.

From their decades-long partnership with adidas to their induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Run-DMC has been decimating barriers since their inception.

Much like stic’s recent sentiment that “Hip Hop has lost its true heart,” DMC believes a switch in mentality is necessary to move the culture forward.

During a recent interview with HipHopDX, DMC talked about the upcoming Run-DMC/adidas collaboration, the first time they went to Europe, JMJ’s 2002 murder and the lack of accountability in current Hip Hop culture.

HipHopDX: Bill Adler told me the first time Run-DMC went to Europe, he asked Run what he thought and he said, “Well, I don’t think it’s going to work over there.” And he was like, “Well, why not?” He said, “The french fries at McDonald’s don’t taste the same as the french fries at McDonald’s in New York.”

DMC: Yup, that’s true [laughs].

HipHopDX:  What was your first impression of Europe?

DMC: My first impression of Europe was the sweets, pastries, pies and cakes are way, way better than here.

HipHopDX: Nice. So you had a different take. You didn’t care about McDonald’s fries?

DMC: Nah, nah, nah. Because Run and them was always eating. They would go all the way there and just eat pizza and burgers, the same stuff that you get to eat here. Over there in Europe, the breads and the pastries are way, way better.

HipHopDX: Bill had some nice things to say about you.

DMC: Yeah I saw him Runny Ray’s funeral.

HipHopDX: I know. I’m so sorry to hear that. That should be documented.

DMC: Yeah, he was the whole purpose of the [1988] movie Tougher Than Leather. 

HipHopDX: He had pancreatic cancer, I believe. Is that right?

DMC: Yup, yup. He was 56.

HipHopDX: That’s not fair, is it? But here you are still going.

DMC: Yeah, still rocking and rolling and hipping and hopping.

HipHopDX: Still the King of Rock. So, we are about to hit a major anniversary with adidas.

DMC: Right, yeah. The 50th year of the Superstar, I believe. They gonna have a Run-DMC sneaker and a Jam Master Jay model. Then we’re going to have a Friends and Family model.

HipHopDX: Oh, OK. So there’s going to be two separate ones.

DMC: Yeah, exactly. And then it’s the Run-DMC one and then the Friends and Family ones not for sale though. Then there’s going to be a sweatshirt hoodie, t-shirts and then it’s Friends and Family leather adidas shoes, the old school ’80s leather adidas shoes. They’re making a certain amount of those. But you know the resale on the aftermarket, it’s going to be ridiculous.

HipHopDX: At least we’ll get to see you guys rocking them. So will the apparel be dedicated to Jam Master Jay as well?

DMC: No, no, it’s just one of the sneakers. Instead of the adidas logo on the tongue, it’ll have the JMJ picture.

HipHopDX: Oh, that’s dope.

DMC: I mean, the line is a basic Run-DMC line but within the line, we going to dedicate an article to Jay, of course.

HipHopDX: Bill Adler was just saying the most tragic thing about that entire story is that the killer still hasn’t been caught.

DMC: Exactly. It’s so crazy. I mean, it’s a shame, you know what I’m saying? And it’s not even just for Jay — ‘Pac and Biggie and all of them. It’s just in general. It’s really bad, and we know people know who did it. No one wants to speak up. It’s crazy.

HipHopDX: I’m so sorry Darryl. It’s awful.

DMC: Right.  I don’t have a lot of followers and I’m not the social media guy, but I remember when Jay died — I think this is on MySpace maybe  — I put a statement out. I said, “I’m not mad at the guy that shot Jason.” Man, the whole world cursed me out. They was like, “Muthafucka this, muthafucka this and that.” And I said, “Oh no, let me explain myself.” I said, “I’m not mad at the guy that shot Jason. He’s not my problem. My fight is so much bigger than one person. I’m mad at the mentality, the mindset that will cause a person to pull the trigger like that. Not just one Jay but anybody in general.”

DMC: But the thing about Jay was, Jay could have had a studio in Hollywood. Jay could have had a studio in Manhattan. Jay’s studio was five minutes from where he grew up at. So my fight isn’t with the individual; I don’t know what the individual been through. I don’t know that individual’s mindset, story or whatever. But we have to understand with Hip Hop, it’s all about tech and the mindset of individuals.  It’s not just about catching Jason’s killer.

It’s about preventing any young man or woman from getting shot in our neighborhoods, especially when it comes to Hip Hop because Hip Hop was created so these individuals wouldn’t have to do those things. But I just remember saying that and the whole world cursed me out, “Muthafucka, fuck that dude that killed Jay.” But I said, “Yeah, no, no, you’re right, you’re right.”

HipHopDX: They didn’t understand.

DMC: Right, but our battle is with the mentality. We need more records that state you don’t got to pull the trigger. We need more records that say you ain’t got to use fucking profanity, you know what I’m saying? I said, “Fucking use profanity” because you need an exclamation point to make people understand! [laughs]. We need to be more respectable. We need to value the potential and the possibilities that we give to each other. Hip Hop was all about taking the kid that lives in Beverly Hills and find something in common with the kid from Compton. So both of them can look at each other and say, “Yo, we need to do this. We can do something. We can make it better.” But that’s missing for right now. So we got get away from this “us against them” mentality because killing Jay didn’t just destroy Jay’s life. It destroyed the generational lives that follow.

HipHopX: I agree. When I interview artists, I often ask them if they feel any social responsibility for the messages they’re sending out there. Some of them say, “No, it’s their parents’ fault.”

DMC: No, it’s a huge responsibility. That’s an excuse that a lot of entertainers would use when they wouldn’t make just comparisons. They would say, “Man, you don’t go blame Bruce Willis for the action movies with guns.” That’s a whole different story. They’re right that it’s both entertainment. But with Hip Hop comes a greater responsibility because if you’re going to make a record about a gun, the very next record should be not about not using that gun. But a lot of them won’t take up responsibility because they so worried about the image and their street credibility. But all of those artists, they don’t understand they have no credibility in the heaven and hell of Hip Hop.

DMC: So that just makes you not down with this culture. You’re just some entertainer. And this is not about censorship of freedom of speech. What they need to understand, this is about genocide. It’s not their parents’ fault because the parents are the parents. Because you coming up through this genre of Hip Hop, these kids look at you and hold you to a higher respect than their parents. We dictate what’s cool. We dictate how people dress. We did dictate what cars people drive, what they eat, what they smoke, how they talk, but we don’t anymore. We don’t dictate how we all should live. See, the most powerful thing about Hip Hop is the power of communication. Yes, you can tell your story. “I’ve been to jail, I sold drugs,” this and that. But then you need to make a whole fucking album about not doing those things.

HipHopDX: Right.

DMC: Kids don’t realize how incredible the Soulsonic Force in the Zulu Nation is until I say, “Did you know that the Zulu Nation was one of the biggest street gangs in New York City?” Now these kids in the street want to look at me, but they don’t understand that, “Yeah, this a street gang.” They made a record called “Planet Rock,” which was a positive record about vision. They didn’t talk about how many guns they had. They didn’t talk about who they shot, who they beat up, what they robbed and stole. They made a record called “Planet Rock.”

To this day, “Planet Rock” is better than 99.9 percent of all rap songs out today. When it comes to rhyme, ability, flow, presence, sound, beat, concept — nobody in this generation, and you can arguably say in any generation since that record dropped, reached that high of the essence of Hip Hop.

DMC: So that being said, these guys talked about how life is messed up, but they also talked about what it could be. And that’s the responsibility thing. Then again, a lot of the rappers is right. You ain’t got to do nothing, but you a sucker if you don’t. I think Hip Hop is so soft right now because about 15 years ago, somebody in Japan told me, “Man, Hip Hop. As soon as something would happen in the world, whether it was political, whether it was social, whether it was a current event, all the rappers would address it.” Not in a preachy way, but they all would address it. The ones that would address it in your face would be Public Enemy, KRS-One and X-Clan.

HipHopDX: We don’t really have that now in mainstream music.

DMC: If we were allowed to participate, we should be participating in our culture — the issues going on with government and the issues going on with society. Everybody from Run-DMC to LL Cool J would address those issues and we wouldn’t worry about our street cred or if somebody thought, “Oh, you being too political.” Because it wasn’t about being political. It wasn’t about being politicians. Our first responsibility, as the creative entity of our culture is to the audience or to the listener or to the consumer, or to the people who participate in our events, our concerts and supports us by buying our production. That’s our first responsibility. Now, nobody wants to claim it because here in America, you could be a asshole, you could be disrespectful, you could be a fool, you could be a complete jackass and a jerk like a lot of politicians, entertainers, athletes and leaders are. And even people in general, those so-called “celebrities.” But as long as you’re popular, people going to validate you. Hip Hop used to be about calling these muthafuckas out and not letting them in the door.

HipHopDX: “Sucka M.Cs.”

DMC: Exactly. Now, being a sucka MC is cool, which is not cool.

HipHopDX: Definitely not to me and definitely not to you. I like what you were saying about Africa Bambaataa and “Plant Rock.”  They were really rapping about unity.

DMC: Yes, in the future. What was important about “Planet Rock” was the message. Here it is — it’s messed up. Death, destruction, darkness and despair, broken glass everywhere. “Planet Rock” was about, “We got to change that.” We got to look inside of us, rap, break dance, DJ, produce, do some graffiti, spin on your head. Whatever we can use that we have. Somewhere along the way, those ideas, concepts, images and envisions are not being allowed to be shown to the younger generation or the whole present generation.

When “The Message” was made, “The Message” wasn’t just about the young people from the Bronx, the conditions on 42nd street and the poverty in every ghetto. “The Message” actually was speaking for our mothers and our fathers and our aunts and uncles and the 9-to-5 grownups because the politicians and the media at that time wasn’t addressing the everyday issues that we all confront when we wake up.

DMC: And that’s why this younger generation needs to know that they have the power to make the changes. There are a lot of radio stations that say, “We’re the station that loves Hip Hop.” We should actually sue them because that’s false advertising. I’m not saying play Chuck D and KRS-One all the time. Go out and find those artists who are those 16 to 22-year-old individuals making records like Chuck D and KRS-One. What I mean by that is, there’s no records on the radio telling the kids to go to school. There’s no record on the radio telling the kids don’t take the drugs. You know what I’m saying?

Artists of this generation, they feel that it’s on the parents. But you got to understand the parents are busy being parents. We are busy controlling how people eat, think, move. I’m gonna sum it up like this — at the end of the day, the club closes and we all got to go home. A lot of people go home to these protective gated communities, but the people at these record companies, they’re only in a business to make records. That being said, OK, the negative records make a lot of money.

But Ice-T told me, “Man, Run-DMC proved that positivity could be gangster.” The perfect example is when I wrote my rhyme for adidas. I didn’t write, “I’m DMC/I got more money than you and I got all these sneakers in my closet.” I wrote my rhyme to remove the stereotypical acknowledgement of young people in the streets. Because the first thing the drug dealer do or the stick-up kid do when we get some money, we go get fly. So OK, I’m on a street corner. But these same sneakers standing on the street corner walk down the hallways of St John’s University. These sneakers stepped on stage at Live AID. You know what I’m saying? I wanted to talk about we’re in the things we can do with these sneakers on the feet, not just, “I’m DMC and I got a lot of seekers, because I got a sneaker deal.”

HipHopDX: What kind of effect did that have?

DMC: That had a profound effect, allowing everybody who thought everybody that wore an adidas suit and some adidas was just those young people that don’t have potential. I wanted to make it so that, “OK America, you’re not just going to throw some money at me and make me think I have arrived.” You’re going to put me in these positions and my work is just beginning. And that’s what I don’t think a lot of artists get. You’ve got some money now. You got your fame. You’re selling records, you started your businesses, but your work is just beginning. And what I mean by that, if the music business said, “There’s no more Hip Hop allowed to be anywhere in the world,” the real hip hoppers would be OK with that because we didn’t need radio play for this.

Check back next week for Part II of HipHopDX’s interview with DMC. 

Jhené Aiko Frolicks Through The Woods In Her “P*$$Y FAIRY (OTW) Super Clean” Visual

Lil Baby Sticks To The Grind In “Sum 2 Prove” Video

Prayah, Rapsody & B.Worried Drop A Music Video For “How Low The Casket Goes”

Young M.A Drops Playful, Colourful Visuals For “She Like I’m Like”

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Boldy James & Benny The Butcher Link Up For ‘Scrape The Bowl’ Video

Royce Da 5’9″ Lets Off A Series Of Questions In His Video For “Upside Down”

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Lil Nas X’s “Rodeo” Video With Nas Is A Vampiric Horror Story

Wiz Khalifa & AD Get Soulful In New Visuals For “Chappelle’s Show”

Saweetie & GALXARA Swerve In New Villain-Themed Visuals For “Sway With Me”

Danny Brown & Run The Jewels Take It Underground For “3 Tearz” Music Video

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Curren$y & T.Y. Share A Love For Cadillacs In The Video For “Gambling Shack”

Griselda Get Gully In Badass “Cruiser Weight Coke” Visuals

Tyga Taps Ozuna For Dancefloor Ready “Ayy Macarena Remix”

Last Kings Records

Last Kings Records

Tyga and Ozuna continue to transform the “Macarena” from all-ages dance to something far more adult-oriented.

Goodness gracious. The macarena was a wholesome all-ages dance before that loveable rascal Tyga got his hands on it. Since then it’s become something far more hedonistic, something far more suggestive. The simple step-by-step dance never once included twerking. Now, Tyga’s mischevious take on the Macarena has forced us to unlearn what we have learned. Especially now that Ozuna has entered the fold by way of an official remix. With his presence on deck, “Ayy Macarena” has likely extended its dancefloor staying power till the summer at the very least.

With the original responsible for sparking the “Macarena Challenge,” — use your imagination as to what that entails– it’s no wonder Tyga seems hellbent on another go-around. With much of the original’s essence remaining unchanged, T-Raww gives Ozuna room to put his own stamp on the Latin-inspired banger. His cadence blending effectively with the brassy fanfare, Ozuna takes to the instrumental like a natural — if anything, this one might overtake the original as the go-do version come clubbing season.

Check out “Ayy Macarena” remix now, and sound off – where do you feel this ranks among Tyga’s expansive repertoire of hits?

Quotable Lyrics

I find a spot, then I post up
Bitches wanna know if I’m single, tell her “Yes, sir”
And I seen you dance on the ‘Gram, tell her shake some
I ain’t even gon’ lie, I’ma eat the cho-cha

G Herbo & Jacquees Link Up On “Shooter,” An R&B-Rap Track For The Ladies

G Herbo Soundcloud

G Herbo Soundcloud

G Herbo is preparing for the release of “PTSD,” but the rapper took to his SoundCloud to share his Jacquees-assisted jam.

Next week, the world is set to receive G Herbo‘s long-awaited project PTSD. The rapper has been hyping this record for some time as he prepares to deliver an album that he says speaks to the traumas of his life experiences. While fans have waited on this anticipated release, just days shy of the new year Herbo shared his mixtape Sessions to tie fans over in the meantime.

On Friday (February 21), Herbo visited his SoundCloud page to deliver an R&B slow jam-ish collaboration with Jacquees titled “Shooter.” This may be a throwaway track that won’t make it to his forthcoming album but was good enough for Herbo to share as a single. The rapper drops bars about his lady friend who stands by his side no matter what they may go through, so check out “Shooter” and let us know if this is one you’ll have in rotation.

Quotable Lyrics

She’ll let me put a .30 in her Birkin
I don’t like it pokin’ on me when I’m workin’
I know you’ll shoot it for me like you Persian
Bust it back, I rather keep it on my person
Pull off from the dealership after purchases
Bumpin’ Swervo, you know me, swervin’ it
All yo’ g spots, you know me, learnin’ ’em
Never rode waves, but I be surfin’ in it

Royce Da 5’9″ & KXNG Crooked Trade Verses On “Tricked”

Heaven Studios

Heaven Studios

Royce Da 5’9 calls up fellow Slaughterhouse alumni KXNG Crooked to tackle topics on “Tricked.”

Royce Da 5’9’s new album The Allegory is upon us, an entirely self-produced effort boasting features from the Griselda trifecta, Vince StaplesGrafh, and fellow Slaughterhouse alumni KXNG Crooked. A mini-Slaughterhouse reunion is staged on “Tricked,” a track that finds Royce and Crook dead set on airing out the truth as they have come to understand it. Over a slick self-produced groove, Royce reflects on the perils of the major label record model. “Only thing they takin’ is your publishing, watch you make mistakes in the court of public sin,” he raps, a warning to those enticed by the allure of the big leagues. “Got you concentratin’ on hittin’ the club, gettin’ spins.”

While many have taken to Royce’s Allegory fondly, early responses point to this being his most controversial album thus far — largely in part due to a few anti-vaccine sentiments. During his verse, well-constructed and technically sound as expected, he raps a few lines that have left even fans in a shambolic state — the aforementioned court of public sin at work. “From day one at the hospital, they target our children, say they gonna immunize ’em they somehow get autism,” he raps, sparking a narrative that has already threatened to loom over the project’s many accomplishments. Given the incendiary nature of the topic, it will be interesting to see whether Royce ends up addressing his stance in the hours to come.

Either way you stand, there’s still plenty to unpack on The Allegory. Be sure to check out the project right here and draw your own conclusions.

Quotable Lyrics

Tricked, this is why I don’t fuck with them
Only thing they takin’ is your publishing
Watch you make mistakes in the court of public sin
Got you concentratin’ on hittin’ the club, gettin’ spins
Ballin’ off of your budget, that’s at your expense
Your A&R spendin’ five, they deductin’ ten

Tory Lanez Assists NGHTMRE By Singing Bars On “Wrist” Single

Ultra Music

Ultra Music

Tory Lanez links up with dance producer NGHTMRE for a new single and the pair also deliver the track’s music video.

NGHTMRE continues to stretch himself into the rap game with his latest collaboration with Tory Lanez. We’ve watched as a dance producer has joined forces with Shaq, GunnaWiz Khalifa, and A$AP Ferg, and he returned Friday (February 21) with Tory singing a few bars over a multi-genre beat. NGHTMRE & Tory even released an accompanying music video directed by James Winterhalter that sends viewers on a psychedelic, vintage trip.

“It’s no secret Tory is one of the hottest dudes in hip-hop right now,” NGHTMRE told The Fader. “Getting to sit in the studio and watch him create was really special. This record is really upbeat and fits in with both our styles nicely. Much love to Tory and the entire team for helping this one come together!”

Recently, Tory dropped off his Fivio Foreign collaboration “K Lo K,” so make sure you check that out here right after giving “Wrist” a spin.

Quotable Lyrics

I’ma get it shakin’ off the rip, I know you know
Know you got a man but you still f*ck me on the low
Yes, I live a fast life, baby girl, you movin’ slow
She walked inside the green room somehow and make it glow, girl
You know that it’s your world
Let me get your friend too, get the best of both worlds
I can make your toes curl, I can make you feel good

Jadakiss Declares It’s “Huntin Season” On Single With Pusha T



Jadakiss readies the release of “Ignatius” by dropping his latest single “Huntin Season” with Pusha T.

Ignatius is set to arrive next Friday (February 28), and just a week ahead of its release, Jadakiss delivers a new single. “Huntin Season” is a streetwise, boastful track where The Lox rapper makes sure everyone in the rap game knows he’s not to be messed with inside, or outside of the booth. Jadakiss’s forthcoming project is named after Ignatius “Icepick” Jackson, the rapper’s close friend and Ruff Ryders executive who lost his life to cancer nearly three years ago. This is an important body of work for the legendary emcee, so he’s been rolling out the album with precision.

Jadakiss’s Ignatius will be the rapper’s first solo project in five years, however, this record is far from a surprise to fans. Jadakiss has been hinting at Ignatius for the better part of a year, and he even reportedly teamed up with the F*ck Cancer nonprofit for a fundraiser back in November 2019. Check out “Huntin Season” below and let us know who Pusha T is sending verbal shots to on his verse.

Quotable Lyrics

It’s a war goin’ on but ain’t nothin’ bleedin’
Ain’t nothin’ comin’ in, and ain’t nothin’ leavin’
You ask what I think of all these rappers? It’s huntin’ season

Ne-Yo Addresses Divorce & Rocks Wedding Band As A “Pinky Ring” On Song With O.T. Genasis



Ne-Yo has recently made headlines about his separation from his wife, and the singer talks all about being a new man on “Pinky Ring.”

Days after Ne-Yo confirmed that the rumors regarding his pending divorce from wife Crystal Smith were indeed true, the Grammy Award-winning artist and producer has dropped a single inspired by his break-up. Ne-Yo called on Long Beach, Calif. rapper O.T. Genasis for “Pinky Ring,” a track where Ne-Yo expresses that he feels like a whole new man who now wears his wedding ring on a smaller finger.

“It’s slowly but surely becoming public knowledge that myself and my wife have decided to go ahead and get a divorce,” Ne-Yo recently shared on the Private Talk With Alexis Texas podcast. “It’s not a sad thing, it’s more of us realizing… Long story short, I’m never gonna talk bad about her. I’m not that person. There’s nothing bad to say about her. She’s a fantastic woman. She’s the mother of my children and she’s always gonna be that.” Let us know what you think of Ne-Yo’s “comeback.”

Quotable Lyrics

I’m so sick of love songs, I just caught the flu
Even when I don’t do no wrong, she think I do
So I’m about to turn this sh*t back into the truth


Eminem Talks Race & Culture On Royce Da 5’9’s Powerful “Perspective”

Heaven Studios

Heaven Studios

Eminem reflects on the importance of respecting black culture on Royce Da 5’9″s “Perspective.”

Though he didn’t exactly appear on The Allegory’s tracklist, Eminem has indeed contributed to Royce Da 5’9’s anticipated project. Rather than laying a verse, Em came through with a spoken-word reflection on race, hip-hop culture, and the powerful link connecting the two. Though it might be disappointing for those hoping for another new collaboration between Bad and Evil, “Perspective” packs plenty of thematic significance all the same.

“You’ve got people of all races coming together and tryna shape this from the ground up,” begins Em. “So now you got little white kids growin’ up with black idols and you got black kids growin’ up with white idols…nothing has brought more races and more people from all different walks of life together than hip-hop.” Addressing the importance black people had in shaping the direction of music as we know it, he admits that it’s easy to understand how their impact can get lost in the shuffle, especially during a time with mainstream equality was at a low-point.

“I don’t know how I’d grow up and not have a chip on my shoulder,” reflects Em. “On the other flip side of that coin we don’t get to choose our parents, we don’t get to choose what color we’re born, it’s more about- at that point it becomes “You’re born here, you are what color you are, what nationality you are and it’s what you do with it, right, to make a difference.” The skit is set to transition into “Tricked” with KXNG Crooked, so expect Royce to pick up where Em left off, thematically speaking. Do you think Nickle has a classic on his hands?

Dwyane Wade Drops A Verse On Rick Ross’s “Season Ticket Holder” Ft. Raphael Saadiq & UD

 2020 Epic Records

2020 Epic Records

Dwyane Wade takes a step into the rap game on Rick Ross’s latest single.

The list of professional athletes who have crossed over to the music game has one more name added to the list. Earlier this week, Dwyane Wade and Rick Ross announced that they collaborated on a single, and on Friday (February 21), they delivered their track. The song also features Raphael Saadiq and UD but Wade’s addition has seemed to have stolen away most of the attention. Now that the former Miami Heat icon has retired from the NBA, he has more time on his hands to explore other creative outlets.

I wanted to get on one song, one day,” Wade recently shared with the hosts of Good Morning America. “Rick Ross, who’s a good friend of mine, reached out to me and said, ‘D, let’s do a track for the city. So, my last year I filmed a song with Rick Ross called ‘Season Ticket Holder.'” Check out Dwyane Wade’s bars and let us know what you think of “Season Ticket Holder.”

Quotable Lyrics

I’m the son of a saint, still considered a sinner (Ha)
Three rings on his finger, yeah that boy was a winner (Winner)
Never known as a singer but this might be a single (Facts)
Always bet on your homies then go buy the casino (Ballin’)
Ball is my passion, check my stats if they askin’ (Uh)
Shawty checkin’ my page, she follow my fashion (I’m clean)

Omarion & T-Pain Form A Dynamic Duo On “Can You Hear Me”

Official Artist Artwork

Official Artist Artwork

Omarion stages his triumphant comeback with the T-Pain-assisted “Can You Hear Me?”

Let the nostalgia flow through your veins and seize control of your body altogether. Omarion and T-Pain have officially linked up, calling back to a pair of eras far removed from the sound of today. That’s not to say their collaboration sounds dated in the slightest – in many ways their new single “Can You Hear Me” feels like a natural progression for the two R&B veterans. Not only that, but the song also has the added benefit of being a comeback single for the once-mighty Omarion, who has recently seen his name making headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Musically, it’s hard not to see this one as a breath of fresh air. Taking to a bubbly instrumental fueled by the modern combo of 808s and “trap” hi-hats, Omarion allows himself room to flex like his glory days are only getting started. His confidence is only further emboldened by that of T-Pain, who thrives on tracks of this particular tempo; anyone familiar with the affable singer knows that his flow is nice, especially when he’s got the space to let it fly. Stream this one now, currently available in select international markets.


Royce Da 5’9″ returns with a 22-track project that pays homage to the roots of hip hop’s intellectual appeal.

Detroit rapper Royce Da 5’9″ is back with his highly-anticipated album The Allegory. The self-produced project is a Friday (February 21) delight and is a record that any lover of hip hop should take the time to enjoy in its entirety. Some have described the project as “dark,” but it is clear that Royce has taken the time to curate a sonic collection of conversations, intellect, and understanding of perspectives.

“This is the first album that has ever happened to me,” Royce said of The Allegory to Metro-Times, “After Book of Ryan, I didn’t have anything that I really just needed to say. I would come in here and watch TV, play around, it happened really organically.” He added that he felt as if he’d shared all he needed with his previous album, and while he could easily pen 16 bars, he wanted to go a different route.

“I hope that it starts a narrative and a conversation that it’s OK to be smart, it’s OK to be hip-hop,” he said. “It’s OK to have balance.” The Allegory hosts a number of features including Eminem, KXNG Crooked, Emanny, Cedric the entertainer, Ashley Sorrell, Grafh, Oswin Benjamin, DJ Premier, Westside Gunn, Kid Vishis, Conway the Machine, Benny the Butcher, Sy Ari Da Kid, White Gold, Cyhi The Prince, T.I.Vince Staples, and G Perico. Give it a spin and share your thoughts.


1. Mr. Grace (Intro)
2. Dope Man ft. Emanny & Cedric the Entertainer
3. I Don’t Age
4. Pendulum ft. Ashley Sorrell
5. I Play Forever ft. Grafh
6. Ice Cream (Interlude)
7. On the Block ft. Oswin Benjamin & DJ Premier
8. Generation is Broken
9. Overcomer ft. Westside Gunn
10. Ms. Grace
11. Thou Shall ft. Kid Vishis
12. Fubu ft. Conway the Machine
13. A Black Man’s Favorite Shoe (skit)
14. Upside Down ft. Ashley Sorrell & Benny the Butcher
15. Perspective (skit)
16. Tricked ft. KXNG Crooked
17. Black People in america
18. Black Savage ft. Sy Ari Da Kid, White Gold, Cyhi The Prynce, & T.I.
19. Rhinestone Doo Rag
20. Young World ft. Vince Staples & G Perico
21. My People Free ft. Ashley Sorrell
22. Hero ft. White Gold

Mack Maine discusses Lil Wayne’s unreleased songs with Young Thug & DaBaby that were initially meant for “Funeral.”

Lil Wayne‘s Funeralincluded collaborations with Young Thug and DaBaby, according to Mack Maine. The Young Money Republic president detailed Weezy’s collaboration process since the rapper doesn’t actually tune into what’s going out outside of Wayne’s world. But there was, in fact, a collaboration with two of hip-hop’s hottest artists right now: DaBaby and Young Thug.

Lil wayne mack maine collabs dababy young thug
Gerardo Mora/Getty Images

“We had one with DaBaby, but we had some clearance issues. They should still be collabing soon, whether it’s on Wayne or DaBaby’s next album,” Mack Maine told Complex. “DaBaby always gives Wayne his props in different interviews, saying how he influenced him coming up. And Wayne actually fucks with his flow too. So that was organic. And we had one with Thug. It’s a beast. Thug wanted to do something fresh because he did his vocals in 2017, so he felt like his vocals were a little too old.”

Wayne and Thug have obviously had their issues in the past. In the past year, Wayne’s daughter Reginae’s had to defend her father after Thugger said he didn’t think Wayne likes him, claiming that the Young Money founder is “spoiled.” That was last summer, though. Since then, Wayne revealed that there was a collab with Thugger meant to be on the project so things between them are apparently copacetic. Thug’s also continued to show Wayne love, per usual. However, Mack Maine insisted that this collaboration between Thug and Wayne will see the light of day soon. After all, it’s only a phone call away.

“Hopefully one day we could figure it out. I’ll figure it out, holler at Thug and his people, and figure out a way that it could still be heard. It’s a monster,” he said before explaining how they pick artists to collaborate with Wayne. “And that’s usually how it goes. That’s the feature selection. It’s not like we’re like, such-and-such got to be on this album. We don’t do nothing like that. Once we see what we have, we figure out how can we fine tune and who we can add. Who could actually be on the same part of the matrix that he’s in? That’s the important thing.”

Peep the full interview here. 

New York rapper Joey Bada$$ spits some freestyled bars following the death of Pop Smoke.

The city of New York — and specifically the borough of Brooklyn — are feeling the loss of Pop Smoke hard after celebrating the 20-year-old as one of their fast-rising talents, identifying within him and watching him steadily grow into one of the would-be breakout stars of the year. With a stellar debut for Meet The Woo 2clocking in the seventh spot on the Billboard 200 in its first week out, Pop Smoke was on pace for something special in 2020 and, following his murder, his New York contemporaries are reacting in their own ways. Nicki Minaj and 50 Cent suggested that they think jealousy had something to do with his death just hours after reading the initial reports, while Joey Bada$$ has officially reacted with some straight bars, as only he can.

Joey Badass Pop Smoke
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

One of the better lyricists in the new school of hip-hop, 25-year-old Joey Bada$$ uploaded a video to Instagram where he addresses the death of Pop Smoke, freestyling and noting that he was about to lay down the vocals in the booth.

“A lil something I wrote in light of all the fucked up shit goin on rn,” wrote Badmon in his caption, going off for over a minute with a very tight flow. Many people are saying in the comments that this brings back 1999 vibes.

The Pro Era member isn’t the only person to have teased a musical offering inspired by the life of Pop Smoke. Yesterday, Lil Tjay kicked off the tribute offerings by releasing his latest effort “Forever Pop.”

Maryland-via-North Carolina rapper YBN Cordae is getting ready to release new music following his first-ever Grammy Award nomination.

Grammy-nominated rapper YBN Cordae hasn’t released much new music since he dropped his debut studio album The Lost Boy but it’s looking like he’s been spending time inside the studio prepping his next release because he just asked fans if they’re ready for something fresh.

With a single musical appearance following the release of The Lost Boy on the Godfather of Harlem soundtrack, 22-year-old rapper YBN Cordae is making sure his fans are ready for what he’s got planned. Without sparing too many details about what’s up his sleeve, the Maryland-via-North Carolina artist teased the arrival of some new music, taking to Twitter to hype up his fans.

YBN Cordae new music
Roger Kisby/Getty Images

“Y’all want some new music?” asked the rising star, who was nominated for his first-ever Grammy Award at this year’s ceremony. As you would expect, his replies are filled with excited fans who have been waiting for this moment. The timing seems somewhat interesting, given the fact that most new music releases take place on Thursday nights when the clock hits midnight. Could we possibly be getting a new song from the lyricist as soon as tonight?

I’m pretty sure I already know the answer but are you guys down for some new YBN Cordae vibes?



Y’all want some new music ?

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שלום לכולם ,

בהמשך לפוסט הקודם של שנה שעברה : 2018 – A Year Summary

גם השנה היו לנו כמה אלבומים מעולים וטובים , היה לנו את טקס הSoul Train Awards השנה שכלל כמו תמיד אמני R&B\Soul חדשים וותיקים , מחווה לצמד המפיקים Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis שהפיקו להיטים בין היתר לSounds of Blackness עם השיר Optimistic שהם ביצעו במקור (שנה שעברה בוצע חידוש לשיר ע”י August Greene) .

מוזמנים לקרוא בקישור מטה :

Hello everyone ,

Further to last year’s previous post: 2018 – A Year Summary

This year we also had some great albums, we had this year’s Soul Train Awards ceremony which always included new and old R&B / Soul artists, a tribute to the pair of producers Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis who produced hits for Sounds of Blackness with the optimistic song they originally performed Last year, the song was renewed by August Greene).

Please read the link below:

BET’s Soul Train Awards 2019

צמד המפיקים היו בעבר חברים בהרכב הR&B שנקרא The Deele שם הם חברו לBabyface .

השנה שבה קניה החליט שישו הוא המלך ובעצם גרם ביחד עם המקהלה שלו Sunday Service Choir שבה הוא מתקרב לאלוהים וההערצה אליו .

A year That Kanye decided that Jesus is a King and together with The Sunday Service Choir in which he approached God and admired him.

Image result for sunday service choir

השנה שבה איבדנו את Nipsey Hussle שנרצח בלוס אנג’לס ב31.3.19 ע”י מתנקש בן 29 Eric Holder , למידע נוסף אודותיו :

A year we’ve lost an Hip-Hop Legend Nipsey Hussle who was murdered in Los Angeles on March 31, by 29-year-old assassin Eric Holder, to learn more about him:

Nipsey Hussle .

George Clinton שהביא לנו את הFunk השנה חוזר לסיבוב הופעות אחרון ולאחרונה האריך אותו .

George Clinton who brought us this year’s Funk returns to his last tour which recently he decided to extended it.

Image result for george clinton

אמן השנה שלי הוא ללא ספק Anderson Paak עם האלבום האחרון שלו Ventura עם אורחים כמו Smokey Robinson האגדי , Kendrick Lamar ועוד .

For me , This Year’s Artist is Anderson Paak. that brought us his last album , “Ventura” with featured guests such as Somkey Robinson , Kendrick Lamar , Lalah Hattaway among many others.

Image result for anderson paak

הרכב השנה שלי בR&B הם Free Nationals ואלבום הבכורה שלהם שיצא בשבועות האחרונים .

My Favorite R&B Group this year is Free Nationals and their debut album which was released in the past few weeks.

Image result for free nationals

Image result for free nationals

Tory Lanez הביא לנו באלבום האחרון Chixtape 5 מחווה לתקופת שנות ה2000 הראשונות בשת”פ עם אמנים כמו T-Pain , Snoop Dogg , Pharrell ,Jagged Edge ועוד .

Tory Lanez brings us an album tribute to the early 2000s in collaboration with artists like T-Pain, Snoop Dogg, Pharrell, Jagged Edge and more.

Image result for tory lanez chixtape 5

פרשיית R.Kelly שמסתבר שהולך להיות המשך לסדרה שיצאה השנה :
R.Kelly’s Case with a TV series sequel named :

Surviving R. Kelly

לראשונה מתרייאנות נשים אשר נפגעו מהזמר ואמנים אשר עבדו קלי התרייאנו לסדרה .

כתוצאה מהמועות על מקרי פדופיליה והתעללות בנשים , שיריו נאסרו לשמיעה וגם הדיסקוגרפיה שלו ירדה מSpotify .

הסבר קצר על הסדרה :

For the first time , women interviewed for the TV Series and tell their side of the stories, same women that were hurt by the singer and artists who’ve worked with Kelly we’re interviewed as well .

As a result of those allegations of pedophilia cases and abuse of women, His songs were banned for streaming and his discography also dropped from Spotify.

Here’s a brief explanation below:

This documentary series reveals young women emerging from the shadows and uniting their voices against singer R. Kelly. Celebrated as one of the greatest R&B singers of all time, R. Kelly’s career has been plagued with rumors of abuse, pedophilia, and predatory behaviour toward women. Now, survivors are stepping forward to detail new allegations about his physical, mental, and sexual abuse. More than 50 interviews with those who include civil rights activist Tarana Burke, musicians John Legend and Sparkle, talk show host Wendy Williams, and R. Kelly’s family members shed light on the singer’s controversial past.

עונה שנייה לסדרה אמורה לצאת בקרוב :

Season 2 for the TV series is coming soon …

The sequel to Surviving R. Kelly is coming very soon
Common הוציא השנה את האלבום “Let Love” שמבחינתי הוא אחד האלבום שבו באמת קומון מביא את עצמו לידי ביטוי לצד הספר שהוציא “Let Love Have The Last Word”
Common released this year the album “Let Love”, which is one of the albums he really expresses itself alongside the memoir he released as well , “Let Love Have The Last Word”
Image result for common let love have the last word
ביקורת שכתבתי על הספר : Common – Let Love Have The Last Word – Book Review
Here’s an album review I’ve wrote recently :
האזנה ישירה לאלבום :
Stream album now :

Let Love Album :

Good Morning Love – A Colors Show

Universal שחררו השנה אלבום של Marvin Gaye שנקרא – You’re The Man שהיה מתוכנן לצאת בשנת 1972 :

Universal released this year’s album by Marvin Gaye called – You’re The Man which was scheduled to be released in 1972:

Marvin Gaye - You're the Man.png

באלבום ניתן למצוא הפקות של Salaam Remi ורובו גם הופק בזמנו ע”י מרווין .

The album contains productions of Salaam Remi and most of it was produced by Marvin at that time.

כמו תמיד אנחנו רואים שהיפ הופ וג’ז משתלבים מעולה עם קצת חיזוק R&B\Soul רוברט גלאספר הוציא השנה יחד עם ההרכב שלו Robert Glasper Experiment את האלבום : Fuck Yo Feelings .

לקריאה על האלבום : Robert Glasper – Fuck You Feelings – Album Review

As always, we see that hip-hop and jazz combine perfectly with some R&B / Soul .

Robert Glasper released this year’s album, along with his band “Robert Glasper Experiment” , Fuck Yo Feelings.

To read about the album:Robert Glasper – Fuck You Feelings – Album Review

Image result for robert glasper fuck

BET Awards 2019

הטקס המשותף לפרסי ההיפ הופ והR&B הביא איתו אמנים חדשים ומפתיעים ובעיקר 3 הופעות שבלטו :
The joint ceremony for the Hip Hop and R&B Awards brought with it new and surprising artists and most notably 2 performances that stood out:

Cardi B & Offset In FIRE “Clout” & “Press” Performance At The BET Awards! | BET Awards 2019

Mustard, Migos – Pure Water (Live From BET Awards/2019)

YG, DJ Khaled & Marsha Ambrosius & John Legend Perform Tribute to Nipsey Hussle | BET Awards 2019

ובין היתר השנה הביאה לנו גם את השיר הזה :
This Year we’ve also had this track by Anderson Paak. & YBN Cordae :

YBN Cordae ft. Anderson .Paak: RNP

אז גם השנה אותו משפט מלווה אותי וחקוק אצלי במחשבות תמיד :

So this year too, same sentence accompanies me and always engraves in my thoughts :

From The Song By Sounds Of Blackness – Optimistic

“You Can Win , As Long As You Keep Your Head To The Sky, Be Optimistic”

וכך בעצם השנה האחרונה עברה עלינו ,שנת 2019 שהייתה גדושה בהמון מוזיקה טובה, אלבומים וחדשות .

מאחל לנו לשנה הקרובה שנה של מוזיקה עם אלבומים חדשים ומפתיעים , חדשות עדכניות יותר בעולם המוזיקה והבידור .

Soul Cypher מפתיע לשנה הקרובה , כמו כן גם Hip Hop Cypher .

2019 was very great for Hip-Hop\R&B Industry .

I’m Wishing us a new year of great music with new and surprising albums, more recent news in the world of music and entertainment.

Wishin’ us as well a surprising Soul Cypher for the coming year, and also an intersting Hip Hop Cypher.

2019 , You’ve Been Good To Us & Let’s Welcome 2020 & Wishin’ a Happy New Year !!!!


Image result for bye 2019 welcome 2020 hip hop

He’s so soulful , Reminds me of the young Stevie Wonder which he is influenced by him and  started to sing among other great and talented artists , a Grammy Winner . 

On his latest albums “Paul” & “Gumbo” within its live album version and earlier years , He’s been working with female R&B Singer JoJo , Jazmine Sullivan , YEBBA , Rapsody , Stevie Wonder , Busta Rhymes , BJ The Chicago Kid , The Hamiltones and more . 

Here’s PJ Morton .

Born as Paul Morton Jr. on March 29, 1981 ,  He’s a singer, songwriter and record producer. Since 2012, he has been one of the keyboardists, alongside Jesse Carmichael, for the pop rock band Maroon 5. Morton originally joined the band as a touring member in 2010 and became an official member in 2012 after Carmichael went on indefinite hiatus (he returned to the lineup in 2014).

Released his debut solo EP, Following My First Mind, in March 2012, through the record label Young Money. Adam Levine and James Valentine were featured on the lead single, “Heavy”. In May 2013, Morton released his first major-label debut album, New Orleans. In 2016, he released his mixtape Bounce & Soul Vol. 1 in March and the Sticking to My Guns EP in July. On April 14, 2017, Morton released his first self-released studio album Gumbo, earning Morton two Grammy Award nominations for Best R&B Album and Best R&B Song at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards

In April 2019, Morton said he would begin a project to restore the New Orleans home of jazz pioneer Buddy Bolden and create a museum and community space at the site. Bolden’s former home has been owned by his father’s church for more than a decade, and was sited for demolition by neglect.

He was born in New Orleans, Louisiana. His father is Canadian-born American gospel singer and Founder of the Full Gospel Baptist Fellowship, Bishop Paul S. Morton. His mother is Dr. Debra Brown Morton, pastor of Greater St. Stephen Full Gospel Baptist Church. He is married to Kortni Morton.

Morton graduated St. Augustine High School and majored in marketing at Morehouse College, graduating in 2003.

Morton was also noticed by AR Rahman, composer for Slumdog Millionaire, who asked Morton to contribute “Sajna” to the soundtrack and movie for the Vince Vaughn comedy Couples Retreat. Morton has also produced and written for musicians such as Jermaine Dupri, LL Cool J, Jagged Edge, Monica, India.Arie, gospel musicians Fred Hammond, Men of Standard, Brian Courtney Wilson, and Heather Headley. In 2009, he published a book entitled Why Can’t I Sing About Love?

More Information & References :PJ Morton 

Official Website :  PJ Morton

PJ Morton – Gumbo Unplugged (Live)

Awards and nominations

Grammy Awards
Year Nominee / work Award Result
2013 Payphone Best Pop Duo/Group Performance Nominated
Overexposed Best Pop Vocal Album Nominated
2014 “Only One” Best R&B Song Nominated
2016 Sugar Best Pop Duo/Group Performance Nominated
2018 Gumbo Best R&B Album Nominated
“First Began” Best R&B Song Nominated
2019 Best R&B Performance Nominated
Girls Like You Best Pop Duo/Group Performance Nominated
How Deep Is Your Love Best Traditional R&B Performance Won
Gumbo Unplugged Best R&B Album Nominated
2020 Say So Best R&B Song Won
“Built for Love” Best Traditional R&B Performance Nominated
Paul Best R&B Album Nominated

He Won this year’s Grammy awards for the Best R&B Album , Working with artists like The Game , Mac Miller R.I.P , Lalah Hattaway , Andre 3000 (OutKast) , The Legendary Motown Singer Smokey Robinson among many other great artists .

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Brandon Paak Anderson is a rapper, songwriter, record producer and multi-instrumentalist from Oxnard, California. He released his debut album, O.B.E. Vol. 1 in 2012, and went on to release Venice in 2014.

He later followed up with Malibu Album , in 2016, which received a nomination for Best Urban Contemporary Album at the Grammy Awards, followed by Oxnard, in 2018 and Ventura, in 2019. At the 61st Grammy Awards, Paak won his first Grammy award for Best Rap Performance with the song “Bubblin”. He again won a Grammy Award in 2020 for “Best R&B Album” with Ventura.

Apart from his solo career, Anderson is also one-half of NxWorries, alongside record producer Knxwledge. He is frequently accompanied by the band The Free Nationals, who play a variety of instruments such as electric guitar, bass, piano, keyboards and drums and also serve as backing vocalists.

Paak was born in Oxnard, California on February 8, 1986. His father is African-American and his mother is of mixed Korean and African-American background. Anderson’s mother was born in South Korea during the Korean War to an American soldier and a Korean woman. She was initially raised by her Korean grandparents, before being placed in an orphanage and then later adopted by an American family who lived in Los Angeles.

At the age of seven, Paak witnessed his estranged father attack his mother: “My little sister and I went out front and my pops was on top of my mom. There was blood in the street. He was arrested and that was the last time I saw him. I think he did 14 years.”

The Weeknd Delivers Haunting Single “After Hours” & Announces Release Date



The Weeknd is back with his title track and third single from his upcoming project “After Hours.”

It’s clear that The Weeknd is serious about the rollout of his next project. The Canadian crooner has shared that his forthcoming project, After Hours, will be released on March 20, and on Tuesday (February 18), Abel shared the title track. The six-minute single was reportedly produced by The WeekndMario Winans, DaHeala, and Illangelo, and it seems that The Weeknd has conceptually crafted a project with a sonic vision that’s unfolding much like that of a movie soundtrack.

“After Hours” is the third single that The Weeknd has released from After Hours as the singer has previously shared “Heartless” and “Blinding Lights.” The Weeknd teased the tracklist earlier today by revealing where each of his three single stands on the mysterious list, so you can check that out by swiping through his Instagram post below. Give “After Hours” a spin and let us know if you’re looking forward to the album.


Quotable Lyrics

My darkest hours
Fell apart from a lonely time in this quiet room
Didn’t curve on the floor, distract my thoughts from you
I don’t intend to be the man I used to be, to be
But my self-esteem
Dressed so I can get closer to you inside my dream
Didn’t wanna wake up with you beside me
I just wanted to call you the same, the same


Aloe Blacc Prepares For Wedding Season With Heartfelt Single “I Do”



Aloe Blacc gets us ready for his upcoming album under BMG with a new single about saying those two magic words to the one you love.

SoCal-bred rap singer Aloe Blacc had a handful of good looks on the music front last year, including a track with J.I.D. for the Hobbs & Shaw soundtrack in addition to a posthumous single alongside the late Avicii. Now, the “I Need a Dollar” musician is preparing for a new deal and album under BMG with a single titled “I Do” that does a good job at tugging hard on your heartstrings.

Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

With “I Do,” Blacc uses his relationship with wife and fellow musician Maya Jupiter as the main source of inspiration. Based off the song title alone, it’s clear that he’s talking from the perspective of a person getting ready to walk down the aisle on their wedding day throughout the three-and-a-half minute track. However, lovers on all levels of a relationship, whether it be the honeymoon phase or those celebrating 25 years or more of marriage, can definitely find this song relatable and ultimately appreciate what Aloe is trying to get across emotionally. Also, he’s spitting some beautiful bars to borrow from for those trying to find the right words to tell someone how they really feel.

Listen to “I Do” by Aloe Blacc below, in addition to the song’s accompanying music video:

Quotable Lyrics:

Oh, I lived a whole life
Thinking I knew how my
Heart could handle love
A love I thought I knew
Everything before us
Was stretching out my heart
Just so it could be big enough to beat for two


Juelz Santana Releases “23 & 1” With A Special Message From Meek Mill

Via YouTube

Via YouTube

Juelz Santana’s currently behind bars for a gun charge but he’s already unleashing new music before he returns home.

Juelz Santana might be locked up but he didn’t prepare for his stretch in the feds without recording new music. The rapper dropped off his latest single, “23 & 1,” his first single since beginning his stint. Juelz Santana details the bleak reality of being behind bars with an expansive scope. Juelz gets vulnerable in the first part of the song even detailing conversations with his son. “My oldest son hit me like ‘Hold your head’/ Said I’m praying for you Dad, wish I could hold ya hand/ Brought tears to the eyes of a grown man/ Then he said, ‘Don’t cry, this is God’s plan,” Juelz raps.

This song clearly takes inspiration from Meek Mill in a few ways. Aside from the fact he declares “Meek will be home soon,” an indication of when this song was recorded, the song’s structure takes from the “Dreams & Nightmares Intro.” Of course, to end it off, Meek chimes in with a message of his own on behalf of Juelz. “Free my n***a Juelz, real dripper. I was in a jail call. He was in jail. 23 & 1. I told him, ‘hold ya head, n***a.’ He be back soon.”

Peep the song below and keep your eyes peeled for the #FreeSantana mixtape.

Quotable Lyrics
Gotta be mindful of everyone in sight now
N***as ain’t rats, they mice now
They snitchin’, ain’t even get a charge yet
You won’t even know they had police contact
And I ain’t need nothin’ but what n***as owe me
But true colors, that’s what you n***as show me


Thundercat Desperately Tries To Impress A Girl With His “Dragonball Durag”



The second single from his forthcoming LP, “It Is What It Is”.

Thundercat is the king of ridiculous song concepts. On “Black Qualls“, the first single from his forthcoming LP, he sings about how he just bought a really nice crib and feels an urge to flex on social media, but is too paranoid about being robbed. Now, we have the second single from It Is What It Is and Thundercat is expressing similar worries.

“Dragonball Durag” documents the celebrated bassist’s desperate attempts to impress his girl with his headwear. Once again, he parodies the common braggadocio of rap songs, trying to appear hard while repeatedly exposing his own insecurities. “I may be covered in cat hair, but I still smell good,” he bargains. He boasts that he has a “new whip”, only to shatter the charm of that statement by saying “watch me go zoom zoom” like an infant. “The durag is a superpower, to turn your swag on,” Thundercat explained in a press release. “It does something, it changes you. If you have one in the wardrobe, think about wearing it tonight, and it may pop off because you never know what’s going to happen.”

Lyrics aside, “Dragonball Durag” is another groovy and highly-enjoyable listen to add into Thundercat and Flying Lotus‘ deep catalog of collaborations. It Is What It Is arrives on April 3 via Brainfeeder.

Quotable Lyrics

You don’t have to like my video games or my comic books
Baby girl, how do I look in my durag?
Did I tie it right?
Did you wear that dress just for me?

Kehlani Gets Real With “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” Drop



Kehlani makes a surprise drop.

This weekend, Kehlani and YG released their joint “Konclusions” track weeks after the couple reportedly called it quits, raising a few eyebrows in the process. It especially seemed pretty peculiarly that neither party had a hand in promoting the newly-minted release either.

Early Monday morning, however, Kehlani dropped off a more plausible residual from the failed relationship as she delivered on her “Valentine’s Day (Shameful)” track, a loose drop hosted exclusively on her SoundCloud page for the time being. On it, Kehlani addresses an unnamed ex, dropping intimate details such as her role in helping them overcome addiction and their use of a relationship with her for “status and recognition.”

Take a listen below.

Quotable Lyrics

The immature me hopes the world sees just who you are
A facade only gets you so far
And I’m bigger than you
So I can’t meet you where you are

Conway Demolishes Young Thug Beat On “Hot (Freestyle)”

Shady Records/Def Jam/Griselda Records

Shady Records/Def Jam/Griselda Records

Conway proves why he’s The Machine on the new “Hot (Freestyle).”

Today (Feb. 16) is Conway’s born day and what better way to celebrate it than with some new music? The Buffalo-bred emcee released a two-pack of one-off singles in celebration of his birthday in “Fredo Joint” and “Hot (Freestyle). Recently Grisdela Records has been on a tear, releasing a constant stream of music between all parties involved with the movement. In the month of Feb. alone, Conway The Machine has released a plethora of new content including a “Yikes” freestyle, another freestyle entitled “Sign Language,” and a Grafh collaboration called “Pray.”Conway easily dissected Young Thug‘s “Hot” instrumental as he speaks on the recent release of one of his associates from prison, his come up in the industry, and his newly-acquired material possessions. Conway’s braggadocious approach to the beat is proof that the New York rapper truly enjoys his ability to make timeless music thus adding to Westside Gunn’s argument that Griselda has the greatest catalog in music in hip-hop history.

With the entire Griselda camp headed on the road this year on their What Would Chine Gun Do? Tour, the up-and-coming hip-hop collective will have the opportunity to become household names within the industry.

Listen to Conway’s “Hot (Freestyle)” in the streaming link provided below.

Quotable Lyrics

Who the richest in the city?
Got this whole sh*t litty (Yeah)
My young n*gga caught him a case for a blicky
Been in jail all his twenties
He just came home, he on parole
He still riding with his pole
That n*gga out of control
He just pull up on the low
He gon lift up your soul

Syleena Johnson, who previously worked with R. Kelly, doesn’t think the sexual abuse allegations should weigh on the legacy of his music.

Syleena Johnson doesn’t think the allegations of sexual abuse should weigh on anyone’s opinion of his music. The two have work on music in the past with Kellz penning and producing songs like “Guess What” and “I Am Your Woman” for Johnson in the early stages of her career. She explained how the numerous charges against him, such as sexual abuse, sex trafficking, and bribery, had nothing to do with the numerous hits his name is attached to.

“I don’t think people should find themselves responsible for his actions because they love his music,” she said, per PageSix. “During that time when you heard that music, you were in a pure place where you received something lyrically that inspired and motivated you. Hold on to that. That’s not your fault that he created this … So if we can’t listen to his music, [then] we can’t watch another Harvey Weinstein movie. We can’t watch none of Bill Cosby’s shows.”

Sure but at the same time, R. Kelly did refer to himself as the Pied Piper, the main character in a fairy tale that oddly parallels to the sexual abuse allegations. However, Johnson, who’s promoting her new album WOMAN, said that at the end of the day, the public’s judgment doesn’t hold any weight in the grand scheme of things.

“God created these people. They are still created by the Lord. He also designed them to put those good things in the world. Whether they are attached to these terrible things … that’s not our responsibility,” she said.

In a few days, Whitney Houston will be taking the stage like never before — as a hologram.

Ever since a 2Pac Shakur hologram graced the stage to perform at Coachella in 2012, many have speculated that a rise of digital-age posthumous tours was all but inevitable. It would appear that reality has landed on our doorstop. Should they be so inclined, fans of Whitney Houston can catch her performing onstage during a slew of European tour dates– albeit as a hologram. In order to fully build on the no-doubt surreal experience, immersion is set to be intensified by the presence of a live backing band and accompanying dancers.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Speaking on the decision to embark on such an ambitious tour, sister-in-law Pat Houston declared it to be “the right time” to bring the vision to life. And thus, “An Evening With Whitney: The Whitney Houston Hologram Tour,” was born. Apparently, the hologram was created using hours of motion-capture via body double, with CEO of BASE Hologram Marty Tudor likening the process to that of Carrie Fisher’s Rise Of Skywalker scenes. “It’s lengthy, it’s tedious, it’s a big, complicated process, but I think it worked.”

Should you be interested in catching the concert, which will find Houston’s digital avatar performing a slew of her classic hits, the first show is set to kick off on February 25th in England. From there, it will continue in Europe until April, with North American dates reportedly set to follow. As Pat Houston tells it, the entire experience of bringing this one to life has been an emotional roller coaster. “I get very emotional watching this, because it is so, so close to what she wanted,” she explained. “The only thing missing is her, physically.”


Prayers have been answered.

Snoh Aalegra is one of the most angelic voices gracing R&B at the moment. I’m sure the Swedish-Iranian singer was on many people’s wishlist of artists to appear on NPR Tiny Desk and that dream has now become a reality. Her songs conjure the kind of intimate atmosphere that would obviously translate well to the series’ stripped-back performances.

Snoh Aalegra NPR Tiny Desk concert Theo Wargo/Getty Images

Watching her perform her velvety tracks, her singing appears just as effortless as it sounds. Her Tiny Desk setlist mostly consisted of cuts from her 2019 sophomore album, – Ugh, those feels again, which propelled her closer to stardom and earned her Swedish Grammy nominations. From that project, she performed “Love Like That”, “I Want You Around”, “Find Someone Like You” and “Woah”, which received a remixing by Pharrell last week. She dove further back into her catalog for “Fool For You” from her 2017 debut. This song attracted much love through her appearance on the “COLORS” web series.

Snoh Aalegra remains a favorite on our R&B-centric Spotify playlist, “R&B Season”, which is updated weekly with new releases and throwbacks that fit the calming vibe. You can listen and subscribe to that here.


  • “Love Like That”
  • “I Want You Around”
  • “Whoa”
  • “Fool For You”
  • “Find Someone Like You”

The Weeknd shares the “After Hours” album cover and announces that its title track will arrive later tonight.

After leaving his fans under the impression that his next album would be titled “Chapter VI” for some time, The Weeknd revealed last week that we actually have After Hours on the way. Regardless of what the project may be called, people were still left itching for a release date. There was speculation that it would drop shortly after that announcement to coincide with the Toronto crooner’s birthday on February 16. Well, it’s now the 18th and the album is still M.I.A. and its release window remains a mystery.

The Weeknd After Hours album coverKevin Winter/Getty Images

We now have more reason to believe that After Hours is not too far away. The Weeknd just shared its cover art, which tends to be one of the final stages of a rollout. The cover is a headshot of the character that Abel has been embodying for the project’s promo so far, all bloodied as he has appeared in the manic music videos for its first two singles, “Heartless” and “Blinding Lights”. This reveal comes along with some more info: “Heartless” will serve as Track 7 and “Blinding Lights” will serve as Track 9. The total length of the tracklist is still unknown.

We will also be getting Track 13 of After Hours tonight, which will be the album’s title track. We don’t know whether it will be a midnight release or earlier, but stay tuned. After Hours is on the horizon. What do you think of the cover?

 Kevin Mazur Archive/WireImage/Getty Images

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s unparalleled chemistry with both 2Pac and Biggie resulted in two of the greatest tracks of all time.

Not many artists can say they have a song with both 2Pac and the Notorious B.I.G in their repertoire. The legendary Method Man had the honor of dropping “The What” with Biggie off Ready To Die, as well as “Got My Mind Made Up” off 2Pac’s All Eyez On Me. Buju Banton provided vocals on one of Pac and Big’s rare collaborations “Runnin’ (From The Police). Yet for many hip-hop fans, Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s respective sessions with Pac and Biggie led to two of the greatest collaborations the culture has ever seen: “Thug Luv” and “Notorious Thugs.”

2Pac and Bone’s “Thug Luv,” which was recorded prior to Pac’s passing in 1996, was released as part of the classic The Art Of War. Released on July 29th, 1997, Bone’s first double album became an instant commercial success; by the following year, it was already certified quadruple platinum — four million copies. Though the project houses many enduring records, “Thug Luv” stands out as a lightning rod, the quintessential blend between horrorcore and unflinching gangsta rap. Sparking off with an electrical hum evocative of Frankenstein’s laboratory, DJ U-Neek’s eerie instrumental is reminiscent of vintage horror flicks from the seventies and eighties. A tense synthesizer loop provides the basis, an ominous piano triplet alluding to the unknown. In the background, Bizzy Bone’s hellish chants of “POP POP run with us, Pac and Rip with Thug Luv” strike a disorienting chord, lost beneath the intensity of Pac’s brazen shit-talking; you can almost picture him in the booth with two shotguns drawn, the inspiration for the gunfire-based percussion.

Ron Galella, Ltd./Ron Galella Collection

Though Bone and Pac seemed destined to clash over a misunderstanding gone awry, they eventually found mutual respect for one another upon crossing paths in Cleveland. Said respect eventually led to Pac and Bizzy Bone hitting the studio with LA rapper Sylk-E-Fyne, where they laid down an original version of “Thug Luv.” Interested parties can actually check out that version below, featuring a stripped-down version of the instrumental, an additional verse from Bizzy Bone, and Sylk-E-Fyne rapping in place of Krayzie, Layzie, and Wish. It’s not entirely clear as to why the group decided to replace Sylk and revisit the track for their sophomore release, but given “Thug Luv’s” undeniable quality it’s easy to formulate a theory.

In its current iteration, the one that served as track two of Art Of War’s second disc, U-Neek’s instrumental revisions enhance the preexisting sense of menace. Violence permeates “Thug Luv,” and Bizzy himself plays a pivotal role in magnifying the track’s unsettling qualities. His opening verse is frantic yet graceful in its delivery, his opening biblical imagery poetic in its juxtaposition against murderous threats. Perhaps emboldened by the 2Pac’s presence, Bizzy lets fly one of the best verses of his career — one that can stand alongside any rapper’s finest work. Everything from his chilling cadence to his impeccable melodic navigation serve in elevating “Thug Luv” from a thriller to a full-scale horror flick. And that’s all before Pac himself bursts in, his baritone threats clearing the room before any gun need be drawn.

Likely recorded around the time he was working on All Eyez On Me, Pac’s thug persona was at an all-time high. Musically, songs like “Ambitionz Az A Ridah” and “No More Pain” spoke to his gravitation toward the darkness; not to mention ongoing feuds with Biggie Smalls and nihilistic warnings like “Hail Mary” and “Troublesome 96” all but foretelling his tragic fate. On “Thug Luv,” all his sneering arrogance spilled into the mic, cementing him as hip-hop’s ground-level boogeyman figure; not only would he rain death upon his enemies but he would laugh while doing so. A stark contrast to Bizzy’s rapid-fire flow, Pac opts for a more methodical delivery, choosing his words carefully and letting the gravity behind them resonate. Pac’s cadential mastery comes alive as he stretches his syllables, drawing from personal experience as he pens reflections on crime and punishment. “I’ll probably be punished for hard living, blind to the facts, thugs is convicts in God’s prison, hands on the strap,” he raps, in his opening bars. “Praying so Father please forgive me, police be rushing when they see me, I flaunt it — America’s Most Wanted, live on T.V.”

LISTEN: Bone Thugs-N-Harmony ft. 2Pac – Thug Luv

2Pac Shakur Bone Thugs

Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Where “Thug Luv” is the pre-war battlecry, “Notorious Thugs” is the post-massacre reflection. Dead bodies litter the floor as a grand piano is ushered in. Recorded at some point between 1995 and 1997, the Notorious B.I.G’s double album Life After Death saw Bone Thugs-N-Harmony once again setting disc-two ablaze. In many ways, the sprawling and dreamlike epic that is “Notorious Thugs” draws many parallels with its darker counterpart. Each song begins with a chant of sorts, both centering around the respective names of Pac and Biggie. Each song features the presence of piano, albeit used to different effects. Where “Thug Luv” utilized the keys to drive tension, “Notorious Thugs” uses them to soothe. It’s over a minute before Big actually starts rapping, giving the hypnotic refrain of “it’s Bone and Biggie Biggie” room to sink into your subconscious.

During the recording sessions for Art Of War, Puff Daddy reached out to Bone Thugs with an invitation to record — as specifically requested by Big himself. Honored by the request, Bone hit the studio only to find an assortment of various liquors and an abundance of marijuana. Before long, they succumbed to the sweet call of studio inebriation to the point where Big was left prodding their unconscious bodies. Luckily, the Thugs were able to rally and hit the booth as intended — you can actually hear Krayzie reflecting on the hilarious experience right here. He explains that Big wasn’t feeling laying a verse then and there, instead opting to bring the instrumental back to his pad and continue his writing there. When he returned to lay down his verse, “Notorious Thugs” transformed from a regal posse cut to a genre-defining anthem.

Serving as a snapshot on his career, Big’s reflection arrives by way of razor-focused flow. Allusions are made to his beef with “you know who,” to his relationships with several female artists. His complicated history with the Wu-Tang Clan is addressed by way of homage. Dominance is asserted through classic East Coast mafioso imagery. His inclination to share wisdom as famously seen on “Ten Crack Commandments” shines through as he warns of the perils of inexperience. For those who value technical prowess, look no further than Big’s transition from two different schemes, rapping “Then I blew like nigga move like Mike, shit, not to be fucked with, motherfucker better duck quick, cause me and my dogs love to buck shit, fuck the luck shit — strictly aim, No aspirations to quit the game.”

Notorious B.I.G. Bone Thugs

Raymond Boyd/Getty Images

Though Biggie’s verse remains the most impactful — fair, given that the song stemmed from his album — Bizzy, Krayzie, and Layzie kept pace with the late legend. With each member bringing their own unique personality into the fold, it’s hard to say which Bone Thug emerged with the standout verse. Bizzy’s frantic delivery brings no shortage of highlight quotables, while Krayzie’s restrained performance gives his harmonies room to land the most effectively. Tasked with closing the six-minute-plus epic on an elevated note, Layzie Bone opts to channel the macabre energy of one Stephen King, planting a melodic refrain Redrum on anyone looking to contest. Together they combined to live up to their namesake, and it’s no wonder an artist of the Notorious B.I.G’s caliber was eagerly seeking them out to collaborate.

Over twenty years removed from the release of “Thug Luv” and “Notorious Thugs,” they endure. Each member of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony should be proud of what they contributed to the game — not only as a collective, but as respected collaborators to a pair of hip-hop’s most celebrated figures. Only a handful can say they worked with both 2Pac and Biggie. Not only did Bone Thugs do exactly that, but they also happened to give us two of the hardest-hitting anthems of all time, keeping pace with artists often deemed GOAT-tier. And with that in mind, what does that say about Bone Thugs?

LISTEN: Notorious B.I.G. ft. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – Notorious Thugs

Eminem’s new album “Music To Be Murdered By” is the first album of the decade to achieve a gold certification.

Eminem‘s Music To Be Murdered By, marketed as a soundtrack to be enjoyed while “being done in,” has clearly served its purpose. Despite only having been released for about a month, Em’s eleventh studio album has yielded him another gold certification for his already expansive collection. The accomplishment was celebrated by his rhyming partner Royce Da 5’9″, with whom he worked intimately on songs like “You Gon Learn,” “Darkness,” “Yah Yah,” and “I Will.” Taking to Instagram, Royce allowed a single emoji to symbolize the global scope of Em’s reach.

Eminem Music To Be Murdered By Gold

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

For that keeping score, it also serves as a cool milestone for Slim — Music To Be Murdered By is officially the first record of the new decade to achieve gold certification. Given that the Juice WRLD-assisted “Godzilla” is already tapped to be the album’s next single, it wouldn’t be surprising to see this one hit platinum before long. As of now, every other Eminem album has gone platinum except for Revival, which has seemingly plateaued at gold, and his cult classic debut Infinite. 

Congratulations to Eminem, and much respect to Royce for showing support. Look for his own new album The Allegory to hit this Friday, and keep an eye out for Em’s upcoming “Godzilla” video to drop in the imminent future. Are you still bumping Music To Be Murdered By?

Shaq drops new freestyle in honor of his brother and former Los Angeles Lakers teammate, Kobe Bryant.

NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal, like the rest of the basketball world, is still coming to grips with the tragic death of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant. In the weeks since Kobe’s passing, Shaq has tried to help himself, and others, cope by speaking candidly about his big brother-little brother relationship with Bryantleading a roaring “KOBE” chant outside of Staples Center, and hosting his most memorable Super Bowl “Fun House” event in honor of all the crash victims.

As a further tribute to the Black Mamba, Shaq recently hopped in the booth for a freestyle, during which he compared the dominant duo to Puffy and Biggie, or Snoop and Dr. Dre.

“Fuck the beef man, i’m just being real with ya. Kobe Bryant rest in power, man I fuckin miss ya. I hate watchin’ these ballers they little soft suckas, wish you was still playin, dunkin on these mothafuckas.”

“Who realer than me? Realer than he? You can say Magic and Kareem or Mike and Scottie P, we was like Puff and B.I.G. We was like Snoop and D.R.E, you can’t say Kob without sayin me.”

Check out the full track in the tweet embedded below.



We got the exclusive Kobe Bryant Tribute freestyle by Shaq

Embedded video

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While speaking with co-hosts Ernie Johnson, Kenny Smith, Charles Barkley and Dwyane Wade in the aftermath of Bryant’s passing, Shaq attempted to put into words just how much pain he is experiencing.

“I haven’t felt a pain that sharp in a while. Forty-seven-years-old… lost two grandmothers, lost a sarge, lost my sister, and now I lost a little brother. Our names will be attached together for what we did. People always ask about our relationship and I tell them it’s just like me and Charles [Barkley]. You got two strong-minded people that are gonna get it done their way, gonna say certain things. The respect will never be lost. But when it comes to being inside the lines and winning, that’s what me and him, that’s what we did.”

Shaq, Kobe Bryant

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Charlie Wilson’s “Forever Valentine” video is right on time.

For decades Charlie Wilson has been providing multiple generations with the soundtracks to their lives and now, he’s finally released the visuals to his latest single, “Forever Valentine.” Just in time for the lovers’ holiday, the song, co-written and coproduce by Bruno Mars, is a genuine celebration of love in its purest form. “Forever Valentine” marks the first musical release for Uncle Charlie since the release of his eighth studio album In It To Win It in 2017.

The visuals for “Forever Valentine,” directed by Easton West, detail the wedding day of a couple preparing to spend the remainder of lives together. Throughout the video, viewers get an insight into the love lives of couples young and old who just so happen to be guests at the newlyweds wedding while Charlie Murphy himself takes on the role of the ceremony’s pastor and wedding reception performer.

Sonically, “Forever Valentine” is a theme song that will be recognized for years to come as the subject matter is perfect for any celebration or family gathering. Charlie Murphy’s legendary vocal cadence that helped The Gap Band become a household name graciously glides over the perfectly-mixed live instrumentation. The “Early In The Morning” singer recently spoke with Billboard about working with Bruno Mars stating:

“We talked about the song’s vibe for a while, put a chorus down and then didn’t see each other for a while. Then we ended up on the road together (both performed at London’s Hyde Park Festival in 2018; Wilson also played select dates on the final leg of Mars’s 24K Magic World Tour later that year). We’d sing every day at lunch as we further hashed out the song.”

Check out the beautiful visuals to Charlie Wilson’s “Forever Valentine” in the video provided above.

Knxwledge Shares “Learn / Howtokope.” Off Upcoming “1988” Album

Stones Throw

Stones Throw

Knxwledge drops a double play of singles in the form of “learn” and “howtokope.” set to appear on his new album via Stones Throw.

After dropping off the soulful cut “Do You” last month, Knxwledge follows up with not just two new singles off his upcoming project but he also decided to share the official title for the LP as well.

As promised, the Los Angeles-based producer will drop his new album, 1988, at the top of Spring 2020. The title suggests the project will include a slew of throwback jams and samples from the golden era of R&B, and by the sound of “learn” and “howtokope.” we can definitely understand the direction he’s going in. Both tracks are strictly instrumental, with the latter sampling vocals that can be considered more along the lines of hymns rather than actual lyrics. With the lovers of today celebrating Valentine’s Day, these smooth and seductive beats will definitely get anyone in the mood for some relaxation with that significant other. Shoutout to the homie for setting up the right vibes for tonight!

Listen to “learn” and “howtokope.” below by Knxwledge, and check for the album 1988 to drop on March 27, 2020 via Stones Throw. Let us know what you think of this double play down below in the comments section:


Future & Drake’s “Life Is Good” Gets Remixed By DaBaby & Lil Baby

Epic Records

Epic Records

Drake’s bars were axed to give room for lengthy verses by Future, DaBaby, and Lil Baby where they often got personal with their lyrics.

Two rapping “Babies” have shown up to put their twist on Future and Drake‘s collaborative hit. Fans are aware that What a Time to Be Alive 2 will arrive sometime in 2020, but when the Atlanta rapper and OVO giant delivered “Life is Good,” it solidified that part two of their album series was coming sooner than later.

While we wait, DaBaby and Lil Baby were added to the remix of “Life is Good” where Future raps over Drake’s portion at the beginning of the song. With Drake’s verse gone, it gives room for the three remaining rappers to deliver lengthy verses. Future may have stirred the pot a little when he seemed to make reference to his relationship with Lori Harvey. “Who causin’ a racket in Jamaica on the weekend?” Future rapped, possibly referring to the recent Jamaican birthday vacation he threw for Lori.

Cop a ticket on vacation, I ripped up the receipt / And she call me daddy ’cause my money long like Stevie,” he continued. Lori’s “daddy” is Steve Harvey. DaBaby also drops bars about his legal troubles and trying to keep things together for a good life, so give the remix a few spins and let us know your thoughts.

Quotable Lyrics

I got fools tryna sue up in Boston
I got dudes tryna sue down in Florida
I got hoes in L.A., got a new boo from Georgia
A milly, saved up to give to my daughter
Over one hundred k, the true feelin’, my lawyer (Let’s go)

 Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Coachella

Kendrick Lamar crafted one of the most personal and interpretable songs in recent memory with the appropriately titled “LOVE.”

Love has been one of, if not the, most inspirational themes in art history. Painters have spent painstaking hours rendering the details of their muses. Authors have penned tales and tomes on the great mysteries of romance. Musicians have spilled their emotions on wax, sometimes melodramatic but often sincere. It’s a force that drives creativity — even if said creativity stems from the absence of love. Hip-hop is no exception. Countless rappers allowed themselves to get sensitive about a special someone, even if it meant breaking a pre-established character.

Shaolin lyricist Method Man channeled Romeo energy on “I’ll Be There For You.” 50 Cent deviated from the gangsta-rap playbook on “21 Questions.” Drake and his ability to find love in a one night stand formed the basis of many classic tracks. Ja Rule set the early millennium ablaze with his declaration that every thug needs a lady. Fabolous removed his punchline crown and placed it ever so gently on the floor. LL Cool J went from asking mama to knock you out to asking mama for her daughter’s hand in marriage. Eminem took a step back from murdering his ex-wife to reflecting on their complicated relationship. It’s almost fair to say that every rapper has explored the love song in one way or another — not to be confused with the lust song, a far more popular topic.

Though getting romantic might be unfamiliar territory, it’s not uncommon to see a given rapper staying within their stylistic comfort zone when doing so. That’s not to say the act of rapping is inherently less romantic than that of singing — it’s simply an observation that many emcees prefer to stick to the script, keeping their flow and cadence relatively familiar. Still, it’s hard to deny that some approaches can be more effective than others. Double-time flow over a hard-hitting drill beat might send the wrong message. In that sense, the music is as important as the lyrics. For Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. standout “LOVE,” arguably one of the greatest modern love songs in recent memory, the instrumental plays a pivotal role in setting the table.

Kendrick Lamar Whitney Alford LOVE

Johnny Nunez/Getty Images 

Off the top, Sounwave and Teddy Walton’s production choice brings a distinct quality. The song alternates between the chords of F major and B flat major, a I to IV transition not often seen in hip-hop songwriting. For some context, a musical key is reliant on the relationship between seven chords, made up of tonal chord qualities. Often depicted in Roman numerals, the I, IV, and V are generally major; conversely, ii, iii, and vi are minor. In the most basic form, major is HAPPY and minor is SAD. While a I-vi progression might begin on a high note only to plummet into melancholy, a I-IV sits comfortably in positive territory. Though it doesn’t necessarily come to a decisive resolution, the wandering quality of the progression serves to enhance Kendrick’s detached whimsy. Enhancing the soundscape is the chosen synthesizer, atmospheric bordering on cloud-rap; the whole package is reminiscent of a high-school dance in the mid-eighties.

As he tends to do, Kendrick uses his voice as an additional instrument to build on the existing harmony. Contrasted against Zacari’s soaring falsetto, Kendrick’s unconventional cadence is endearing in its sincerity. He’s not looking to impress but rather to express. Many have correctly deduced that “LOVE” is a dedication to his wife, who he once described as his best friend. Rather than turning their story into an elaborately penned story, Kendrick instead relies on the narrative tools of ambiguity and inference. The end result is not entirely different from an inside joke, in which the meaning will hold a different meaning to the intended recipient. For the rest of us, it might be tempting to write his lyrics off as simple. Yet here the simplicity works in the song’s favor on a deeper thematic level. Where Kendrick is generally a layered writer, packing his bars with meaning and subtext, “LOVE” finds him reverting to the childhood stages. Anchoring his wistful verse around the recurring line “I’m on the way,” Kendrick lays out a series of personal snapshots in a fragmented stream of consciousness style. There are no larger than life declarations but rather small slices of life. “Remember Gardena, I took the studio camera, I know Top will be mad at me,” he raps, directly drawing on his partner’s nostalgia while indirectly sparking our own — those who have experienced similar moments will likely make their own connections accordingly.

So on this day ostensibly designed to celebrate romance, why not throw on Kendrick Lamar’s “LOVE” and see where it takes you? And if you still find yourself unmoved, there’s always plan B.

Interview: JoJo Hailey On Recording 'How Do You Want It' With 2Pac & 'Special' Solo Venture


JoJo Hailey’s contributions to R&B are permanently etched in music history thanks to his inimitable work with Jodeci and K-Ci & JoJo throughout the 1990s. Collectively, they’ve sold millions of albums worldwide and songs such as K-Ci & JoJo’s “All My Life” and Jodeci’s “Come & Talk To Me” are bona fide R&B staples.

Over the years, JoJo has stepped in and out of the music industry multiple times as he navigated life but each time he returned, he emerged a better version of himself.

Now, the R&B legend is taking the solo route for the first time in his illustrious career. His new single, “Special,” arrived on Valentine’s Day (February 14) and illustrates what kind of place he’s in today — sober, married, doting father and one-half of JT Entertainment, the record label he runs with his wife Tashaunda Hailey.

During a recent interview with HipHopDX, JoJo opened up about addiction, collaborating with 2Pac on “How Do You Want It” and his forthcoming solo album JoJo Family & Friends. 

HipHopDX: I understand you and your wife started your own company JT Entertainment. How do you like working together?

JoJo: I love working with my wife. She’s wonderful, magnificent, good at what she does and stands firm to her word.

HipHopDX: How long have you guys been married?

JoJo: We’ve been married for 12 years. We’ve been together for 16.

HipHopDX: That’s amazing. It’s surreal to be talking to you because I’ve been listening to you since junior high.

JoJo: Oh, wow. That’s good!

HipHopDX: I’m excited for you on this new venture. You’re stepping out as a solo artist for the first time.

JoJo: Correct.

HipHopDX: What made now the right time?

JoJo: It was just something that I wanted to do, so to speak. I wasn’t in a rush to do it. Then K-Ci, myself and Jodeci had took a little break. My wife and I decided, “Hey, we have kids. We have family members. Let’s try to do our own thing. Let’s get our own studio and let’s start our own label, JT Entertainment.”

I went in the studio actually with the intentions on starting an album for K-Ci and myself. Then I started getting into it and K-Ci started doing other little things — I live in California, he lives in Charlotte, North Carolina — just to kill time away. Then all of a sudden, it started feeling good to me.

It started being like, “Wow, I’m really able to express myself now.” It was like I was learning more about me. Then I just got hooked up and caught up in that moment. My wife always had my back and she like, “It sounds good. Why don’t you just try it?” I said, “You know what? I will. I give it a try.”

HipHopDX: That’s a good woman.

JoJo: Exactly. That’s how it really came about.

HipHopDX: You’ve done it all, so why not? You had so much success in the music business for decades. You can do what you want right now and that’s a beautiful place to be in.

JoJo: It is a very happy space to be in, especially with all our fans putting — no, let me change that word, the fan — all our friends that’s been supporting us for all these years. To give them something similar to the same old but a little new. “Let me see some solo JoJo for a minute.” That’s all.

HipHopDX: Yeah, they can get to know you a little bit more.

JoJo: Right, because I always played the back. I’ve always been the shy one and this and that. Now, everybody that comes to the studio — my kids and everybody — they’re very supportive. I just love it. It feels good. I have my lifetime partner with me. I’m like, “Wow, we can do it and have fun with it.”

HipHopDX: So life is good. That ties in to the title of the song “Special.” It seems like you’re in a special place in your life.

JoJo: I am, and I thank you for making that comment because that is what the song is all about. It’s all been about being in that special place, having a special someone and having a special feeling for love. Everybody was like, “Did you write it for your wife?” I said, “No, because if I write it for my wife it will be something orchestrated. I said, “I want to write a universal love song where it had a beat to it. You could be riding and you can be like [starts singing], and you can have fun with talking about love.

HipHopDX: I was doing a bunch of research yesterday and I woke up this morning singing “All My Life.”

JoJo: That’s another universal love song, but it was written about my daughter. It was never supposed to have gone on the album. I was messing around in the studio. My daughter was there, stuff like that, and “All My Life” came to me because she looked at me and said, “Dad, I love you.” She said that and I was playing around on the keyboard. It just came naturally.

HipHopDX: How old was she at the time?

JoJo: Miss Kayla Tiffany. She’s one of my artists. I believe she had to be around 6 years old.

HipHopDX: My dad used to take me to his studio when I was little. I remember going in there at 5 years old, singing songs for him and recording songs for him. That’s a special time.

JoJo: It’s just a magical moment at that point in time. Now she’s one of my artists over here at JT. Then I have another daughter, Miss Sequoia Winter. Both of them together, they encourage me. They going to tell me the truth. I’ll be like, “Come back to the studio.” They’ll walk in sometimes when they feel like it. Then I’ll be like, “What do you think?” They say, “Oh, you could’ve been better.” I’m like, “Wow.”

HipHopDX: They tell you how it is, yeah.

JoJo: Yes, and I love it.

HipHopDX: That’s better than having a bunch of yes men around you.

JoJo: That’s the exact reason why my wife and I are doing the JoJo Family and Friends thing with all positive energy around us. If my breath stinks, they say, “Back up [laughs].”

HipHopDX: Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give to them? What do you think is the most important thing you’ve learned?

JoJo: What I want them to always realize about being in this industry, you got to believe in what you do, stay focused on what you do and always remember there’s a lot of things that I went through my life being in the industry. Try to remember some of the things that I had to endure and overcome, and know that you can be strong, you can do what you want to do in this. Just believe in yourself and just rock with it, go with it.

HipHopDX: One of the things you’ve had to overcome and you’ve been very vocal about, which I appreciate, is your struggles with alcohol. How have you changed since getting sober?

JoJo: Going to rehab and everything, it made me find myself. It made me realize that I’m not invincible. It made me realize that, yes, there’s a lot of demons out there that can capture you and sometimes you could be stuck. But if you want to also be better, you got to know yourself. I found myself in rehab. Every day they used to always say, “What you will be you’re going to always be and have those demons around you.” It comes, it goes. Once again, I’m always preaching this, you have to really get involved with yourself and put God first.

HipHopDX: When did you realize this is going too far and I need to change my life?

JoJo: Oh, it was more than once or twice. I’m just glad I’m at a point right now where I already know that feeling. I know what it is. I became that way because I didn’t really know what it was. I didn’t know that addiction. I didn’t know it. It was forced on me. I was doing something I didn’t really read up on, how this supposed to be, how it would turn out or what it would do to me. I didn’t care. I was young. Now I’ve gone to rehab a few times. Last time, I just realized I really love me. I sit in meetings and people are laughing. I’m like, “I’m funny. People like me. I’m cool and I’m sober. Wow! [laughs]”

HipHopDX: And you’re talented, oooh!

JoJo: Thank you, yes! Exactly.

HipHopDX: Coming out of it is not an easy thing to do.

JoJo: No, it’s not. It’s an every day challenge for the rest of my life. Anyone else’s who’s out there that had been through and had the downfall or whatever it’s a everyday challenge.

HipHopDX: I haven’t drank in 14 years. I don’t want to ever go back. That was not a fun way to live.

JoJo: No, I get it. You found yourself and say, “This is more fun this way.”

HipHopDX: Yeah, exactly. You’ve been sampled by so many Hip Hop artists and and collaborated with many as well. How does it feel to be so revered?

JoJo: That’s always a good feeling to be recognized. Who don’t want that feeling? I want to be recognized. It’s just like if you graduate and then they call your name to go get your diploma, you want your family and everybody out there to be like, “Yay,” cheering you on. It’s like a big cheer and it’s a good feeling. I love it. I love the fact that someone even takes out their time to notice the things I did vocally and everything. Sometimes, back in the days, I really didn’t notice I was being watched and noticed like that. It feels good. It feels wonderful.

HipHopDX: In particular, what it was like working with 2Pac on “How Do You Want It?” How did that all come together?

JoJo: It came together because we was always connected with Death Row at this point in time. 2Pac, he was working on this particular song one night. K-Ci and myself, we went up to the studio, the Death Row compound, and he was in the studio. So he said, “Come hear this. Check this out.” 2Pac was singing it, but I’m going to tell you — he was the worst.

He was like, “How you want it. How you do feel” like he was thugged out because he got that mentality. You got to remember that’s thug you’re talking about now. So K-Ci looked at me and I looked at K-Ci. He said, “Can you do something like that?” I was like, “Yeah, but not that way [laughs].” So what I did was take care of the words, made a melody out of it and it just worked. Rest in peace ‘Pac.

HipHopDX: So ‘Pac basically sounded mean on the hook?

JoJo: Yeah, he was thug, like, “How do you want it? How do you feel?” I was like, “OK, no.”

HipHopDX: You basically had to refine it.

JoJo: Yeah, I tried to put some melody on it. I had to make people not be scared of it because he had it somewhat sound like a threat. “Now, how you want it? How do you do you feel?” No [laughs].

HipHopDX: Basically, “Tell me now mother fucker [laughs].”

JoJo: Yeah, and that’s how that came about.

HipHopDX: I have to ask about Gang Starr because you got a chance to work with the late Guru before he passed away. What was that experience like working on “Royalty?”

JoJo: With Gang Starr, that was one of those late nights because we lived in New York City. Back in the day, Jodeci really got down. We were living there, so you would always see everybody out somewhere. Everybody in New York is always trying to do something. So when Gang Starr had his thing going on, it just so happened we were at the studio. They needed a hook on the song and I just so happened to be there. It’s crazy. It’s been so long, but that’s basically how that happened. In the same place at the right time.

HipHopDX: Did you get a chance to visit Gang Starr’s new album? It’s called One of the Best Yet. You have to check it out.

JoJo: I’ve seen something on Instagram about that, but I never tapped into it to see. I’ve never followed it, but I’m glad you said that because I would love to hear it.

HipHopDX: You’re a part of that history.

JoJo: Yes, indeed.

HipHopDX: So “Special” comes out on Valentine’s Day.

JoJo: Yes, Valentines Day. It’s special for the lovers. Yes.

HipHopDX: What’s the next step? What are you going to do next in terms of this solo album?

JoJo: Right after this, the ball is rolling now, baby. JT Entertainment is going to go everywhere. Like I said, I have my two daughters, Miss Sequoia Winter and Miss Kayla Tiffany. I have my nephew, which is K-Ci’s son, Mr. Devin Hailey. I’m going to drop it off to y’all, so we going to be busy.

HipHopDX: What’s your solo album called?

JoJo: It’s JoJo Family and Friends.

HipHopDX: Do you have a release date?

JoJo: I’m dealing with “Special” right now. I want to get that launched because this is me putting my foot in the water to check the temperature. Once I get that good feedback, then I can release my daughters, my nephew and the rest of the whole project. We all have good music. We really ahead of the game. We just got to put it out at that right time. I would say probably May or June.

HipHopDX: Sounds good.

JoJo: Oh, your spirit is so gorgeous. Thank you.

HipHopDX: [Laughs]. Same to you! You can’t put out that kind of soulful music without having that kind of soul. You know what I mean?

JoJo: Oh, yes. That’s right [laughs].

Find information about JT Entertainment here and check out JoJo on Instagram here. 

Nas Cements NBA's Hennessy Partnership With 'Lines' Commercial

Noel Vasquez/Getty Images for Hennessy

NEW YORK, NY – The synergy of the Hip Hop lifestyle and the NBA were once again realized on February 10 when the premier basketball league and Hennessy announced a multi-year partnership making it the Official Spirit of the NBA, WNBA and USA Basketball.

“We are pleased to be partnering with the NBA, a forward-thinking league that embodies our ‘Never stop. Never settle.’ mantra,” Hennessy’s Senior Vice President Giles Woodyer said in a press release. “There’s an energy pulsing through the NBA that compels it to evolve, to push the limits of its own potential. Our new collaborative journey is rooted in this joint passion and will explore the realms of legacy, culture and innovation.”

Naturally, the NBA’s side felt the same way.

“Our partnership with Hennessy provides an exciting opportunity to reach and engage with a broader segment of basketball fans around the NBA’s marquee moments,” Dan Rossomondo, NBA Senior Vice President, Media and Business Development, added. “As the iconic brand continues to expand its business in sports marketing, we look forward to creating elevated experiences and unique initiatives that celebrate the game of basketball.”

Rap fans are well aware of Hennessy’s prevalence within the lyrics and who else but longtime brand ambassador Nas to connect the dots. The Hip Hop legend was recently nabbed to poetically narrate a television spot titled “The Lines” as white contours make up both the diagram of a basketball court and a Hennessy bottle.

“The laws of the game say the lines contain it but contain it, they fail,” he begins. “Cross the line. Move the line. Break the line. This game forever grows. Forever spreads. No corner of society out-of-bounds. A cultural force no whistle can stop. The court dimensions may be set. But this game is ever-expanding. The spirit of the NBA.”

Hennessy and the NBA’s partnership kicks off this 2020 NBA All-Star Weekend.

Watch “The Lines” above.

Summer Walker Releases Live Band Version Of “Body” For Valentine’s Day

via LVRN/Interscope records

via LVRN/Interscope records

Summer Walker has released an alternate version of her song “Body” for Valentine’s Day, which features a live backing band instead of the original production.

Summer Walker has blessed us with a Valentine’s Day treat, as she just released a live band version of her song, “Body” off her 2019 debut album, Over It, exclusively on Amazon Music. On this stripped down version of the sensual track, London on Da Track’s bumping production is replaced with a backing band, totally altering the execution and making “Body” resemble old school R&B more closely than the original. The “acoustic” number is part of Amazon’s R&B Rotation global playlist.

Summer has been publicly expressing her frustration with making music lately, most recently declared on her Instagram story that, after 2020, she is “deadass never making another song” again. The responses to this rash announcement were varied—while fans of Summer begged her to reconsider, others rolled their eyes, as they felt that threatening to completely retire from music after this year is over just comes off as attention-seeking.

While nothing has changed lyrically on this new version of “Body,” here are some quotables just to refresh your memory.

Quotable Lyrics

I been all in my phone, I got options
And I don’t wanna tell you to drop it
But I don’t wanna play unfair, yeah, yeah
Something that makes me look at you too often

Ace Hood Floats On Smooth New Single “Big Fish”

Hood Nation

Hood Nation

Ace Hood enjoys the life aquatic on smooth new single “Big Fish.”

Ace Hood, Florida lyricist and bonafide HNHH fan-favorite, has returned to the fold once again with “Big Fish.” With the ongoing tug-of-war between lyricism and vibe finding neither party giving ground, Ace Hood has opted for a solution; tread water in the middle. At least, that seems to be the modus operandi on this latest, a laid-back and sun-soaked reflection on calm waters in musical form.

The intensity of “New Bugatti” is a distant memory. He’s a changed man and no longer harbors such ambitions. He’d much rather drift without a care in the world — but that’s not to say he’s entirely coasting. His melodies still land with precision, his flow intensifying in complexity exactly when it needs to. In order to remain the “Big Fish” in any given pond, one must never suffer from overexertion and always make it look easy. Longtime listeners will find much to enjoy from Ace Hood’s latest tune, if only for the happy ending it seems to represent.

Quotable Lyrics

Ain’t been on radio in years how the fuck a n*** still rich
Keep it low and get the money, mind your business and your life shift
You claiming that it’s your year till I appear
Stackin I gotta feed the babies and feed the people

Lil Duval, Jacquees, & Tank Let The Ladies Know How “Nasty” They Want To Get In The Bedroom

Lil Duval Instagram

Lil Duval Instagram

Lil Duval calls on Jacquees and Tank to deliver a naughty R&B single for those who aren’t necessarily looking for romance on Valentine’s Day.

For those curating their freaky bedroom playlists, Lil Duval, Jacquees, and Tank hope that you’ll include their latest single into your mix. On Valentine’s Day, the trio revealed their R&B slow jam “Nasty” that they hope will be on repeat throughout the lovers’ weekend and beyond. Along with the single comes a music video that’s only a tad NSFW as the crooners not only explicitly sing about their sexual exploits, but they have half-naked video vixens to act a few of those fantasies out.

Lil Duval is hoping that his Jacquees and Tank-assisted single will top the iTunes charts on Valentine’s Day, and he’s taken to social media to push his agenda. “Nasty” certainly doesn’t leave anything to the imagination, so give it a listen and let us know if you’ll be trying out any of the song’s naughty recommendations mentioned in the lyrics.

Quotable Lyrics

Thighs on shoulders
Late-night yoga
This is why you comin’ over
And over again, hanging off the bed
Like an ornament on the ottoman
I don’t give a f*ck if you gotta man
If you swallowin’, I wanna get nasty

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Roddy Ricch, & Gunna Drop Campfire Singalong “Numbers”

Atlantic Records

Atlantic Records

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, Gunna, and Roddy Ricch connect with London On Da Track for a smooth “Artist 2.0” banger.

A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie dropped off his new album Artist 2.0 last night, which features a whos-who of chart-topping favorites like GunnaRoddy RicchDaBaby, and Lil Uzi Vert. Though there’s much to unpack on the melodist trendsetter’s latest, one of the most immediate standouts arrives by way of “Numbers,” a spiced-up campfire singalong from Artist himself, Roddy, Gunna, and London On Da Track handling the proverbial guitars.

Given that each rapper tends to favor a more singsong delivery, there’s an unspoken degree of healthy competition simmering on this one — though the back and forth structure casts Roddy and Gunna comfortably within supporting roles. Man of the hour A Boogie solidifies himself as a leader of the movement, effortlessly navigating the staccato strum-pattern. “I ain’t sayin’ I’m addicted, Adderall prescripted,” he raps, ready to risk it all. “Fuck it ’cause I don’t feel the pain, let a n***a touch my chain, fuck it n***a, kill him, they can take me away.”

Check out the London On Da Track-produced campfire singalong now, and check out the full Artist 2.0 album right here.

Quotable Lyrics

Made it out the projects, popping overseas
Shawty gave me sloppy toppy on the seat
I make some calls, you can’t cop the fleet
Gotta be an antisocial gangsta cause the feds watching my tweets

Justin Bieber & Travis Scott Deliver Pop Love Single “Second Emotion”

Def Jam Recordings

Def Jam Recordings

Justin Bieber broke his yearslong hiatus and released his fifth studio album “Changes” on Valentine’s Day.

Friends often call on each other when they hit the booth, and that’s exactly what Justin Bieber did for his latest effort Changes. The singer’s fifth studio album dropped early Valentine’s Day morning and features mellow, slowed down songs that speak to an in-love, married pop star. Bieber limited his features to just a handful of artists including his repeat collaborator, Travis Scott.

The Cactus Jack rapper’s brief addition blends in beautifully with the animated, whimsical pop beat. “Second Emotion” is a single that’s all about falling head-over-heels for someone and wanting to know if that person feels the same way, as well. It’s Valentine’s Day drop is perfect for the love-filled weekend, so expect to hear more of this collaboration in the days to follow.

Changes also hosts features from Quavo, Clever, Post MaloneLil Dicky, and KehlaniYou can check out the full album here.

Quotable Lyrics

High heels on, heard you comin’ ‘fore I seent ya
Movies all around, but you look like the feature
Had another meeting, now my plan is to meet you
Got my hands out, all I wanna do is reach ya
All I wanna do is greet ya
Infatuated, sorry if I stare
Where you posted up? I wanna be there
Way you curved up, it just ain’t fair
No, it ain’t

YG & Kehlani Are Ride Or Dies On Love Track “Konclusions”

2020 Def Jam Recordings

2020 Def Jam Recordings

YG and Kehlani’s relationship has seen its fair share of public drama, but they always find their way back to one another.

They’ve been living their love out loud, so it only seems fitting that YG and Kehlani put it on wax. The couple has rekindled their romance following the Halloween 2019 scandal that reportedly showed the rapper lip-locking with another woman. A break-up followed as did Kehlani‘s single “You Know Wassup” that detailed her heartbreak. After declaring that she was single, it didn’t take long for YG and Kehlani to link back up as they shared they’ve waited five years to ignite their romance.

On Valentine’s Day, the happy couple delivered their love-drawn single “Konclusions.” YG wants to know if Kehlani will stay by his side through the good times and the bad, and it seems to give a sort of nod to 50 Cent’s “21 Questions.” Kehlani sings a melody to Tupac’s “Hail Mary” as she declares that she’s YG’s ride or die. Check it out and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Do you f*ck wit me how I f*ck wit you
Is your love for me bulletproof
If I f*ck on a b*tch, is you gon’ f*ck on dude?
Is we gon’ play monkey see monkey do?
If I f*ck you good is you gon’ f*ck me back?
Is you really gon’ get my name tatted?
Top of the morning you throw that thang back
I love how you keep that thang waxed

Migos, Travis Scott, & Young Thug Have No Worries On “Give No Fxk”

Quality Control Music/Motown Records

Quality Control Music/Motown Records

The Migos’ next project is slated to be titled “Culture III” and “Give No Fxk” will reportedly make an appearance on the record.

It’s been two years since Migos dropped off Culture II, and while there have been rumors regarding the next installment of their hit albums, the Atlanta trio has kept the development under wraps. “We haven’t dropped in two years. We haven’t had anything out since ‘Pure Water,'” Quavo recently told Business Insider. “I feel like it’s more about Migos that y’all don’t know yet. And I feel like this album is going to be prolific. I feel like this album is going to be the album to do it.”

Earlier this week, Quavo shared that Migos was leaping back on the scene with a new single titled “Give No Fxk” featuring Travis Scott and Young Thug. All of these artists have repeatedly worked together on one another’s projects in the past, and they’ve managed to continuously drop fire collaborations. Hopefully, “Give No Fxk” keeps that record going with production by Murdabeatz and DJ Durel, so give it a listen and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

Big bankroll, swerve the lane, I be hoggin’ (Big bankroll)
Live for thousands, cookie musty, yeah, it’s foggy (Cookie low)
I can park it, stick to sparkin’, do no talkin’ (Brr)
Watch me hit the target, mark the carpet, then depart it

Pusha T & Pharrell Reunite For Dame Lillard Tribute “Dame 6”

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Pusha T and Pharrell Williams ring in Damian Lillard’s signature shoe with nostalgic “Dame 6.”

Before Pusha T and Kanye West linked up to craft DaytonaKing Push was riding with another team of producers. In the early millennium, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo were the unsung heroes behind The Clipse, continuously blessing Push and Malice with their ice-cold and futuristic brand of kingpin instrumentation. Responsible for scoring the entirety of classic albums Lord Willin and Hell Hath No Fury, The Neptunes and Pusha T remain eternally linked. Now, Push has once again united with Pharrell to drop off a banger, promoting the Damian Lillard’s new signature shoe the “Dame 6.”

On the aptly titled “Dame 6,” Push takes to a nostalgic beat from Pharrell Williams, who seems to be comfortably back on his BS with this one. Which is to say, channelling that early Clipse energy through his immensely talented veins. The result is a percussive and minimalist beat, a musical take on a pickup game. Lyrically, Push pens a tribute to Dame’s battle-ready mentality, drawing parallels between Lillard and his own hustle. Check it out for yourself now, and while it’s not exactly a full-blown Clipse reunion, it’s the closest we might get in a minute.

Quotable Lyrics

The closer, shake your head off your shoulder
An ankle break is a bonus
Crush you up hocus pocus
This Oakland kid is a soldier

DreamDoll & G-Eazy Sample LL Cool J On “Who You Loving?”

District 18 Entertainment

District 18 Entertainment

Bronx rapper DreamDoll teams up with G-Eazy and Rahky for a romantic new song titled “Who You Loving?”

You’ve all heard LL Cool J‘s “Who Do You Luv” remix but have you ever heard it like this? Bronx rapper DreamDoll is continuing her storied rise to the top of the rap ranks with a new record featuring the likes of Bay Area mainstay G-Eazy and R&B vocalist Rahky.

Alongside a brand new video, DreamDoll has just released “Who You Loving?” with G-Eazy and Rahky, an effortless record on her part, which was produced by Hitmaka, BoogDaBeast, Paul Cabbin, and Tariq Beats.

As a reality star, DreamDoll has been on Bad Girls Club and Love & Hip-Hop: New York, using the platforms to boost her music career to new heights. These days, she’s striving as a pioneer in music and fashion, impressing audiences nationwide who are begging to know what’s coming next for her. This is Dream’s first single of the new year. Stay tuned for more releases from DreamDoll.

Quotable Lyrics:

When I ride it, ride it
And my ass so thick, how I’m gon’ hide it?
He my baby, he wanna leave a son inside it
I ain’t worried ’bout who do you love, it’s a dub if you undecided

Pharrell Joins Snoh Aalegra On The Remix To “Whoa”

ARTium Recordings, LLC

ARTium Recordings, LLC

The new age smooth operator enlists Skateboard P for the remix to her breakout hit.

While many consider her to be the second coming of Sade Adu, especially with that “Smooth Operator” cover from her days going by Sheri, ARTium recording artist Snoh Aalegra is actually carving a lane for herself that has potential to extend beyond those oftentimes limiting comparisons to past music legends. She proved that immensely with her velvety 2019 hit “Whoa,” which now gets a proper remix featuring none other than the Renaissance Man of music himself, Pharrell Williams.

Theo Wargo/Getty Images for TIDAL

Everything remains pretty much the same as the original aside from Pharrell’s added verse towards the middle. His tone is very monotone, almost too chill given his signature falsetto on hits like “Frontin” and “Happy.” However, we respect Skateboard P for switching it up and delivering a more “rap-singing” flow this time around. Both artists ultimately blend together perfectly here, and it hypes up the potential of a full project with P at the production end and Snoh on singing duties. Make it happen!

Listen to the remix of “Whoa” by Snoh Aalegra featuring Pharrell below, and let us know what you think:

Quotable Lyrics:

I got trigger words to make you realize
That you wasn’t feelin’ like this at first
Drips coming down like little birds
Call me from your sky, baby, listen to your vibe
Arm, leg, leg, arm, head — shit
Arm, leg, leg, arm, head, plus the womb makes you a sex
And when we mix, we make The Matrix glitch
I’m on you, we undo, okay, switch


Drake Kicked New 6ix Lingo On Classic “Know Yourself”

Cash Money

Cash Money

As “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” turns five, “Know Yourself” stands out as a modern Drake classic.

Drake‘s If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late officially celebrates its fifth birthday today, with many still calling the mixtape his masterpiece. Even those who place projects like Take Care or Nothing Was The Same above it can’t deny the significance of the 2015 album, which marked a transitionary phase for the Canadian rapper. An embrace of his home city, a purely Torontonian body of work. New slang seemed to pop up at every corner, none more ubiquitous than “Woes.” In that sense, fourth track “Know Yourself” shines as a highlight.

Fueled by an ice-cold atmospheric instrumental, Drizzy floats over erratic trap drums and deep-buzzing bass. His cadence shifts with the rising stakes, refrains of “you know how that should go” reflective of his jaded frustration. The second verse finds him in a frenzied state, paying homage to his Torontonian mates with namedrops to rival The Game. “‘I’m turnin’ into a n***a that thinks about money and women like 24/7,” he muses, sounding more than okay with it. “That’s where my life took me, that’s just how shit happened to go.”

As Drake fans likely know, today is a significant day for the rapper. Aside from If You’re Reading This, February 13th also marks the arrival of So Far Gone, the mixtape that started it all. All things considered, which album do you prefer?

Quotable Lyrics

This is that nasty flow
Top boy in this shit, I’m so international
Reps up is in here
Got P Reign and Chubby and TJ and Winnie and whoa!
Yeah and you know how that shit go
I might declare it a holiday as soon as Baka get back on the road

Pop Smoke & Nav Channel Full Moon Ferocity On “Wolves”

Republic Records

Republic Records

Pop Smoke and Nav team up for “Wolves,” a new banger off “Meet The Woo 2” Deluxe Edition.

New York and the 6ix connect as Pop Smoke and Nav come through with a sinister new banger. “Wolves” off Meet The Woo 2’s recent deluxe version lays the criminal enterprising on thick, with Nav forsaking safety measures altogether and bringing his gun into the club. The divisive Canadian’s understated presence is well suited to the uptempo yet dangerously classy instrumental courtesy of Swirving. Even those doubting his credentials might be swayed by his chilly demeanor. “Took his soul, rest in peace, got his face painted on a tee,” he raps. “Heard that they dropped the witness, I’m just sippin’ my tea.”

Living up to the track’s namesake is Pop Smoke, who seems to treat every beat like a rabid dog treats a slab of raw meat. His unrestrained baritone channeling the presence of a hip-hop James Earl Jones, the introducer of the Woo brings no shortage of energy to the booth. “All this green up on me like a Goblin,” he snarls. “If you tellin’, I’m tellin’ ’em to pop it, call up the Batman, I’m robbin’.” Check out “Wolves” now, and sound off below — are you enjoying Meet The Woo 2? 

Quotable Lyrics

NYC, I fuck with the Woos, I fuck with the Sleaze
Said he want smoke, his body drop, it cost two G’s
Me and Pop Smoke, we fuckin’ on bitches overseas
Took his soul, rest in peace, got his face painted on a tee
Heard that they dropped the witness, I’m just sippin’ my tea

The Cool Kids Drop Another Collaboration With Louis The Child, “Super Smash Bros”

Propelr Music

Propelr Music

The Cool Kids share their second collab with Louis The Child in two weeks.

Last week, Chicago hip hop duo, The Cool Kids, dropped off a new track with Chicago DJ duo, Louis The Child. “Bag It Up” is now being followed up with another collaboration between these two units, “Super Smash Bros”. While last week’s offering had a dance-friendly bounce to it, this week’s is more bar-oriented.

Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish both lament the pervasiveness of unimpressive rappers over a chugging and hiccuping instrumental. SMR wonders “Who’s real? Who’s fake? Who’s crooks?” He then goes into deeper detail about where the new school is slacking. “It was funny for a second now y’all take yourselves serious / Same ass mixtapes with all them fucking features in them / With them weak ass beats a n**** made from a preset.” His partner Chuck echoes the same complaints: “You n****s rapping out of pocket and that shit sound lost / Now you singing on it and that sound worse!”

Considering how prolific they have been recently and how hard they have been spitting, the sound-bite of Hot 97’s Ebro shouting that “The Cool Kids is back!” makes “Super Smash Bros” even more exhilarating.

Quotable Lyrics

On the track running laps in my necklace
I’m throwing bows like a slab down in Texas
I’m really throwing bows with my hands if you offended
And if you heard me say I beat your ass you know I meant it

– Chuck Inglish