New & Hottest Songs – July 2020 – Pt.163

Dom Kennedy, Hit-Boy, & Nas Keep The “City On Lock”

Courtesy of Half-A-Mill

Courtesy of Half-A-Mill

Dom Kennedy and Hit-Boy snap alongside a Nas hook on the smooth and lyrical “City On Lock.”

It’s become a well-worn cliche at this point — hip-hop fans lamenting about the passage of the golden era, seemingly stunned whenever an artist possessing similar qualities drop off new music. Of course, there are plenty of rappers currently spitting well-penned bars over sample-based production, including the recently returned duo of Dom Kennedy and Hit-Boy, back with a brand new album called Also Known As. And while they’re more than capable of carrying the load on their own merit, it never hurts to have a Nas feature in the back pocket.

For that reason, “City On Lock” stands out as an album highlight, if only for the sheer nostalgia of hearing Nas waxing poetic. Hardly prolific in modern times, the Queensbridge poet has become an uncommon sighting. True, he doesn’t exactly contribute a verse as we might have hoped, but his chorus serves as a vote of confidence — not that Dom Kennedy and Hit-Boy need it, both being solid lyricists in their own right. Check it out for yourself below, and peep the full Also Known As album right here.


They wanted to stop, we come out on top, The oven on hot
City on lock, we not with the talk, we hit up your spot
This ain’t the shit for the radio, party in the Hills look at the ratio
Louis shades on but I ain’t shady though
Came back in this bitch with a crazy flow

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