Isaiah Rashad, Kendrick Lamar & Zacari Repped TDE On “Wat’s Wrong”

2016 Top Dawg Entertainment

2016 Top Dawg Entertainment

Four years ago, Isaiah Rashad, Kendrick Lamar, and Zacari connected for “Wat’s Wrong,” a TDE banger for the ages.

When one is prompted to think of a reclusive rapper, more often than not Isaiah Rashad is the name that springs to mind. Frequently plagued by queries surrounding his upcoming body of work, the wait for Isaiah’s next album has gotten so long that Reason was forced to acknowledge it on “Might Not Make It.” Though the delay has since become a meme of sorts, the reality remains that it has been exactly four years since we last heard a full-length effort from Zay, who dropped The Sun’s Tirade on this very day.

Seeing as we’re not likely to get any new Isiah anytime soon, it feels appropriate to circle back to his last endeavor and highlight the standout TDE banger “Wat’s Wrong.” Boasting guest appearances from Kendrick Lamar and Zacari, the hard-hitting banger begins with a stellar verse from Rashad, who for all his experimental inclinations, can certainly body a track when inspired. Fitting, as dueting with Kendrick Lamar often requires one to bring their A-Game. Case in point, K. Dot proceeds to snap with little to no effort, showing mastery of cadence as his “alter ego” makes a brief cameo.

Rounded out with some ethereal vocals from Zacari, “Wat’s Wrong” is yet another TDE classic, further ammunition to those deeming it raps’ best label. If anything, it — and The Sun’s Tirade in general — have only gotten better with time. Happy anniversary to Isaiah Rashad!


I told Zay, I’m the best rapper since twenty five
Been like that for a while now, I’m twenty-nine
Any n***a that disagree is a fuckin’ liar
Pardon me, see my alter ego was Gemini
Him and I been around ever since Reagan was criticized
Might stay in the Trump Tower for one week
Spray paint all the walls and smoke weed
Fuck them and fuck y’all and fuck me

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