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D Smoke Makes Aggressive Return With “Shame On You”

2021 WoodWorks Records/ EMPIRE

2021 WoodWorks Records/ EMPIRE

D Smoke separates himself from the competition on “Shame On You.”

California rapper D Smoke has been capitalizing off of his “Best Rap Album” Grammy nomination in 2020 for the better part of a year now, using the newfound success to establish new collaborations in the industry and expand his musical horizons. With around 15 years under his belt in the rap game, D Smoke’s isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel with his particular sound, but instead find a balance between lyrical depth and high energy like some of his contemporaries. This style manifests perfectly in his new release, “Shame On You.”

Backed by a simple beat that mixes dark piano sounds with a classic drum pattern, D Smoke truly sets himself apart from the competition with constant flow changes and stand-out lyrics. The hook, which finds D Smoke talking down on his haters while flexing and emphasizing his work ethic, is immediately catchy and almost manifests as an anthem. Every verse seems different as the rapper’s floes become more and more eccentric.

Check out the track below and let us know what you think:

Quotable Lyrics:

Two times for N***** that ain’t gon’ lose
3 times for N***** that break wrong rules
1 time for n***** to pay those dues
If you ain’t gettin’ it then shame on you

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