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Vince Staples Gets Soulful On “SUNDOWN TOWN”



Vince Staples takes a trip to “SUNDOWN TOWN.”

Vince Staples and Kenny Beats have united, once again. The Long Beach rapper returned this week with the release of his self-titled album. It marks his first project in four years since the release of 2018’s FM! but he remained relatively low-key with the exception of a few releases.

Vince’s eponymous album is appropriately a self-portrait of the world around him. On “SUNDOWN TOWN,” the rapper returns to his stomping grounds of Long Beach, reflecting on the harrowing reality of gangbanging. Kenny Beats morphs smooth, soulful vocals into a warped, psychedelic sample that helps set the tone Vince’s dystopian view of Long Beach. “I don’t fear no man, only Allah got the upper hand/ Lost too many friends, to the down the streets, I can’t pretend,” Vince raps on the record.

Quotable Lyrics
Had a .38 in the eighth, moved on 68th
Then they put us out, we was sleepin’ on my auntie couch
Then she put us out, stomach growlin’, stealin’ from the Ralph’s
If I pull it out, I’ma send a n***a to the clouds

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