New & Hottest Songs – August 2020 – Pt.130

Russ & Kehlani Break Up To Make Up On “Take You Back”



The two artists drop off a lovelorn reconciliation jam.

Our regularly scheduled Friday releases wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t receive a new single by Russ. The independent artist has steadily been sharing a new song every week, and his fans wait patiently, like clockwork, for the rapper-singer-songwriter to deliver a new track. Much of the time, we find Russ flying solo, but on Friday (August 28), he’s returned with a make-up-to-break-up jam featuring Kehlani titled “Take You Back.”

Whereas we received The Weeknd and Calvin Harris’s break-up collaboration “Over Now” earlier, “Take You Back” is all about reconciliation. Russ plays the part of the person who messed things up in the relationship, while Kehlani’s role is the heartbroken partner who contemplates giving love another shot. This one is a straightforward, catchy single, so stream “Take You Back” and let us know what you think of Russ and Kehlani’s blended vocals.

Quotable Lyrics

Young and in love so we prone to mistakes
I ain’t gon’ front, like I know what it takes
‘Cause I f*cked up, then you f*cked up
Now, it’s f*cked up, goddamn
Road a little bumpy and we just started drivin’
Love almost ended and we just started tryin’

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