Dom Kennedy & Hit Boy Return In Style With “Also Known As”


Dom Kennedy and Hit-Boy return with their brand new album “Also Known As,” which features appearances from Nas, 03 Greedo and more.

At long last, the esteemed Dom Kennedy has returned to the fold, holding it down alongside his longtime collaborator Hit-Boy, who has been nothing if not consistent throughout his time producing and rapping. Off the bat, it’s clear that Dom and Hit-Boy aren’t simply looking to replicate trends, but rather forge original new territory. While the introductory track “Offline” finds the pair spitting up-tempo bars over a smooth banger, the subsequent “Pretty Thug” takes things back to the eighties for a bout of groovy thug luv.

And let’s be honest, it’s hard not to take note of a Nas feature, which transpires on album highlight “City On Lock.” Over woodwind-based production, Dom, Hit-Boy, and Nas lace impressively rendered verses, the latter issuing a reminder of why he’s among hip-hop’s GOATs. For the most part, however, Also Known As remains Dom and Hit-Boy’s show. It’s clear both men have impressive chemistry, their respective cadences complementary to one another, their collaborative nature shining behind the boards. Check out the project now, and sound off — is this the return of Dom and Hit that you’ve been waiting for?

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