New & Hottest Songs – September 2020 – Pt.38

Wiz Khalifa Puts His Feet Up On “No Time”

2020 Taylor Gang

2020 Taylor Gang

Wiz Khalifa and Harry Fraud make a solid team on the smooth “Big Pimpin” highlight track “No Time.”

In celebration of his thirty-third birthday, rapper slash stoner slash father slash MMA aficionado Wiz Khalifa switched things up and gave a gift to his fans: the free mixtape Big PimpinFeaturing production from Mufasa, Statik Selektah, Tai, and Harry Fraud, the tape is pretty much what you’ve come to expect from Wiz Khalifa. Swagged out, marijuana-infused bars brimming with easygoing charisma. At this stage in the game, Wiz is simply enjoying himself on the mic, culminating in some seriously smooth joints — including “No Time,” produced by the ever-solid Harry Fraud.

“Man I’m livin’ what these lil’ motherfuckers dream, either you in or you out, ain’t no in-between,” spits Wiz, catching the vibe with practiced ease. “I put my soul on the track, so my son could eat, and we gon’ get that money back if I’m on the beat.” Wiz Khalifa is not what you’d call a complex character — his desires are simple, to eat, sleep, smoke, and be merry. On “No Time,” he even manages to make rapping about the grind sound like a relaxing day in the sun. It’s a rare gift, that. Check out the track now, and sound off — is Wiz Khalifa still holding your attention?


I’m hella cool but don’t relax when it come to cheese
We by the pool but don’t get water on my shirt please
My ’61 is clean, there ain’t a spec on my seats
Stay workin’ out but I can’t lie my pockets obese

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