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YG Partners With His 4Hunnid Artist Day Sulan On Club Track “Equinox”



Get ready to shake a little somethin’ to YG & Day Sulan’s latest.

The First Lady of 4Hunnid is making a name for herself in the hip hop arena with the help of the label’s leader, YG. As the Los Angeles rapper has been keeping the light burning under his career, he’s also been strategically piecing together the path of his artist Day Sulan, a Compton rapper who is making her mark in music. On Friday (August 28), YG released his up-tempo club track “Equinox” featuring Day Sulan, and it’s a sound that not many would expect from the “Stop Snitchin'” artist.

“Equinox” is definitely a track for the ladies with a chorus featuring lyrics like “If your p*ssy is wet, you want sex (F*ck it up).” The track is made for turning up and twerking, so if you’re not a fan of women speaking explicitly about their sexual escapades, this isn’t for you. It’s definitely in the Saweetie, Megan Thee Stallion, and City Girls lane, so stream “Equinox” and let us know if you think Day Sulan is the next woman in rap to top the charts.

Quotable Lyrics


Big booty, slim booty, flat booty hoes
Everything the same off the Don Julio
Everything the same, had to switch the lane, yeah
The ‘Rarri and the Lambo’, had to leave the Range here

Day Sulan:
Well, put me in a Bentley, give this ass a hickey, yeah
My ass real, my tithes real, bitch, I’m pretty, yeah
Ride a nigga face with my hands in the air
And I don’t do the lace fronts, I got plenty hair

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