New & Hottest Songs – August 2020 – Pt.144

Rockie Fresh Recruits Wale & Arin Ray For New Single “Hold On”

Image via Rockie Fresh

Image via Rockie Fresh

Rockie Fresh, Wale, and Arin Ray recently combined for the perfect weekend song, “Hold On.”

Rockie Fresh recently paired up with Casie Veggies for their Fresh Veggies 2 project which was a huge hit amongst fans of both artists. Despite just coming off of this project, Rockie Fresh hasn’t wasted any time putting out more music as he recently came back with a brand new single that features the likes of Arin Ray and Wale.

This song is called “Hold On” and features some incredible vibes that are going to be perfect for whatever your plans are this weekend. The song has some smooth production all while Rockie Fresh and Wale provide dope verses alongside Ray’s catchy hook. All three artists work perfectly together and if you’re a fan of any of them, “Hold On” is a must-listen.

Quotable Lyrics:

Okay I’m posted at the spot
And I’m known to take my time
I’m thinking dollar signs
But I got shawty on my mind
She said we don’t hang out enough
Because I’m grinding all the time

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