New & Hottest Songs – October 2020 – Pt.98

Benny The Butcher Reflects On The Glory On “Famous”



A stand-out record off of Benny The Butcher and Hit-Boy’s “Burden Of Proof.”

Benny The Butcher and Hit-Boy didn’t disappoint with their joint effort, Burden Of Proof. A strong 12-song tracklist boasts features from OGs like Lil Wayne and Rick Ross to modern-day legends like Freddie GibbsDom KennedyBig Sean, and of course, the Griselda crew. The strongest moments on Burden Of Proof happen when Benny’s left to his own devices. On “Famous,” Hit-Boy brings the pain out of Benny The Butcher with a roaring vocal chop and break-beat drums as the Griselda MC reflects on fame, money, and infamy. “And I never thought I’d make it out the hood/ And it don’t feel how I thought it should,” he repeats on the pre-chorus.

Benny The Butcher & Hit-Boy’s Burden Of Proof is out now. Check it out here.

Quotable Lyrics
What’s fame to a n***a like me? You gotta think
‘Cause I’m from the cocaine era, we extinct
I curve a bougie bitch, but I put a project bitch in a mink
She love street n***as, so we gon’ fuck the first day we link

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