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Remy Ma & Papoose Show Out On “Smack/URL Freestyle”

Remy Ma/Papoose/Ultimate Rap League/YouTube

Remy Ma/Papoose/Ultimate Rap League/YouTube

Remy Ma and Papoose’s scorching freestyle from URL’s “Kings vs. Queens 2” is now available on YouTube.

The DrakeUltimate Rap League (URL), and Caffeine streaming collaboration is the Hip-Hop gift that keeps giving, as fans of battle rap have been continuously treated with high-profile events and unforgettable moments. In 2020 alone, URL’s battles notched over 8.7 million total viewers on Caffeine’s platform, and this year, the collaboration shows no sign of stopping. One of last month’s premier events was a battle of the sexes style program titled Kings vs. Queens 2, and in honor of the event, Hip-Hop heavyweights Remy Ma and Papoose stopped by to perform a freestyle.

Now the Remy Ma and Papoose‘s “Smack/URL Freestyle” is available on YouTube, giving fans who aren’t subscribed to Caffeine the opportunity to enjoy the couple’s joint performance. The two artists take turns over hard-hitting nostalgic production courtesy of Rain, with Remy going first and Papoose closing things out. In the spirit of Kings vs. Queens 2, Remy and Pap keep their joint freestyle competitive by giving their respective verses all that they’ve got, from Remy’s aggressive and slick lyricism to Papoose’s witty, tongue-twisting delivery.

Check out their freestyle below to see whether Remy Ma or Papoose had the harder verse.

Quotable Lyrics

I ride on ’em in a second, you must got a deathwish
My n*ggas is hungry, you lookin’ like breakfast
Y’all n*ggas be textin’, y’all think that’s a weapon?
Spray ya momma crib, now that’s how you send a message

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