New & Hottest Songs – August 2021 – Pt.87

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Max B Claims His Stake In The Rap Game On “Revolution”



Biggaveli is back with new heat ahead of his forthcoming album.

The people are still screaming Max B as he remains in prison. The hopeful part is that his 75-year sentence has been vacated and with that, he’s been delivering brand new music for the people on a consistent basis. In the coming weeks, he’ll drop his new studio album Negro Spirituals and today, he’s unveiled two new singles, including “Revolution.” The rapper’s wavy style takes the forefront of this new single over piercing synths as he details his resilience in the face of adversity. “The narratives I engage, twenty years in the cage/ Twenty years as a slave, ni-ni-n***a please,” he raps on the record.

“The concept for this one marinated for some time before I laid this baby down,” he said of the song. “I just want people to hear me out. This entire new album I’m saying look at me, look at what I’ve sacrificed to give y’all this sound, love and appreciate it. I didn’t have the luyricsxury to just sit in the lab for hours and record nothing, I can just write for that matter. I want the people to know I’m still hungry, I’m laying the ground work for when I get out and they go back they go see ‘Negro Spirituals’! ‘Revolution’ is just a taste so get ready for the ride.”

Quotable Lyrics
Some hammers and DVDs, couple of ’em fried
The witnesses on the stand, couple of ’em lied
They want me to take a plea, some pull up and hide
The Bentley pull up and swerve, some pull up and glide
She fuck with them BNBs, I look at the sky
Them fuckers they think could see me, I pull out the nine
Leave them fuckers nice and dreamy and send ’em up to die

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