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The Soulquarians – Part 2

On this post , I’ll share with you my favorite artists from that golden age and their albums .

First we start with this one :


Voodoo UK.jpg

Voodoo is the second studio album of  D’Angelo. It was recorded during 1998 to 1999 at Electric Lady Studios in New York City, with an extensive line-up of musicians associated with the Soulquarians musical collective. Produced primarily by D’Angelo, Voodoo features a loose, groove-based funk sound and serves as a departure from the more conventional song structure of his debut album, Brown Sugar (1995). The album features lyrical themes regarding spirituality, love, sexuality, growth, and fatherhood.

Following heavy promotion and public anticipation, Voodoo was released by Virgin Records on January 25, 2000, to commercial and critical success. It debuted at number one on the US Billboard 200, selling 320,000 copies in its first week, and spent 33 weeks on the chart. It was promoted with five singles, including the hit single “Untitled (How Does It Feel)“, whose music video garnered D’Angelo mainstream attention and controversy. Upon its release, Voodoo received general acclaim from music critics and earned D’Angelo several accolades. It was named one of the year’s best albums by numerous publications.

D’Angelo promoted Voodoo with an international supporting tour in late 2000. While successful early on, the tour became plagued by concert cancellations and D’Angelo’s personal frustrations. Voodoo has since been regarded by music writers as a creative milestone of the neo soul genre during its apex.[1][2] It has sold over 1.7 million copies in the United States and has been certified platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

Reference :

Here’s some of his songs :

D’angelo – Untitled (How Does It Feel)


D’Angelo – Chicken Grease


D’Angelo  – Send It On


Slum Village

SV fantastic.jpg

Slum Village is a hip hop group from Detroit, Michigan.

The group was formed by three members, rappers Baatin (1974–2009) and T3, plus rapper and producer J Dilla (1974– 2006). J Dilla left in 2001 to pursue a solo career with MCA RecordsElzhi joined in his absence, after which Baatin also left due to health complications. Following J Dilla’s death in 2006 and Baatin’s death in 2009, T3 remains the sole surviving member of the original lineup. Over its history the group has been through several line-up changes, which once included J Dilla’s younger brother Illa J, but now the group currently exists as a duo of T3 and producer Young RJ.

The album itself was produced by J Dilla , Pete Rock & D’Angelo .

To listen to the full album please click here :

Track listing :

  1. “Intro” – 1:25
  2. “Conant Gardens” – 3:04
  3. I Don’t Know” – 2:25
  4. “Jealousy” – 4:05
  5. Climax (Girl Shit)” – 3:31
  6. “Hold Tight” (feat. Q-Tip) (James Yancey, Titus Glover, R.L. Altman, Kamaal Fareed) – 3:12
  7. “Tell Me” (feat. D’Angelo) (James Yancey, Titus Glover, R.L. Altman, Michael Archer) – 4:37
  8. “What It’s All About” (feat. Busta Rhymes) (James Yancey, Titus Glover, R.L. Altman, Trevor Smith) – 3:36
  9. “Forth and Back” (feat. Kurupt) (James Yancey, Titus Glover, R.L. Altman, Ricardo Brown) – 4:26
  10. “Untitled/Fantastic” – 3:54
  11. “Fall in Love” – 3:47
  12. Get Dis Money” – 3:31
  13. Raise It Up” – 4:27
  14. “CB4” – 3:45
  15. “Once Upon a Time” (feat. Pete Rock) (James Yancey, Titus Glover, R.L. Altman, Peter Phillips) – 5:54
  16. “Players” – 2:26
  17. “Eyes Up” – 4:22
  18. “2 U 4 U” – 3:08
  19. “Go Ladies” – 4:43
  20. “Thelonius” (feat. Common) (James Yancey, Titus Glover, R.L. Altman, Lonnie Lynn) – 4:29 (Hidden track)
  21. “Who Are We” – 3:44 (bonus track found on later pressings)

2010 re-release

Disc 1:

  1. “Intro”
  2. “Conant Gardens”
  3. “I Don’t Know” (feat. Jazzy Jeff)
  4. “Skit #1”
  5. “Jealousy”
  6. “Climax”
  7. “Hold Tight (Remix)” (feat. Q-Tip)
  8. “Tell Me”
  9. “Skit #2”
  10. “Fourth & Back (Original Version)” (feat. Kurupt)
  11. “Untitled”
  12. “Fall-N-Love (Original Version)”
  13. “Get Dis Money”
  14. “CB4”
  15. “Once Upon a Time (Pete Rock Remix)” (feat. Pete Rock)
  16. “Players”
  17. “Eyes Up”
  18. “2U 4U [Live Drums]”
  19. “Hustle” (feat. Busta Rhymes)
  20. “Go Ladies”
  21. “Skit #3”
  22. “We Be Dem #1”
  23. “We Be Dem #2”
  24. “Get It Together”

Disc 2:

  1. “Conant Gardens (Instrumental)”
  2. “I Don’t Know (Instrumental)”
  3. “Climax (Instrumental)”
  4. “Hold Tight (Remix) (Instrumental)”
  5. “Tell Me (Instrumental)”
  6. “Untitled (Instrumental)”
  7. “Fall-N-Love (Instrumental)”
  8. “Get Dis Money (Instrumental)”
  9. “CB4 (Instrumental)”
  10. “Players (Instrumental)”
  11. “Eyes Ups (Instrumental)”
  12. “2U 4U (Instrumental)”
  13. “Hustle (Instrumental)”
  14. “Go Ladies (Instrumental)”


To Be Continued…….


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