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Dave East Is Back With Another EastMix Over “I Got 5 On It”

Via YouTube

Via YouTube

The “EastMix” releases are back.

Dave East‘s come up was largely defined by the “EastMix” releases. Taking the instrumentals of big tracks, Dave East would put his spin on them and then demolish them. The release of Survival wasn’t met with the same type of hype he built over the years as a buzzing underground album but still, he’s readying up the third installment to the Karma tapes which will hopefully see the light of day sometime this summer.

East returned the essence of his grind with a brand new EastMix today over Luniz’ classic, “I Got 5 On it.” East reflects on his rise from the streets of New York while celebrating the success of his career.

Check out Dave East’s latest EastMix below and keep your eyes peeled for more new music.

Quotable Lyrics
All your jewelry fake, never seen no real ice in your life
Let the jury hate, the witness will never bring it to light
I got 5 on it, I’mma go get it if my daughter or my mom want it
Shot him in his drop, steering wheel, they left his mind on it

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