Revisit Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg’s Underrated Duet “The Wash”

2001 Interscope Geffen

2001 Interscope Geffen

Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg brought serious “G Thang” vibes on their underrated throwback duet “The Wash.”

In 2001, longtime collaborators Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg took their talents to the silver-screen, uniting as co-stars in The Wash. A buddy-comedy turned hijinx-fueled kidnapping caper, the flick was unfortunately plagued by poor reviews, albeit appreciated by fans for the strong number of hip-hop cameos; aside from Dre and Snoop, EminemLudacrisKurupt, and Xzibit also appeared in minor roles. And while the movie never quite evolved into the cult classic it appeared destined to be, the soundtrack did feature a slew of bangers from the Aftermath camp and its affiliates.

Last year, we highlighted the remix to “Str8 West Coast,” an updated take on The Wash soundtrack’s Knoc-Turn’al driven banger. Now, it’s time to shine a spotlight on Dre and Snoop’s smooth duet, which happens to share a title with the film. And yet, there’s nothing humorous about the chemistry between the “G Thang” collaborators, who may very well have lined up the closest spiritual successor to their iconic Chronic single yet. If you haven’t yet discovered this underrated gem, be sure to check out “The Wash” right now — and pour some out for Dre’s short-lived acting career. Say what you will about The Wash as a film, but damned if it didn’t leave a few gems in its wake.


Now back to the lecture at hand
Perfection is expected and I’m feelin’ that demand
Los Ang’, broad day gunnin’
That ain’t no earthquake it’s just Dre comin’

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