New & Hottest Songs – August 2021 – Pt.2

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Dave East & Jim Jones Contemplate Life On “Money Or Power”

Jim Jones

Jim Jones

Jim Jones is having a renaissance.

Dave East and Harry Fraud blessed the nation with HOFFAwhich is truly a masterpiece. East doesn’t get enough respect on the commercial level, but he has to be one of the best young rappers in the game today. HOFFA contains a range of dope features, but Jim Jones stands out on “Money or Power.”

The smooth instrumental sounds like something that would play when a pimp walks onto the screen in a ’70s flick. East drops slick bars first, coming hard with his subdued vibe. There isn’t a chorus, just some snippets pertaining to Jimmy Hoffa. Then, Jones picks up the second verse was some veteran-style New York bars that shake up the single. “Money or Power” is a standout track on HOFFA, which is hard to do amongst so many bangers.

Quotable Lyrics
If Harlem had a king that’d be a no-brainer (Jones said that)
Pour the water from the base through an old strainer (Strainer)
Start talking ’bout that base, I mean that cocaina (Aye)
If I’m drawin’ at your face, but I ain’t a painter (Shoot that shit up)
Just like Picasso, nigga, I could make the picture vivid (You see that?)

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