Killer Mike & Jay-Z Connect Over Crip-A-Cola

Following a namedrop in his new song “Entrepreneur,” Jay-Z took a moment to connect with Killer Mike over some “Crip-A-Cola.”

On his brand new collaboration with Pharrell Williams “Entrepreneur,” Jay-Z gave a notable shoutout to “Crip-A-Cola,” a brand that Killer Mike helped guide into becoming reality. “Sippin’ Crip-a-Cola consumer and an owner,” he raps. “Til we all vertically integrated from the floor up.” Not long after, Killer Mike took to Instagram to share an epic picture of himself and Hov holding it down with Crip-A-Cola in hand.

Jim Dyson/Getty Images 

As he tends to do, Mike took a moment to share a powerful message on the importance of building up entrepreneurship in the Black community. “I sincerely appreciate my brother and [GOAT] status Emcee/entrepreneur, Jay Z,” captions Mike. “He is a model for taking the “Dope Man” mentality and advancing it into business. I’m pro street fraternities profiting and prospering vs the 50 year cycle of poverty and violence that has occurred.”

Though it’s been a minute since they last connected, this hasn’t been Jay-Z and Killer Mike’s first rodeo. Fans might remember that the pair have a few collaborations to their name, with and Jigga’s “Poppin Tags” in 2002 and Big Boi‘s “Flip Flop Rock” in 2003. Two standout tracks to be sure, and reflecting on them makes it hard not to pine for another one — perhaps Jay-Z can lend a verse to the next Run The Jewels album, if and when that becomes a reality.

In the meantime, show some love to these two rap moguls, who have not only enjoyed successful careers in the music industry but well beyond it.

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