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Victoria Monét Is Willing To Go Coast To Coast On Her Funky “Coastin'” Single

Victoria Monét/Tribe Records

Victoria Monét/Tribe Records

Victoria Monét drops off some summertime vibes with her latest single, “Coastin'”.

Victoria Monét is one of the most talented singer-songwriters in the music industry. In addition to her work for other major artists like Ariana Grande, Chloe X Halle, Selena Gomez, and Brandy, among plenty others, the beloved artist and new mom has proven through her solo output that she has an unrivaled knack for crafting playfully flirtatious and undeniably infectious records.

Several months after releasing the cleverly penned track “F.U.C.K.,” Victoria Monét is back with another post-Jaguarrelease titled “Coastin'”. The three-minute track practically oozes summertime vibes, and the song’s funky instrumental is the perfect soundscape for Monét’s crisp vocals.

“If sunshine and a good time (and maybe a lil drank) were a song, it would be “Coastin'”!” the Grammy-nominated R&B artist said when speaking on her latest single. “It’s made for people with that good, chill energy and the bassline instantly puts you in a certain feel! Shoutout to the Stereotypes for killing this production. We wanted this song to represent that freedom to finally go outside. After the year we’ve had, it feels even better to be able to finally Coast freely, make unforgettable memories and have a good ass time. Might I add it sounds especially good in the car, poolside or near any beach. Press play and let’s Coast!”

Listen to “Coastin'” below, and let us know in the comments if you’re feeling Victoria Monét’s latest release.

Quotable Lyrics

Baby all I do is…is
Think of the way
The ways I wanna give you this ass
Just how you like
Feel like a Thursday how I’m throwing it back
Imma make it go north south east west coast
Baby we can go north south east west coast

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