New & Hottest Songs – August 2021 – Pt.47

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Benny The Butcher & Conway The Machine Team Up For “Fly With Me”

2021 Rare Scrilla / BSF

2021 Rare Scrilla / BSF

Benny The Butcher and Conway The Machine do what they do best on “Fly With Me.”

Benny The Butcher decided to open his vault and release Pyrex Picasso, a seven-song project designed to bridge the gap between proper studio releases. As he tells it, every song was recorded in a single day three years ago, which should please fans hoping to hear a little bit of that classic Benny — not that he’s faltered in the slightest, remaining one of the game’s sharpest emcees today.

In honor of the nostalgic Griselda vibe, we’ve opted to highlight the album’s closing track “Fly With Me,” featuring his longtime collaborator Conway The Machine. You already know that when these two line up on the same song, it’s sort of like putting Sub-Zero in a room with Scorpion. Bloodsport of the lyrical variety. Regardless of which one you might favor, both men play quite nicely off one another and the soulful “Fly With Me” is no exception. Check it out for yourself, and go stream Pyrex Picasso right here. 


They got murals of my face on the buildings
And that’s way in New Zealand
Damn, look at all the paper I reeled in
Before the Shady deal, I was basically dealing
My bitch ain’t have a fat ass, but her face was appealing

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