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Sage The Gemini & Chris Brown Connect On “Baby”

Global Gemini / Create Music Group

Global Gemini / Create Music Group

Sage The Gemini and Chris Brown connect on their new single “Baby,” produced by The Superiors.

Sage The Gemini has officially connected with Chris Brown to bless his new single “Baby” with some dulcet tones. Following a recently-teased snippet of the Superiors-laced track, the song has officially landed in select international markets, with a full release set to hit DSPs tomorrow. Musically, the track provides both artists with space to flex their respective styles, though the up-tempo production does give this one a decidedly radio-friendly feel.

“Whole minute on the ‘Gram, you know I keep a full clip,” raps Sage, in the opening verse. “Every time I hit, I do some new shit / I go down, she speaks in tongues / Now I’m preachin’ from the pulpit.” In Breezy’s case, he makes sure to outline some of his driving philosophies, which paint monogamy as a bit of a one-sided concept. “She do not see other men, but my baby understands a man gon’ be a man,” he sings, all but shrugging on wax. In addition to previous collaborations “Buss It,” “Outy When I Drive / Blamed,” and the Tank-assisted “#BDay,” Baby makes for another strong outing from Breezy and Sage.

Be sure to check this one out now, and sound off if you’re feeling this melodically-charged meeting of the minds.


Ayy, I just took her to Jamaica
Tell her ex to get his cake up
I’ve been drippin’ with the flavor
Cartier’s on my face
My bitch look good without the makeup

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