Tha Alkaholiks Lived Up To Their Name With “Only When I’m Drunk”

1993 Sony Music Entertainment

1993 Sony Music Entertainment

As Tha Alkaholiks’ debut album “21 & Over” celebrates its twenty-seventh birthday, revisit their classic single “Only When I’m Drunk.”

If there’s ever a discussion on hip-hop’s underappreciated groups, don’t be surprised if Tha Alkaholiks are brought up on more than one occasion. A California trio headed by E-Swift, J-Ro, and Tash, Tha Liks have been putting it down since the early nineties, living up to their name with many references centering around all things booze. On that note, today marks the twenty-seventh anniversary of their debut album 21 & Over, a potent dose of west coast underground hip-hop that remains essential listening for any self-professed historian.

While there are plenty of gems to unpack across the concise ten-track project, lead single “Only While I’m Drunk” stands as a solid entry-point for curious parties. Taking to a minimalist bass-driven bounce from E-Swift himself, Tha Liks deftly flow over the instrumental with old-school swagger. “All up in this bitch with the gin and Tanqueray,” raps Tash, in the track’s second verse. “Drink like Mr. Wendal smoke bud like Dr. Dre.” Be sure to check this one out now, and show some love to Tha Liks in honor of their latest milestone. If you aren’t familiar with the clique, originally founded by west coast titan King Tee, there’s still time to catch up before last call.


Cause I move like, I’m smooth like I’m Harry Belafonte
Lookin for them n***s that jumped my homey Dante
All up in this bitch with the gin and Tanqueray
Drink like Mr. Wendal smoke bud like Dr. Dre

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