New & Hottest Songs – May 2020 – Pt.64

Future’s Callin’ Plays On “Ridin Strikers”



Future’s got the young boys slidin’.

As the world comes to an end, we were at least blessed with a new album from Future to soundtrack our lives at this point. Following the lackluster release of 2019’s The WZRD, he returned with High Off Life which finds him exploring new turf while revisiting the energy of some of his best projects to date.Unlike many of his other recent studio albums, Future did enlist some help from his friends on the tracklist. That being said, some of the highest points on his new album are when he’s left on his own. “Ridin Strikers” has Future channeling his Pablo energy as he details dealing with opps like a cartel boss. ATL Jacob’s production adds a Spanish guitar loop as Future details the gritty aspects of his street life.

Quotable Lyrics
Fuck a title, you got that rifle, you need to ride striker
Go for the Ferrari, a Spider, man, I had to ride striker
I taught my young n***as how to slide, go and get a striker
I put my young bitch in a G-Wag’ she ridin’ striker

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