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Polo G Does Justice To 2Pac’s “Changes” On “Wishing For A Hero”



Polo G and BJ The Chicago Kid modernize 2Pac’s posthumous single, “Changes” for “The GOAT” outro.

Polo G‘s showing promising signs of longevity in the game. As a direct product of drill music, his sound has evolved, though elements of drill remain intact. On The GOAT, he uses it his early influences as a vehicle to modernize 2Pac‘s “Changes” on “Wishing For A Hero” ft. BJ The Chicago Kid. Using the original sample of Bruce Hornsby’s “The Way It Is,” Polo G and BJ The Chicago Kid takes the foundation of ‘Pac’s record to reflect on the reality that Black Americans face nearly 25 years after ‘Pac’s original dropped. He’s rapping on this one, channeling the conviction of ‘Pac’s tone to detail police killings, systemic oppression and gang warfare that riddle Chicago. “The government cuttin’ cheques but can’t cut a n***a some slack/ It’s hard to get a job so we hustle and flip a pack,” he raps on the record.

Though it might be a long time until Polo G can confidently declare himself the GOAThis new album, as well as “Wishing For A Hero” is a promising sign that he’s on the right path.

Quotable Lyrics
You ain’t my color, then you don’t know the struggle of living Black
Cops kill us and we protest, what type of shit is that?
If the police shoot at one of my brothers, I’m blickin’ back
We hate each other so we just wanna score and go tit for tat
All these shorties want is points, they ain’t chasin’ a different stat
Really riskin’ it all, what’s the point if that n***a rat?

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