New & Hottest Songs – September 2020 – Pt.34

Elzhi Makes It Look Easy On “Light One Write


Image via Artist

Image via Artist

With his new album set to land on September 25th, Detroit lyricist Elzhi slides through with “Light One Write One.”

It’s a good month to be a fan of Detroit lyricists. On September 25th, esteemed rapper Elzhi will be dropping off his brand new album Seven Times Down Eight Times Up. As explained in an official press release, the title speaks to 2020’s seemingly neverending misfortune that continues to pile on, and how even in the face of so much adversity, humanity tends to rise above. Clocking in at twelve tracks and produced in its entirety by J.R. Swift, Elzhi’s latest is said to be his most cohesive project to date. Today, he’s come through and delivered a brand new song from the project, providing deeper insight into what we might expect.

“Light One Write One” kicks off with a soothing blend of harp, vocals, and boom-bap drums, the perfect backdrop for Elzhi to do as the title suggests. Allowing himself room to breathe with a nearly-five-minute runtime, Elzhi’s technical prowess becomes evident from the moment he starts rapping — not that fans needed a reminder of that. “I’m so rare when I jot it, that I compare my lines to the ones that you shave from a narcotic / and ain’t nobody touching our product,” he spits, one of many tightly woven bars. Check out the full track here, and keep an eye out for that new Elzhi coming September 25th.


I’m so rare when I jot it
That I compare my lines to the ones that you shave from a narcotic
And ain’t nobody touching our product
Them other n***as could but let’s be real
My cup runneth over, they need fresh refills

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