Master P Voices Frustrations About C-Murder, Monica Responds

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Nobody wins when the family feuds.

Master P, Monica, and C-Murder seem to be on different pages of the same story. On Friday (Aug. 21), P took to social media to vent his frustrations after C-Murder suggested that his family abandoned him, and called Monica and Kim Kardashian his guardian angels for working to help him get out of prison.

C-Murder, whose birth name is Corey Miller, was convicted of murder in 2002 and has always maintained innocence. Master P has been rallying for his brother since he got locked up. Kim Kardashian recently announced that she joined in the fight to free C-Murder after being brought on board by Monica, who previously dated him. The duo have remained close over the years and recently started posting photos of each other on social media. C-Murder referring to Monica and Kim as “guardian angels,” triggered a reaction from Master P who said that while he’s thankful for Monica and Kim’s help, he didn’t like how his brother handled things.

Although P affirmed his brother’s innocence, but pointed out that C-Murder’s has never spoken ill of his “friends a.k.a co-defendants” even though they testified against him.



C-Murder Denied Retrial In 2009 Murder Conviction

Monica responded to P writing in part, “I have been respectful towards you and you have refused to do the same! You can NOT speak on me because you don’t know me!” The R&B singer went on to say that she has never spoken to Master P, has visited C-Murder in prison multiple times, and is always available for him. Master P also responded to Monica in the comment section.

According to C-Murder’s Instagram, Monica put him on a call with Kardashian seven months ago, and the rest is history. Read his full post below.

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