Cordae Talks New Album Update, Roddy Ricch Collab & More

Following the release of his new single with Roddy Ricch, Cordae hits Apple Music to shine a light on his upcoming album.

After bucking tradition and promising fans a gift on his own birthday, Cordae has officially made good on his word with new single “Gifted.” Released officially right here, the new track immediately sparked speculation that the young lyricist was gearing up to roll out his follow-up to last year’s The Lost Boy. And while that might have been a logical assumption, Cordae himself hit up Zane Lowe on Apple Music to discuss his future plans, confirming that he’s not quite ready to drop off a new project — though he has been working hard.

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“I’m still working on it,” reveals Cordae. “So I don’t know what the next song’s going to be, or when’s the album coming out. I’m working on it like crazy. I’m like a hundred songs deep in it. You know what I’m saying? Like this next one, I’m really taking everything to a whole nother level. You know what I’m saying? So I really love doing music and perfecting my craft and I’m getting better every day, man. And the new music from here on out is going to show that.”

He also opens up about creating gifted with Roddy Ricch, who he calls a friend beyond the studio. “We actually did that song last year, like last August,” confirms the lyricist. “And Roddy is just like a homie of mine, like in real life, you know what I’m saying? We always connect, have real life conversations. And I think we did Real Street Festival, we both did a festival that day. And then I pulled up on him at the studio and we made that song together that same night. It was definitely a dope process making that record, for sure.”

For more from Cordae, go peep his brand new single with “Roddy Ricch,” which may or may not land on his sophomore album whenever that wraps up. Are you excited to see where he goes on his next project?

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