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Somethin’ for the People


A contemporary R&B group from OaklandCalifornia, they scored a several hits  in the late 1990’s.

They worked as well with Adina Howard , J Dilla , Phife Dawg (A Tribe Called Quest) & The Late Roger Troutman .

Founded in 1990 by Curtis “Sauce” Wilson and Jeff “Fuzzy” Young, both from Oakland, California, along with Los Angeles native Rochad “Cat Daddy” Holiday. They recorded demos and shopped them around Los Angeles, and signed with Capitol Records, who released their debut in 1993. As songwriters, they wrote tunes for SamuelleEn VogueBrandy, and U.N.V. Switching to Warner Bros. Records, they re-released their debut album in 1996. Their second album, This Time It’s Personal, spawned a major hit in the US and Canada, the platinum-selling “My Love Is the Shhh!”, which reached #4 in the US and #7 in Canada, and the group did further work as songwriters in the wake of the tune’s success, penning tracks for Will Smith and Adina Howard.  A third LP, Issues, followed in July 2000.

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