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Sammie Thinks It’s Time That Men Stop Calling Women “Crazy”



The veteran singer believes that men need to own up to their faults.

He’s spent most of his life under the warm spotlight of fame after entering the music industry as a pre-teen with a voice that young girls couldn’t get enough of. His feature on Showtime at the Apollo would be a catalyst that launched him into stardom, spawning hits like “I Like It” and his feature on Soulja Boy‘s “Kiss Me Through the Phone.” In recent years, Sammie has continued to push forward with new releases, and the latest comes in the form of his single, “Crazy.”

On the track, Sammie admits that he hasn’t been the best partner in his relationship. The singer states that men need to stop cheating on their women and doing them wrong, only to call their significant others “crazy” after being called out. This single follows Sammie’s Such is Life album that he released last summer. Check out “Crazy” and let us know what you think.

Quotable Lyrics

How dare I lie right to you
Damn, the nerve, girl, I ain’t sh*t
Then get mad when you pull up
Unannounced, you ’bout to flip
I flipped the switch, I made you mad
I changed the tide, girl, we were smooth
I cheated many times
You took me back and played the fool

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