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Trey Songz Offers TriggaMix Of “Track Star”

Via Soundcloud

Via Soundcloud

Trey Songz flips the viral hit for his latest #TriggaMix.

TikTok certainly has a way of taking relatively unknown and turning them into viral smashes. That’s what happened with Mooski’s hit record, “Track Star.” The song picked up a serious wave on social media after a viral dance challenge began to pick up steam and now, it’s sitting high up on many Spotify and Apple playlists.

It was only a matter of time until it began to get remixed by some heavy hitters in the industry. Trey Songz took to Instagram over the weekend where he hinted at a remix, and then, he slid through with his own #TriggaMix. Putting his own spin to the track, Trey Songz flexes his vocal chops with details of his bedroom fantasies.

Check out Trey’s take on Mooski’s viral track below.

Quotable Lyrics
She gon’ wet it up, she gon’ lick it off
Fuckin’ with them workers when you need a boss
Come and ride this dick like a pornstar

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