Lil Wayne Set The Tone With “Surf Swag”

2020 Cash Money Records

2020 Cash Money Records

With Lil Wayne’s classic mixtape “No Ceilings” officially hitting streaming services, revisit “Surf Swag,” the track that set the project off.

It’s a slow process, but the classic mixtapes we know and love are gradually being added to streaming platforms. The most recent to join the ranks is Lil Wayne’s No Ceilingsoriginally released in 2009 at the height of his “best rapper alive” crusade. And while that old pain sample clearance left a few tracks behind during the transition, many of the tape’s key bangers remain intact — including the introductory highlight “Surf Swag,” which finds Wayne unleashing four minutes straight of pure bars. In other words, the best way to kick off a project.

Not only do the punchlines land, but the sheer intensity with which Weezy spits is something to behold. It’s fair to say that few rappers put forth a mixtape run even close to his level, and many hold No Ceilings close to heart as a result. Sadly, the whole premise of jackin’ for beats seems to have faded in this new streaming era, leaving mixtapes of this nature to feel like a relic of the past. As such, songs like “Surf Swag” are bolstered by nostalgia not only for vintage Wayne but for the mixtape as a whole. Check this one out for old time’s sake, and show some love to Weezy in the comment section below.


And I live on an island, Atlantic in my backyard
I just tell my pilot to land it in my backyard
Quarterback shotgun, you don’t get any sack yards
Bitch I ball hard, breaking all the backboards
Pretty Boy Floyd, step up, I will crack yours

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